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Chapter 1106: Scaring Off the Hundred Races

The Wave-breaking Blade was alight with a dazzling glow as a dense layer of blade Qi engulfed Guihai Yidao. He was protected by the Emperor Armament’s power.

Guihai Yidao began to move. He slowly swung the weapon in his hand. Its movement contained the mysteries of s.p.a.ce and the truths of the world. It seemed to be weak, but it possessed unimaginable might. It struck the four forbidden artifacts at the same time.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

With four metallic sounds, just a single swing from Guihai Yidao blocked the attacks of the four forbidden artifacts at the same time. Each forbidden artifact was no weaker than a Saint Emperor, so Guihai Yidao’s attack had blocked something equivalent to four Saint Emperors.

Guihai Yidao did not use his own power but the power within the Emperor Armament. The Wave-breaking Blade was his own weapon, so even after fusing with the power of over a hundred Emperor Armaments, he could still control it like one of his limbs. He could also use all of the power hidden inside and would not suffer backlashes like other people.

The four forbidden artifacts were all sent flying. The Saint Kings of the Hundred Races used a lot of force before regaining control once more while the Emperor Armament remained steady in Guihai Yidao’s hand.

Over a hundred Emperor Armaments had been fused into a protector clan’s Emperor Armament, so they were incomparable to the forbidden artifacts. Just from this aspect of strength, the Emperor Armaments from the protector clans were far, far more powerful than Saint Emperors.

“The Emperor Armament is too powerful. Let’s fuse the four forbidden artifacts and use the Blood's Mark to break through with force,” suggested a hall elder.

With that, the controllers of the other three forbidden artifacts did not show any hesitation. The forbidden artifacts immediately gathered together before their controllers all spat out a mouthful of essence blood, allowing the weapons to skyrocket in power.

They immediately became weakened after spitting out the mouthful of blood. Not only did it contain their essence, it also contained some of their vitality. It was a self-cannibalizing method to obtain more power.

The terrifying energy pulsed from the four forbidden artifacts like dragons soaring into the sky. The four weapons then charged toward Guihai Yidao in a devastating fashion. The s.p.a.ce they pa.s.sed would shatter like mirrors. Even the eighteen divine halls stabilizing the s.p.a.ce could not withstand the attacks that were originally enough to devastate the whole place.

Guihai Yidao remained as usual and he uncaringly said, “Hundred Races, with me, Guihai Yidao, present, you won’t even be able to shake the foundations of the Tyrant’s Blade School. You should leave.” As he said that, Guihai Yidao suddenly tossed the Wave-breaking Blade into the air. As soon as it left his hand, it immediately expanded to be a hundred meters long, shooting toward the four weapons with a terrifying glow.

There were no violent sounds when the Wave-breaker Blade collided with the four forbidden artifacts. However, they both froze in the air where the edge of the Emperor Armament stopped a meter from the forbidden artifacts. The two supreme forces pushed against one another.

The s.p.a.ce between the five weapons had already been reduced to darkness. It did not close up even after a long time while the surrounding several hundred meters of s.p.a.ce distorted violently, all turning into a blur.

“People of the Hundred Races, do you still want to keep fighting?” Guihai Yidao floated in the air calmly and completely composed. Although his personal strength was nothing in the eyes of the invading Saint Kings, he could control the Emperor Armament like another arm and stop all of them just by himself.

All the invaders fell silent. They were shocked by the strength of the Emperor Armament. They knew that they had not fallen to the hands of Guihai Yidao this battle but to the Emperor Armament.

The people who did not control forbidden artifacts looked at one another when they saw how the Emperor Armament and forbidden artifacts were locked in a stalemate. They all charged at Guihai Yidao in unison as if they were thinking the same thing.

“Protect the founding ancestor!” The great elders all began to move as well. They returned to the control centers of the divine halls and piloted the divine halls down, smashing toward the invaders.

Guihai Yidao gently sighed, “Looks like you’re stubborn.” Gently extending a finger, a few powerful blades of light shot from the Wave-breaking Blade. They chopped toward the charging Saint Kings with unbelievable speed in the form of white lights.

The blades of light contained the might of a Saint Emperor, and they were sharp enough to cut through s.p.a.ce. They were unimaginably powerful, such that the Saint Kings could not block or dodge them.


Before the divine halls had fallen, the blades of light pa.s.sed through their bodies. All that was left was an extremely thin crack in their chests. There was not a drop of blood at all.

This was because all the blood in the wound had evaporated the instance the blades of light had pa.s.sed through them.

The Saint Kings were all drastically shocked. They immediately lowered their heads to inspect their chests, and they paled as a result. They could feel that their organs had silently disappeared, but what terrified them was that they did not feel any pain.

