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Chapter 1060: The First Captain

The roars from the Saint Rulers rang through the entire city, so everyone learned that someone had destroyed the captain’s sculpture. It threw everyone into a rage, to the point where even more mercenaries took to the skies and quickly flew toward the center.

The main headquarters of the mercenaries was located toward the rear of the city. It was a palace constructed like an emperor’s and the core power of the mercenaries gathered there. The people in charge stayed in this palace.

Currently, the green-dressed Bi Lian and several high-ranking members of the mercenaries were sternly discussing the developments of the Flame Mercenaries.

Suddenly, a shout pa.s.sed through the various obstructions and resounded clearly in the room, disrupting Bi Lian’s meeting with the others.

Bi Lian’s complexion immediately darkened when she heard that someone had destroyed the sculpture of her own brother. Her eyes shone with a chilling light.

“Hmph, I’d like to see just who it is that dares to destroy my brother’s sculpture. I definitely won’t let them go so easily for acting so recklessly.” Bi Lian was enraged. She slammed the desk and left despite the meeting. She strode outward with a darkened face, while the high-ranking members followed closely behind her.

Jian Chen floated several hundred meters in the air at the center of the city. Jian Chen crossed his arms and leisurely watched as the Saint Rulers quickly approached him. By his side, Rui Jin floated expressionlessly, gazing at the obliterated sculpture from time to time. Some doubt also filled his eyes.

The Saint Rulers all possessed surging presences as they drew their Saint Weapons. Then, they surrounded Jian Chen and Rui Jin. Surging energy pulsed wildly around them, which caused the surrounding s.p.a.ce to slightly twist. They were ready for battle at any time.

“Who are you? Why have you destroyed captain Jian Chen’s sculpture? Why don’t you quickly…” A Saint Ruler yelled at Jian Chen as he glared at him, but before he had finished speaking, he became surprised. He stared blankly at Jian Chen’s appearance as disbelief flooded his face.

The Saint Ruler stared blankly at him for quite a long time. Then, he asked with a trembling voice that was filled with shock, “Y- y- you’re captain Jian Chen?”

“What! Captain Jian Chen…”

The four other Saint Rulers all became astounded when they heard this. They immediately observed Jian Chen carefully. They had never seen Jian Chen before, but they had seen his images and his sculptures, so they were familiar with his appearance. They immediately noticed that the young man really did seem the same as their captain.

Another tremendous aura appeared, rapidly drawing closer to Jian Chen’s location. It was the ancestor of the Bi family, Bi Hai, who flew over with Bi Lian at lightning speed.

Both of their faces were pale as anger burned within them. The destruction of Jian Chen’s sculpture seemed to have touched their most sensitive area. They were currently thinking about how they would viciously punish the person who destroyed the sculpture.

But when the two of them saw the Saint Rulers that encircled Jian Chen and Rui Jin, they became stunned as stupefaction filled their faces. A bucket of cold water seemed to extinguish their roaring flames of anger, disappearing completely.

“Brother, how is it you!?” Bi Lian called out. She was astonished.

Bi Hai also stared at Jian Chen in stupefaction. Then, he looked at the pile of dust that was once a sculpture. He was confused. He had already learned that the person who destroyed the sculpture was his own great grandson by now.

“We greet captain Jian Chen!”

The Saint Rulers that had arrived first finally confirmed Jian Chen’s ident.i.ty. Without any hesitation, they bowed and respectfully greeted Jian Chen. They were all extremely excited. Jian Chen was a legendary figure of the continent, someone that could only be heard about in stories. Even as Saint Rulers, they struggled to stay composed.

As for their anger, it had completely disappeared long ago.

Jian Chen saw Bi Lian’s thin face, and his anger about the sculpture vanished in that moment. Love began to fill his heart, and he made his way through the air to Bi Lian in an instant. He then looked at her lovingly and pitifully, as he gently said, “Lian’er, it really must have been tiring managing the matters of the mercenaries.”

Bi Lian could not help but smile sweetly from Jian Chen’s loving concern for her wellbeing. However, she then gazed past the missing sculpture in the center of the city and became confused. She asked, “Brother, did you destroy the sculpture?”

“Yes, it was me who destroyed it,” Jian Chen said nonchalantly as he stared at the clouds of dust in the air.

“Brother, the statue was sculpted with a great deal of effort from over a hundred artisans I found. Why did you destroy it? Was it badly sculpted?” Bi Lian felt like she had suffered a wrong as she spoke delicately.

“Lian’er, don’t get mad. Brother has no intentions of blaming you. It’s just that you don’t understand the origins of the mercenaries. The statue standing in the center of the city should not be depicting me, but the first captain of the Flame Mercenaries,” Jian Chen said softly. He gazed into the horizon as reminiscence filled his eyes.

“The first captain? Aren’t you the first captain, brother?” Bi Lian became surprised as disbelief filled her face.

Jian Chen shook his head, “Lian’er, I am not the first captain of the Flame Mercenaries. The first captain was called Kendall. I’m only the second.”

The matters from the past flashed through Jian Chen’s head like a movie. Jian Chen thought back to the days where he wandered the Magical Beast Mountain Range with the members of the Flame Mercenaries.

He could still remember clearly that many years ago, the Flame Mercenaries faced the pursuit of a Cla.s.s 5 Golden Fur Tiger King. In the end, everyone died to it except him, including the first captain, Kendall.

Kendall’s greatest wish was for the Flame Mercenaries to become the greatest and most powerful mercenary group on the Tian Yuan Continent. As a result, Jian Chen took up the great aspiration of expanding the Flame Mercenaries in order to complete Kendall’s wish.

Back then, when he became the second captain of the Flame Mercenaries, he was alone. Afterward, Ming Dong joined. Now, after so many years, the mercenary group had expanded from its initial, nameless state to something that could shake up the continent.

“Brother, who is the first captain of the Flame Mercenaries? Why haven’t I heard a single thing about him after staying so long in the Flame Mercenaries?” Bi Lian asked.

Jian Chen sighed gently, “He died many years ago.” With that, Jian Chen suddenly grabbed at the ground with his two hands. The ground at the center of the city quickly began to move, and the soil surged rapidly into the air. It climbed higher and higher. In just a few second, Jian Chen erected a huge statue from the earth.

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