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Chapter 1098: Visiting Dragon Island Once More (Two)

“Come with me,” smiled Tian Jian. Then, he led Jian Chen through a palace and, in the end, stopped before a huge square.

A three-meter-tall, burly man swung a huge ax in the center of the square while sweat poured from him. An extremely powerful battle intent enveloped the entire square. The elevated battle intent could affect every single person’s soul and make their blood boil. It could reawaken the desire for battle hidden within everyone.

The huge man’s every stroke was natural. The strokes flowed perfectly and flawlessly between one another. They all possessed a heart-shaking might as if they could split the entire world in half.

Jian Chen could even feel the battle intent as he stood at the edge of the square. The blood within him boiled. He felt tempted to find someone and engage in battle.

“Tie Ta sure is the war G.o.d of the Hundred Races. The speed at which his strength increases is astonishing. Without any intentional cultivation in the past few years, he has become this powerful already. The energy within him is probably at the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler, but he should be able to match Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. If he uses the Mysteries of War, he might even be able to fight Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers,” Tian Jian explained with a deep voice that carried many emotions.

At this moment, Tie Ta seemed to notice Jian Chen and Tian Jian’s arrival. He stopped swinging his ax and excitedly ran over with it on a shoulder. He said in a low, m.u.f.fled voice, “Jian Chen, you’ve come! I’ve already stayed here for so long. I’m about to die from boredom. Just say something on my behalf to senior Tian Jian to convince him to let me go. I want to go outside.” Tie Ta grumbled. Without Ming Dong by his side, he became even lonelier during these past few years.

“Tie Ta, actually, I’ve come to find you this time to take you out,” smiled Jian Chen.

“Really? Jian Chen, are you sure that you’re not tricking me?” Tie Ta’s eyes immediately lit up as joy crossed his face.

“Of course it’s true. As your best friend, I would never trick you even if I have to die,” Jian Chen replied.

Tian Jian frowned slightly and sternly said, “Jian Chen, Tie Ta’s ident.i.ty is extremely special. If you take him outside, it’s extremely likely that someone who knows about the matters of the ancient times will recognize him. It’ll become troublesome then.”

“Don’t worry, senior Tian Jian. Since I’m brave enough to bring him out, I can obviously protect him. Even if the ten protector clans come, they won’t be able to touch him at all. At that time, all I need to do is throw Tie Ta into the Bright Moon Divine Hall, and then they’ll be helpless.” Jian Chen was filled with confidence. He had the perfect insurance for Tie Ta’s safety.

Tian Jian did not add anything else since he knew that Jian Chen had already made up his mind. He understood Jian Chen’s powers extremely well, so he did not stop Jian Chen from taking Tie Ta out.

Jian Chen left Mercenary City with Tie Ta. Then, he asked Hei Yu to rip open a s.p.a.ce Gate to Dragon Island. He entered it with Tie Ta by his side.

They arrived outside Dragon Island after they pa.s.sed through the s.p.a.ce Gate. They could immediately smell the moist sea breeze and below them was the deep-blue sea. Before them was an extremely dense region of fog that connected the sky with the surface of the sea.

“Jian Chen, why’ve you brought me here?” Tie Ta scratched his head as he asked Jian Chen in confusion.

Jian Chen smiled mysteriously, “Tie Ta, you’ll find out later on. Come, follow me, but do be careful. Once you enter the fog, it’s a region of illusion. Everything you see in the fog is fake, so do not treat it as if it is real.” Jian Chen took a step into the fog first while Tie Ta followed close behind. The black-robed Hei Yu stepped into the fog last, behind both of them.

As they pa.s.sed through the mist, the three of them experienced many attacks from the odd fish, but it did not pose any harm to them. The illusions in the mist constantly appeared and conjured various images to affect their mental state. However, now that Jian Chen’s soul was extremely powerful, they could no longer affect him much.

“Dad, mom, grandpa, why have you appeared here?” Suddenly, Jian Chen heard Tie Ta’s voice. Clearly, Tie Ta had fallen into an illusion. Even with Jian Chen’s warning, the illusions were just too realistic. It was almost impossible to distinguish between real and fake, which caused people to fall for them very easily.

Jian Chen’s heart tightened. Just as he wanted to pull Tie Ta’s arm and swiftly rush out of the region of mist, the imprint of the war ax on the center of Tie Ta’s eyebrows began to flicker with a faint golden light. Immediately, an extremely powerful battle intent began to radiate out, shattering the illusion and causing the mist to violently surge.

“So it was fake. These illusions are just too powerful. I had actually thought it was real earlier,” Tie Ta sighed in amazement.

