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Chapter 1104: Power of an Emperor Armament

“G.o.d dammit. The power of the protector clan’s Emperor Armament seems much more powerful than in the records. We need to suppress the Emperor Armament quickly. We can’t let it be drawn from the ground.” A person cried out from afar and the group that had separated from the central divine hall had arrived. They all arrived above the ancient sword, striking at the sword’s hilt in unison to prevent the sword from being drawn. The sword slowly sank by a little.

With that, the four great elders of the Yangji sect looked at each other before spitting out a mouthful of essence blood at the Emperor Armament, which lead to an even more violent eruption of the Emperor Armament’s energy, and it stopped sinking. It began to be pulled out bit by bit once more, but it was much slower than before.

Twenty experts of the Hundred Races called out together as they used everything they had to suppress the Emperor Armament. However, the weapon’s power had far exceeded their imaginations, so even with all of them, they could not prevent the Emperor Armament from being drawn.

“G.o.d dammit, put some strength into it,” the Saint Kings of the Hundred Races all yelled out furiously. They all knew that the moment the sword’s true powers erupted would be it was drawn. However, they could not stop it even when they used everything within them. All they could do was delay it by some time.

The s.p.a.ce of the protector clan began to tremble more and more violently. Great thick cracks littered the s.p.a.ce around, slicing the s.p.a.ce into a bunch of shapes. The independent s.p.a.ce of the Yangji sect was approaching its limits while the World Gate had been opened long ago. Many people hurriedly fled through it.

Booms constantly rang out as the two forbidden artifacts fended off the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls. The forbidden artifacts constantly struck out, preventing the eighteen halls from descending while the third forbidden artifact continuously worked its way through all the obstacles in the central divine hall, charging toward the location of the beast fur. The important divine hall that held all the power had already been reduced to a mess after standing for countless years in the Yangji sect.

The four elders did everything they could to draw the Emperor Armament in the forbidden growns. Twenty Saint Kings levitated above it, suppressing it together, but all they could do was slow it down from being drawn.

As the Emperor Armament was slowly drawn out of the ground, the sword tip grew closer and closer to the surface of the earth. The experts of the Hundred Races could only panic even more with the current situation.

“The Emperor Armament’s too powerful. We can’t last much longer! Hurry up!” One of the people suppressing the Emperor Armament yelled out. It was very loud and was heard by those who controlled the forbidden artifact in the central divine hall.

The experts in the divine hall had already reached the top floor with their third forbidden artifact. They stopped before a heavy stone door, and above the stone door was a simple word, carved deeply: Treasury.

“The beast fur is in there. Let’s use the forbidden artifact to quickly break through this door,” called out a Saint King. Then, all of them pooled their strength together to constantly strike the door with the weapon. However, the door was extremely tough, and only a tiny crack appeared after three attacks from the forbidden artifact.

“Don’t stop! We need to give everything we have and use all the power in the forbidden artifact,” one of them yelled out. Immediately, he poured whatever strength he had left into the forbidden artifact.

Under the desperate push from the great elders, the ancient sword was finally drawn from the ground against the resistance of twenty Sint Kings. Its tip was clearly revealed under the sunlight, and immediately, a boundless presence gushed forth. All the Saint Kings of the Hundred Races felt their hearts tighten.

The four great elders continuously formed hand seals, using a secret technique to control the Emperor Armament. A terrifying ripple of energy immediately erupted from the Emperor Armament, knocking away all the Saint Kings above it. Afterward, the Emperor Armament made half a turn in the air, causing its hilt to face the ground. The four great elders just happened to be standing below the hilt.

“Experts of the Hundred Races, I’ll make you pay a good price for invading our Yangji sect!” A great elder furiously roared out. The four of them controlled the Emperor Armament together as they swung it toward the twenty Saint Kings with a devastating might.

The Emperor Armament was much more powerful than the forbidden artifacts. With a single stroke, s.p.a.ce was immediately annihilated, and the whole place began to crumble. The independent s.p.a.ce could no longer withstand the attack.

The four great elders dismissed all other thoughts. All they wanted to do was slaughter all the experts of the Hundred Races to wash away the disgrace.

The twenty Saint Kings’ expressions all drastically. They were frightened by the presence of the Emperor Armament as an invisible and mysterious force trapped them. Their movements became sluggish, as if they were stuck in mud.

“Do not disperse, everyone. Gather together and use your strongest attack to repel the Emperor Armament, or we’re all dead,” a member of the Hundred Races yelled out. The surrounding energy began to surge and a hundred-meter-tall giant appeared behind him. The figure was covered with muscles, filled with explosive force.

This was a ruler of the giants. He was renowned and was once an extremely terrifying Saint Emperor, supreme among the giants. He was an avatar conjured by a giant through a secret technique.

