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Chapter 1085: Treasure of the Protector Clans

“There are countless ancient secret techniques, as well as many that share the same name. Some are extremely simple while others are extraordinarily profound. Xiangtian, let’s check and see what ancient secret technique it is first,” said Changyang Yuan Wuji.

Jian Chen left the ancestral hall with the seven great elders and invited Huang Luan inside. They gathered in the discussion hall on the first floor.

The seven great elders gathered around Huang Luan as they all pointed a finger at her head. They used a secret technique to sense the technique imbedded in Huang Luan’s soul.

A while later, the seven of them opened their eyes simultaneously. They all began to frown slightly.

“This ancient secret technique is quite complicated. It was planted directly onto her soul and has almost fused with it. It’s extremely difficult to remove,” Changyang Yuan Zhenghua gently sighed. He was filled with a sense of helplessness.

“Does that mean even you cannot help me remove this secret technique?” Jian Chen became rather fl.u.s.tered inside.

Everyone fell silent for a while before Changyang Zu Xiao said, “I remember an ancient secret technique called the Void Soul Transcendence that can remove this secret technique. Though, the ancient secret technique is just too profound, so I don’t know it.”

A sliver of despair appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes.

“I just happen to know the Void Soul Transcendence. Xiangtian, why don’t you let me try it?” Changyang Qing Yun suddenly said. He was very calm right now as he gently smiled. He seemed to have completely forgotten about the displeasures from before. 

Jian Chen hesitated slightly, before allowing Changyang Qing Yun to try as he had no other choice in the end. However, he mentioned that he wanted to watch over the entire process.

“Jian Chen, breaking ancient secret techniques planted directly on the soul is extremely dangerous. I need to devote all my focus onto it, and I cannot risk any disturbances, or the consequences will be unthinkable. It’s best if you wait outside for the safety of your beloved. Moreover, you’re a great elder of the clan now. We’re all one big family, and I’m your great-grandfather by seniority as well. Don’t you trust your great-grandfather?” Changyang Qing Yun turned down Jian Chen’s request to watch over on one side, before entering a room in the divine hall with Huang Luan.

Jian Chen worried for Huang Luan, so he immediately extended his presence beyond his body to follow Changyang Qing Yun. However, every inch off the divine hall was filled with the divine hall’s power, so Jian Chen’s presence could not extend past the obstructions. It was suppressed.

Helpless inside, Jian Chen could only sit and wait there. The other great elders also stayed there with him. Only Changyang Qing Jueri left due to some matters.

“Xiangtian, don’t worry. Great elder Qing Yun’s abilities are fantastic. He’s reached Great Perfection for many years already, so he can be described as someone with a foot planted in Saint Emperor already. With him acting personally, even if Huang Luan’s seal can’t be broken, she’ll still come out unscathed,” comforted Changyang Yuan Zhenghua. He had no negative opinion of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen waited for three days, but Huang Luan and Changyang Qing Yun did not emerge. He did not even receive a single piece of news, so, in the end, out of boredom, he was taken around the clan again by Changyang Zu Yunxiao.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao lead Jian Chen around on the floating piece of earth, explaining to him a few rules of the clan as well as some interesting events that occurred in the past. The two of them came across many clansmen of the inner clan, who call out and bowed to Changyang Zu Yunxiao. Although Jian Chen was also a great elder, no one showed any respect to him.

Jian Chen did not care at all. He continued beside Changyang Zu Yunxiao and listened to his explanations.

“Mum, is that person beside great elder Yunxiao the outsider, Changyang Xiangtian?” Jian Chen heard a young voice at this moment. Several hundred meters to his left, there was a boy, roughly six or seven years of age, pointing at Jian Chen as he spoke to a middle-aged woman.

“Shhh! Qing Lin, be quiet, or you’ll suffer a similar severe punishment.” The middle-aged woman quickly covered the boy’s mouth before glancing in Jian Chen’s direction in fear.

The boy was young and fearless, so he rejected what his woman said. He righteously said, “Mum, I’m not scared. Great-grandfather Tianying was injured by Changyang Xiangtian, and then locked up. Changyang Xiangtian is a bad guy. He’s a big bad guy! He’s not good… Mmm… Mmm..” The boy got louder as he spoke, but the woman became quite terrified. She quickly covered his mouth and left with him in a hurry.

Jian Chen glanced at the boy before sighing inside.

In front, there were a few young Heaven Saint Masters that walked past as well. They seemed to be roughly Jian Chen’s age.

“I greet the great elder,” the young man all bowed courteously to Changyang Zu Yunxiao, but their gazes toward Jian Chen were not so kind.

