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You Yue became completely stunned when she heard that. She stared at fairy Hao Yue blankly as disbelief flooded her face.

You Yue had heard about the legends of fairy Hao Yue from other people long ago. Fairy Hao Yue was a prodigy, an unprecedented genius at cultivation. It took her just a little more that two thousand years to reach the peak of Saint Emperor, coming only an inch away from surpa.s.sing that. Even in ancient times, there was no one who could compare to her cultivation speed.

After reaching the peak of Saint Emperor, she had even flown to the distant moon all by herself. She set foot on the unfamiliar territory that people rarely ever went to, collecting valuable resources to build her divine hall. Her abilities were so great and her powers were so outstanding that even among all the Saint Emperors, there was rarely anyone who could match up to her.

Currently, the great fairy Hao Yue actually wanted to take her as a disciple. Great joy flooded her entire spirit in that instance, making it difficult for her to return to her senses in a short amount of time.

Taking a Saint Emperor as a master was a glorious matter, something worthy of being proud. Even with the entire continent in perspective, this was something that many people would not even consider. You Yue had never thought that she, someone who was far from being a prodigy, would actually be asked to become a disciple of a Saint Emperor.

Fairy Hao Yue remained calm throughout. She showed no emotions as she asked once more, “You Yue, are you willing to take me as your master?”

You Yue finally calmed down. She forcefully suppressed her churning emotions and asked calmly, “Fairy Hao Yue, I understand myself that my talent is nowhere near a prodigy’s level, so may I ask why fairy Hao Yue has chosen me to become your disciple? Won’t my future accomplishments sully your name?”

“You are correct. Your talent is at most one in ten thousand, nowhere close to a genius’ talent. However, do you know how wondrous the method I cultivate is? It was the cultivation method that my great father, the Moon G.o.d, used several tens of thousand years of effort to create specifically for me. It takes from the fortunes of nature. It’s so wondrous that even if its cultivated by people with ordinary talent, they will have quite the future.”

“Also, there’s the divine hall that I worked so hard to create all those years ago. I’ve sealed moon essence into it. I only need to use a portion of it to modify your body using a secret technique and have you undergo a rebirth, so that your body becomes set for cultivation,” fairy Hao Yue guaranteed.

“What? Your cultivation method was created by your father after several tens of thousand years? I’ve only heard that Saint Emperors have a life span of ten thousand years. Is your father a supreme expert who’s surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor?” You Yue stared at fairy Hao Yue in surprise.

A sliver of disdain flashed through fair Hao Yue’s eyes when she heard about surpa.s.sing a Saint Emperor. She said, “The Origin realm’s nothing. If the origin energy in this world wasn’t sealed on the distant edge of outer s.p.a.ce. I would’ve reached the Origin realm long ago. As for my father, you will understand after you become by disciple.”

You Yue immediately dropped to her knees and said, “I am indebted to fairy Hao Yue’s kindness. I, You Yue, am willing to become your disciple. Disciple greets master.” You Yue bowed her head nine times to fairy Hao Yue.

Fairy Hao Yue finally showed a slight smile on her illusory face. She said, “My obedient disciple, get up quickly. You are my first disciple.”

With that, an invisible force lifted You Yue up. Afterward, fairy Hao Yue continued, “The Moon G.o.d Sceptre in your hands was a sceptre I made after collecting materials according to the design of my father’s sceptre. Now, your master no longer needs it. I’ve sealed a portion of Moonlight Force into the sceptre, so carry it with you in the future. It can protect you.”

You Yue examined the sceptre. It was made out of some unknown crystal and was as light as a feather. She could not feel any weight at all. The entire sceptre was clouded by a faint layer of Moonlight Force, shining with a hazy glow. Vaguely, she could see a simple pattern on the sceptre.

“Master, disciple has some questions. Could everyone who obtained the sceptre arrive here and be taken as a disciple of master?” You Yue asked.

Fairy Hao Yue proudly smiled and said, “There’s no one in the world who has the right to become my disciple, and I had no intentions of taking one before. When the divine hall suddenly appeared, I had my own intentions. The sceptre is useless to those who would have gotten a hold of it. They can’t take it out of the hall anyway, but I changed my mind later on due to some reasons, which is why I made an exception to take you as my disciple.”

“Because of Jian Chen?” You Yue probed. She recognized the reason why fairy Hao Yue had taken her in as a disciple long ago. It was because of Jian Chen.

“Alright, don’t ask anymore, my dear disciple. All you need to understand is that master has no ill intentions toward you. Master’s original disciple and only exists in the form of a soul now. This is why master will be extremely limited in her abilities to a.s.sist you when you come across dangers in the future. However, once you cultivate my method, I will give you control of the divine hall. The divine hall is something I was proud of when I made it all those years ago, so it’s extraordinarily tough. There’s also layers upon layers of formations in the divine hall, so as long as you have it protecting you, even experts in the Origin realm will be kept busy for a while.”

“The name of the cultivation method is the Mirror of the Moon G.o.d. If it is practiced with a special const.i.tution, the rate will be greatly increased. Allow master to a.s.sist you in rebirthing with the moon essence sealed within the divine hall. I’ll pa.s.s the cultivation method onto you after that. Then you can control the divine hall and save the person you want to save.

Although fairy You Yue was in the form of a soul, she still possessed supreme control over the divine hall. With a single thought, extremely dense moon essence gathered from the surroundings, slowly approaching You Yue in the form of the light of a rainbow. Afterward, all of it entered her body, improving her talent by modifying her const.i.tution.

As she watched You Yue be coated by the thick layer of moon essence, fairy Hao Yue suddenly seem to fall into a trance. She thought, “Father, your daughter’s not dead. Very soon, I’ll be able to return to your side, and then I will tell you about Nan Potian’s scheme.”

“Nan Potian has wild ambitions. He wants to take your position as the leader of the Moon G.o.d Hall. Now that so many years have pa.s.sed, I wonder if you’re fine? Has the Moon G.o.d Hall fallen into Nan Potian’s hands…” As she thought, her illusory face suddenly became filled with deep worry.


At the same moment, the huge formation still took up the same amount s.p.a.ce on the first floor of the divine hall just like before, filling up a large portion of the hall where the sculpture was.

A large group of people regretfully stood in the region close to where the formation lay. A few of them were even dejected, as if their souls had disappeared.

These people had all been sent down from the top floor by the divine hall’s power. Now, all of them understood that the divine hall was most likely taken by You Yue, who had disappeared from the throne with the sceptre in her hand, which was why all of them were filled with deep regret and dejection.

Xie w.a.n.g and the white tiger stood together. The fist-sized saint artifact floated over the white tiger’s head as it slowly spun. Currently, both of them were covered in blood, in horrible shape. Their injuries were quite deep.

“I never thought that fairy Hao Yue would still be alive. You Yue’s definitely been taken away by fairy Hao Yue. She should be fine, right? Though what happens next isn’t something we can control or interfere with,” Xie w.a.n.g said gruffly. He was rather helpless.

The white tiger remained as awe-inspiring as before, standing with its head up high. It stared fixedly at the formation s.p.a.ce up ahead as worry filled its eyes. No one knew if Jian Chen could make it out of the formation s.p.a.ce now that You Yue’s situation was unknown.

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