At the same time, another hundred-meter-tall avatar appeared. It was a beauty who seemed to be in her twenties, radiating with an otherworldly presence. She seemed to have transcended mortal affairs. She was divine and n.o.ble while six clear wings stood behind her.

She was the elder G.o.ddess that had always only existed in the legends. She had never appeared throughout history, so no one knew whether she had actually existed or not.

The other experts all began to use abilities and secret techniques to conjure their ancestors shortly after, working together to repel the Emperor Armament.

Several ancestors of various races and figures from various folklore were conjured by energy. They varied in appearance, but they all possessed a vast and tremendous energy to repel the Emperor Armament.

The Emperor Armament swung out in front of them, colliding with the various secret technique and abilities with an unstoppable force.

As the two supreme energies collided, the sky began to shake. The independent s.p.a.ce collapsed at a faster and faster rate.

The avatars conjured by the experts were all destroyed, and they all vomited blood as a result. They flew back uncontrollably, all now heavily injured.

The power of a protector clan’s Emperor Armament was just too great. Only Saint Emperors could rival it, so it was not enough even when all of them worked together.

In the center of the sect, several Saint Kings continued to use the forbidden artifacts to deal with the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls. At that moment, the eighteen divine halls suddenly began to shine with a blinding light and a powerful but gentle energy poured out from them. This energy fused into the s.p.a.ce, temporarily stabilizing its collapse.

The Emperor Armament was levitating again in the forbidden grounds. It radiated with a frightening might as it charged toward the twenty people under the control of the four great elders.

“Let’s not take it head-on. Let’s go!”

Personally experiencing the power of the Emperor Armament, the twenty Saint Kings no longer wanted to face it head-on. They all fled in the direction of the forbidden artifacts.

The Emperor Armament pursued them as it flailed about with a devastating pressure.

“We’ll send a forbidden artifact to fend off the Emperor Armament,” the Saint King at Great Perfection said as he controlled the sabre. He the directed the sabre with his companion to face off against the Emperor Armament.

The forbidden artifact collided with the Emperor Armament with incomparable force. This was a clash between the two strongest weapons of the two races.

With a boom, the two weapons brutally struck each other. The devastating ripple of energy was undoubtedly terrifying, causing the realm around them to collapse even though it had just been stabilized.

The forbidden artifact was knocked back in the clash, and the two Saint Kings at Great Perfection both vomited blood. They stumbled back, now heavily injured.

The Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls gave up on trapping the group of people from the Hundred Races. They flew high up into the air and fell in eighteen different locations. Their powers were connected and enforced one another, so they were one whole unit, forcefully stabilizing the independent s.p.a.ce. They stopped the s.p.a.ce from collapsing any further.

The second forbidden artifact was freed up since the eighteen divine halls stopped attacking. Now two forbidden artifacts could fend off the Emperor Armament. They were embroiled in a tough struggle where they were equally matched. The surrounding s.p.a.ce became extremely tough with the protection of the eighteen divine hall, forcefully receiving the terrifying residual energy from the battle between the three weapons.

At this moment, three loud whistles shot through the air. The three great elders had returned. They shot past the light barrier from the Emperor Armament and fused their strength with the other four, resulting in seven people controlling the Emperor Armament.

Even the great elders had no idea just how powerful their Emperor Armament was since even when they all worked together, they could not utilize its full power. However, the Emperor Armament would be able to display greater power with more people controlling it.

The Emperor Armament’s presence immediately skyrocketed with the additional three great elders. It suppressed the two forbidden artifacts.

“We need to endure it. They will suffer great backlashes from using the Emperor Armament, so they can’t last for very long,” explained a Saint King of the Hundred Races. They knew the weaknesses of the protector clans’ Emperor Armaments extremely well.

“The power of the Emperor Armament far exceeds our expectations. If I had known earlier, I would’ve brought the War G.o.d Hall,” a hall elder of the War G.o.d Hall regretfully lamented.

“And the Elven G.o.d Tree. If we had brought the Elven G.o.d Tree, we could have bound the Emperor Armament and prevented it from displaying such great power,” an elven expert gnashed his teeth.

“And the Heaven’s Guard personally forged by our dwarven ancestor. Even Saint Emperors can’t smash through the shield. If it was here, we might have been able to block the Emperor Armament,” said a dwarven expert.

In ancient times, the Hundred Races was far more powerful than the humans. Even after losing a large number of experts from the invasion of the magical beasts, they were still able to beat the humans into constant retreat. If it were not for Mo Tianyun, the Tian Yuan Continent would have switched owners long ago. Their former strength was obvious, so they had quite a few treasures that had been pa.s.sed down from that age. They had only brought offensive forbidden artifacts this time, not a single defensive one at all.

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