The protector clan was separated from the world, so almost all the younger members of the clan had not stepped upon the Tian Yuan Continent. Only a portion of the senior members had gone out, so they had no clue about the brutality and laws of survival outside. As a result, they did not accept that strength reigned supreme. With their understanding, respect was based on seniority and had nothing to do with personal strength.

They all disagreed very much with the fact that Jian Chen had become a great elder at such a young age. At Jian Chen’s age, any single person in the inner clan was his senior.

“Great-grandson, don’t get too mad. The protector clan has been separated from the world for too long, which has caused the members of the younger generation to deteriorate. Looks like choosing to become a hermit clan was not a smart choice. We should let these juniors wander the Tian Yuan Continent more often and witness the brutal world.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao sighed.

Jian Chen paid no mind to them. Although he was someone who would always collect his debts, he was not petty.

“What’s that place?” Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes froze, and he focused on something in the distance. Within a mountain range beyond the floating island, the s.p.a.ce constantly twisted as a vast, devastating aura radiated.

“That’s the forbidden grounds of our clan, the place where the Emperor Armament is nourished. There are no clansmen that can approach it except for the great elders. Let’s go and have a look.” With that, Changyang Zu Yunxiao lead Jian Chen in that direction.

“The forbidden grounds are surrounded by layer upon layer of formations for protection. They were cast down by previous Saint Emperors, used specifically restraining the Emperor Armament as well as the powerful sword Qi and pressure that radiates from it all year round,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao explained as he moved.

Jian Chen pa.s.sed through the many formations, and as soon as he arrived inside, a vast pressure swept forward. Coupled with it was surging sword Qi, which made him shudder inside.

At the center of the forbidden grounds was a huge ancient sword stabbed into the ground. The tip of the sword was buried and the hilt pointed to the sky. It possessed a supreme presence, as if it could split the sky and rival the heavens. It was filled with a domineering presence.

Jian Chen became extremely serious as he stood before the Emperor Armament. He said with a deep voice, “What a powerful Emperor Armament. My Emperor Armament is just too, too weak. Before it, I even feel that I have already been defeated. Unbelievable.”

Changyang Zu Yunxiao examined the Emperor Armament with mixed emotions and sighed, “This Emperor Armament existed when our clan was first founded. It was left behind by the founder, our first Saint Emperor. It has already existed for more than a million years.”

“An extremely ancient technique was left behind with the founder’s Emperor Armament. It recorded the method to nourish the Emperor Armament. Once every Saint Emperor of our clan pa.s.ses away from cultivation, they will leave behind their Emperor Armaments and fuse them with the Emperor Armament through the method left behind by the founder.

“After countless years, we have never been without Saint Emperors except in recent years. At our peak, we even had more than ten of them existing at the same time, so over a hundred Saint Emperors have appeared in our clan’s history. That means that over a hundred Emperor Armaments have been fused with the founder’s Emperor Armament. Its power is unimaginable now and requires multiple Saint Emperors to control it, but even with that, it’s impossible to use all of its power. At the same time, they will sustain extremely severe backlash that’s extremely difficult to recover from. If we control it for too long, everyone’s life may even fall into danger, and we might even die as a result.”

Jian Chen was deeply shocked with that. He felt extremely fearful of the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans. They could only be controlled by multiple Saint Kings, and even with all those Saint Kings, not all of its power could be used. The controllers would even suffer severe backlashes, so Jian Chen struggled to imagine just how powerful the Emperor Armaments really were.

His own Emperor Armament immediately paled in comparison. They were both Emperor Armaments, but the disparity in power was just too vast.

“These Emperor Armaments are the treasure of the protector clans. They are the trump cards of the protector clans, as well as our ability to deal with Saint Emperors. It is also what protects us,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao sighed emotionally.

“I wonder if the origin energy armor on Rui Jin and Hei Yu can withstand the Emperor Armaments if the protector clans use it despite the consequences.” Jian Chen wondered inside. He had no idea, but he made up his mind at that moment. He would never, ever agitate the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans unless he had no other choice.

Jian Chen felt a lot of fear for the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans. Before them, even divine halls could be cleaved into two. Only Saint Emperors could withstand the power.

Jian Chen left the forbidden grounds with Changyang Zu Yunxiao, returning to the divine hall once more. Huang Luan remained in the room with Changyang Qing Yun. No one knew whether the secret technique in her could be removed.

Jian Chen entered the library all by himself and made his way through the section where the cultivation methods and Saint Tier Battle Skills were stored. He was heading to where the ancient records were kept.

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