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As the fists from the Saint Tier Battle Skills switched targets, the pressure from the surroundings also collapsed viciously on Xie w.a.n.g and You Yue’s bodies. Xie w.a.n.g became extremely stern. It was a Saint Tier Battle Skill after all, and every fist would be at the level of Saint Kings. It would be extremely difficult for him to block them with his strength at the Ninth Heavenly Layer.

“Argh!” Xie w.a.n.g roared at the sky. Churning blue light wildly flooded out of his body, before condensing on his finger and shooting toward the fists.

A thumb-sized force shot through s.p.a.ce as it radiated with blue light, shooting toward the fists with an aura of destruction.

This was a powerful attack that Xie w.a.n.g had comprehended from the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor. Although it was not on the level of Saint Tier Battle Skills, it was as powerful as a Pseudo-Saint Tier Battle Skill.

Locked on by two fists, the pressure You Yue experienced was even greater. She could not withstand it at all with her strength that was below Earth Saint Master, so she immediately paled. Traces of blood began to pour from her mouth. Before the attack had even struck her, just the mere pressure was terrifying enough to injure her.

With a loud boom, Xie w.a.n.g’s attack landed on the fist that flew toward him. The attack was not on the level of Saint Tier Battle Skills, so it dispersed as soon as they came in contact. The fist continued on toward Xie w.a.n.g without any reduction in speed; though its force had decreased by quite a bit.

Bang! The weakened fist viciously struck Xie w.a.n.g’s body. He was thrown back like a sandbag as blood sprayed wildly from his mouth.

A dazzling golden light appeared above You Yue’s head. The saint artifact that always floated above her suddenly expanded, becoming a thirty-meter-tall golden tower, which blocked the area in front of her in a short moment. It helped You Yue resist the attacks.

Boom! Boom!

Both of the fists landed on the saint artifact with two violent booms. They did not even shake the saint artifact. Its toughness was not something that could be overcome by Saint Tier Battle Skills.

Even though You Yue was protected by the Saint Tier Battle Skill, it was not enough to put a stop to everyone’s desire for the sceptre. Several dozen Saint Rulers had already began to threateningly charge toward her from all directions. On any other day, they probably would not dare to harm You Yue due to their fear of Jian Chen, but before the great enticement present, many of them had already forgotten about living and dying.

“Mistress, quickly throw the sceptre away and enter the artifact s.p.a.ce. That’s the only way I can ensure that you stay completely safe,” the artifact spirit’s voice rang through You Yue’s head. Although the artifact spirit was a Saint Emperor in the artifact s.p.a.ce, it was innately restricted, so its abilities were greatly limited. The power it could use outside was extremely weak, so protecting her outside from enemies coming in all directions was extremely difficult.

You Yue looked at the sceptre hesitantly as a sliver of unwillingness appeared in her eyes. She did not covet the sceptre; it was just that the way to save Jian Chen might lie with the sceptre.

“Mistress, give up on the sceptre first and enter the artifact s.p.a.ce. Don’t worry about the divine hall. Rui Jin still has his most powerful card up his sleeve,” the artifact spirit called out anxiously.

With that, You Yue finally made up her mind. She grit her teeth and began swinging her hand. She was about to throw away the sceptre.

“If you throw away the Moon G.o.d’s Sceptre, you will never be able to save the person you want to save. Consider it.” At this moment, a woman’s pleasant voice rang through You Yue’s head.

The sudden appearance of the voice surprised You Yue, which caused her to immediately tighten her grasp on the sceptre. She clutched it tightly and looked around in surprise, as if she wanting to find who the speaker was.

“You have not thrown away the Moon G.o.d’s Sceptre. You have made a choice. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” The same voice rang in You Yue’s head. It was extremely obscure, and only You Yue could hear it. However, she could not tell where it came from.

Suddenly, the sceptre in You Yue’s hand exploded with bright light. An extremely terrifying energy erupted from the sceptre, sweeping into the surroundings in the form of a storm. It flung all the Saint Rulers that charged toward her afar; even the saint artifact floating above her head was unable to avoid it. It too was knocked far away by the powerful force.

The energy from the sceptre did not distinguish between enemies and friends. Other than You Yue, everyone, including the white tiger, Xie w.a.n.g, and the saint artifact, were flung far away.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had disappeared within a radius of several hundred meters from You Yue. She seemed like the only one present as bright moonlight surrounded her.

You Yue watched everything unfold in a dumbstruck fashion. She just struggled to believe that such a powerful energy had erupted from the very peaceful sceptre. It filled her with disbelief.

Before she could return to her senses, she suddenly felt her body tighten up. She had been surrounded by a mysterious force and brought into the air. She quickly flew toward the throne at the very back of the hall.

“Quick, stop her. Once she obtains the divine hall, we will have no more chances left…” A Saint Ruler cried out in a panic after being knocked far away. Afterward, he immediately climbed up, shooting after You Yue as fast as he could. He wanted to stop You Yue from approaching the throne.

All the other Saint Rulers paid no heed to their injured either. All of them wanted to take the divine hall for themselves, so none of them wanted to allow You Yue to take what they drooled over. They all took part in encircling and stopping You Yue.

A terrifying ripple of residual energy spread out and all the Saint Rulers struck out as hard as they could. Various powerful attacks flew in from all directions, all targeting You Yue.

You Yue had been completely coated in dense moonlight by the sceptre. When the Saint Rulers’ attacks landed on that layer of light, they all collapsed by themselves, unable to harm You Yue since she was surrounded by moonlight.

Under the protection of the moonlight, You Yue arrived near the throne without any obstruction despite being targeted by so many densely-packed attacks. Afterward, she just landed on top of it with the sceptre in hand.

As soon as she sat down, the s.p.a.ce surrounding the throne began to violently twist. Everything blurred, obscuring everyone’s vision. When it returned back to normal, You Yue had already disappeared from the throne.

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