The three of them pa.s.sed through the region of mist very quickly. They flew at a low alt.i.tude, below ten meters, as they headed for the center of the island. Jian Chen and Tie Ta ripped to shreds all the living corpses they came across.

When Jian Chen had entered this place with the Heavenly Enchantress for the first time, they had feared the living corpses very much. They would detour around any they came across, unwilling to provoke them so easily if at all. However, these living corpses were nothing to Jian Chen now. Even the Saint King living corpses they came across were weak, like ants before Jian Chen.

Jian Chen, Tie Ta, and Hei Yu pa.s.sed through the mountains and forests and broke through many formations in the meantime. They arrived at an empty piece of land in the center of the island very quickly.

“Weird. I clearly remember that it was this place, so why is it gone now?” Jian Chen looked around as he mumbled in doubt.

“Jian Chen, why’ve you brought me here? Is there some kind of treasure?” Tie Ta could not help but ask once more. He felt extremely curious.

Jian Chen said nothing. After he pondered for a while with a frown, an idea flashed through his head. He mumbled to himself, “There are many formations hidden on Dragon Island. It’s extremely difficult for people to detect it. Maybe the droplet of Aergyns’ blood is hidden in the empty s.p.a.ce as well. A spot where it’ll only appear if the formation has been triggered.” Jian Chen believed this idea more and more as he thought about it. Afterward, he called out the white tiger and told Hei Yu and Tie Ta to wait where they were. He jumped on the back of the white tiger and began to run around wildly.

Jian Chen did not dare to risk himself in the formation formed from a drop of Aergyns’ blood. Aergyns was someone who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor, so no matter how confident Jian Chen was, he did not wish to test the might of the killing formation. He could still remember that the Saint King corpses that entered the killing formation were silently turned to dust.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s vision began to change. The green mountains disappeared, and he suddenly appeared in a bleak wasteland. There was no vegetation, and it stretched as far as the eye could see. No one knew just how large it was.

“This is the place,” Jian Chen rejoiced inside and immediately thought of the previous war G.o.d he had encountered here.

A surging battle intent suddenly filled the bleak world and completely engulfed the region. It seemed to have become its own domain. A condescending aura filled the battle intent, as if only the owner of the aura was supreme.

Jian Chen had rarely ever come across such a powerful battle intent. It seemed to possessed a terrifying might that was able to rip through s.p.a.ce and destroy worlds.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a series of booms, the ground began to violently tremble, like an earthquake was occurring. A golden figure appeared on the edge of Jian Chen’s vision. The figure possessed great stature and was clad in golden armor. He carried a golden war ax on his shoulders, and his eyes burned with battle intent. He seemed to have been born for battle.

He was the war G.o.d from ancient times, Aergyns. Even though he was conjured from a droplet of blood, he still possessed the might of a war G.o.d.

Jian Chen’s body shook, and he immediately paled. Every step taken by Aergyns seemed to land on his heart, which made Jian Chen feel like his heart was about to shatter.

Jian Chen’s senses were much more powerful than before since this was his second time experiencing this formation. Although he possessed strength that rivaled Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, he felt fragile before the golden figure. He even felt disillusioned, where even Saint Emperor who fell into the formation would not be able to face Aergyns.

Although the differences between Saint Ruler, Saint King, and Saint Emperor were huge, they all belonged to Sainthood. Aergyns had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor and stepped into the Origin realm. The Origin realm and Sainthood were two completely different realms of cultivation. The differences could be described as chasms.

The difference between Saint Emperors and those in the Origin realm were akin to Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers.

“Xiao Bai, let’s leave, quick,” Jian Chen called out to the white tiger. The battle intent had already locked onto him and had rendered him motionless.

Seriousness also filled the white tiger’s eyes. After the supreme battle intent enveloped it, it too could feel the strength of the opponent. The white tiger immediately growled and leaped out of the formation without any obstructions.

As the white tiger pulled Jian Chen out of the formation, the surrounding scenery returned to its previous state. The s.p.a.ce behind them rippled violently. They could clearly see a droplet of golden blood floating in the middle of the air.

“Tie Ta, come quick,” Jian Chen called out to Tie Ta, who was quite far away.

Tie Ta and Hei Yu immediately shot over from afar and arrived before Jian Chen with a few steps. The two of them gazed unblinkingly at the droplet of golden blood that hung in the air.

“What is this? I actually feel a fear that originates from the depths of my soul. It makes me tremble, and I can feel an extremely powerful and pure energy hidden inside,” Hei Yu closely stared at the golden droplet of blood. He felt extremely astounded since even Saint Emperor could not give him such an intense feeling.

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