“I don’t want to kill you, or you would have been dead already,” Guihai Yidao leisurely said as he looked at them calmly.

The Saint Kings all stumbled back in fright with that. At that moment, they finally understood just how terrifying the middle-aged man was even though he did not seem much stronger than them.

Guihai Yidao then looked at the Saint Kings in charge of the forbidden artifacts. He helplessly shook his head and gently said, “Wave-breaking Blade, after so many years, so many Emperor Armaments have fused with you. Your power far exceeds regular Emperor Armaments now, so erupt. Show them your power.” A gleam of light flashed through Guihai Yidao’s eyes, and the next moment, an indescribably vast power erupted from within the Wave-breaking Blade. It immediately disrupted the stalemate with the four forbidden artifacts, jolting them far off into the distance. They collided into four mountains in the distance, turning them into dust.

The terrifying energy continued to spread toward the people in control. They were all knocked back as well and were unable to stabilize themselves. A sharp blade Qi was also present in the ripple of energy. It pa.s.sed through their bodies and heavily wounded them all.

All the experts spat blood at the sky as they became sheet-white. They had never been so shocked in their lives. Thirty Saint Kings with plenty at Great Perfection, coupled with four forbidden artifacts were actually not enough to deal with the Emperor Armament of a protector clan. This was unbelievable.

“Impossible, this is impossible. This is definitely impossible. Emperor Armaments of protector clans cannot be this powerful,” a hall elder cried out. He was badly shaken. Disbelief was spelled out on his face. He had studied the Emperor Armaments of the ten protector clans in the records of the War G.o.d Hall, so he had an extremely deep understanding in regards to their strength.

“That’s only because the people who control the Emperor Armament are others and not the owner. They obviously can’t utilize the true power of the Emperor Armament. Even Saint Emperors can’t.” Guihai Yidao said indifferently as he stood with his arms crossed. The Wave-breaking Blade had shrunk once more and had been stabbed into the ground beside him. It radiated with a supreme presence.

The people of the Hundred Races did not understand what Guihai Yidao meant. They refused to believe him to be the founding ancestor of the Tyrant’s Blade School and the true owner of the Emperor Armament.

“Retreat!” A Saint King at Great Perfection waved his hand and decisively retreated.

The other experts of the Hundred Races dared not to stick around. They all glanced at the weapon by Guihai Yidao with lingering fear before all leaving. They knew that their opponent had shown mercy, or he could have easily killed off all of them.

The invaders swiftly retreated, completely vanishing in the blink of an eye. All that was left was a huge mess, evidence of what had happened before.

“Founding ancestor, the Hundred Races have actually tried to invade our protector clan. They’ve gone too far, so why not make them stay?”

“Founding ancestor, why not kill off all of them? If they all die, it’ll be a great loss for the Hundred Races.”

The great elders all arrived beside Guihai Yidao and asked him courteously after the invaders had retreated. They were all confused, and at the same time, they were filled with shock. They have never imagined that their founding ancestor would be so terrifying before he had even recovered his strength.

Guihai Yidao gently shook his head and said, “The Hundred Races aren’t as simple as you think they are. The ones who support them are very powerful, such that we cannot afford to provoke them. Remember to be careful in the future and avoid taking the Hundred Races on as enemies.”

The great elders became even more doubtful with that explanation. One of them said, “Founding ancestor, the ten protector clans along with Mercenary City are the most powerful organizations on the Tian Yuan Continent. The Beast G.o.d Continent has their three Saint Emperors and the Beast G.o.d Hall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t match up to them. The Sea race only guards their own territory and never fights with us. I am just don’t understand what exactly supports the Hundred Races that we need to fear.”

“It’s better for you to not know some things. If you do want to know, I will tell you if you surpa.s.s Saint Emperor and reach the Origin realm.” With that, Guihai Yidao returned to the forbidden grounds with the Wave-breaking Blade, leaving the great elders standing there puzzled.

The Yangji sect and the Tyrant’s Blade School were not the only protector clans to suffer attacks from the Hundred Races. There were also the Shenxiao sect, the Potian sect, the Heaven’s Incense School, and the Moyuan clan. However, the Hundred Races managed to get to all the other central divine halls except for the Tyrant’s Blade School, who managed to repel them. Their beast furs were stolen, and they suffered great losses.

The great elders of the Yangji sect and Potian sect all suffered intense backlashes, which they struggled to recover from due to activating their Emperor Armaments. The great elders of the Shenxiao sect, Heaven’s Incense School, and Moyuan clan were all stopped by the invaders before they could get to their forbidden grounds, so they could only defend using divine halls. In the end, the invading Saint Kings smashed through several divine halls where quite a few great elders dangled in danger. The Saint Kings in danger used secret techniques to flee into the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls in the end.

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