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Chapter 1048: Fight for the Divine Hall (Three)

Over twenty sword Qi from Saint Rulers shot toward the white tiger, as they radiated with powerful ripples of energy. In order to stop the white tiger from getting close to the throne, none of the Saint Rulers held back.

The white tiger’s eyes remained fixed on the scepter. It did not even look at the sword Qi behind it. When the sword Qi almost struck, the white tiger abruptly began to enlarge and turned into a ten-meter-long white tiger in an instant. It unfurled its huge, white wings, while a great energy seemed to be secretly charging up.

Whoosh! With the sound of a wild gust, the huge wings of the white tiger suddenly flapped backward. Two huge whirlwinds immediately formed and quickly collided with the sword Qi from behind.

After it enlarged, the speed of the white tiger skyrocketed. It shot toward the scepter like an arrow, several times faster than before.

The powerful sword Qi collided with the whirlwinds the white tiger produced. With a m.u.f.fled boom, the sword Qi all shattered into pieces from the spinning wind, and the whirlwinds continued onward without dispersing after blocking the attacks.

The whirlwinds obstructed the Saint Rulers that pursued behind the white tiger, which allowed it to approach the huge, hovering throne successfully. There was nothing protecting the throne, so the white tiger leaped onto it without coming across any obstructions. It gripped the scepter with its mouth, before returning along its previous route. It leaped in You Yue’s direction in the form of a faint blur.

“The Winged Tiger G.o.d has taken the scepter! Quick, steal it back…”

“Fairy Hao Yue’s treasure is right before our eyes. Quickly stop the Winged Tiger G.o.d! Whoever who gets the scepter will be the one who obtains a fortuitous encounter…”

With the scepter taken, all the people immediately began to churn. There were a few people who were unwilling to see the scepter taken just like that before them. So, they fanned on everyone, as they stood on the ground.

Everyone had become green with greed. In that moment, all the Saint Rulers within the hall began to move. They encircled the white tiger with extremely great teamwork and surrounded it from all directions. There were more than ten Saint Weapons that shot through the air with powerful ripples of energy, chopping toward the huge body of the tiger with lightning speed. Accompanying them was another wave of over twenty sword Qi.

The attacks formed a shapeless net in the air that sealed out all routes of escape for the white tiger, as the attacks fell down like a blanket.

The white tiger stopped mid-air awe-inspiringly. It looked around with a threatening light in its eyes, before throwing its head up. It tossed the scepter high up into the air, which allowed it to open its mouth and produce an earth-shaking roar. Immediately, visible sound waves quickly began to expand with the white tiger as the epicenter.

The sound wave possessed an unimaginable force. When it collided with the saint weapons of the Saint Kings and the sword Qi, all the sword Qi dissipated, while the Saint Weapons in the hands of the Saint Rulers trembled violently. It seemed like an invisible force was stopping their advance, which not only made it extremely difficult for them to continue onward, but also forced them backward constantly.

The sound wave expanded extremely quickly and covered the entire room very soon. It swept past everyone and immediately reduced all their clothes to shreds, forcing them into a horrible shape.

Miserable cries rang through the entire room. The white tiger’s roar possessed the might of a beast G.o.d, so it possessed a penetrative characteristic. It could injure the souls of people. The Heaven Saint Masters all shrieked, as they clutched their heads painfully due to their weaker souls. Only Saint Rulers could endure it, but even for them, they showed signs of pain. It still affected their souls greatly.

The white tiger’s strength was not at the peak of Cla.s.s 7, but it was a Winged Tiger G.o.d after all. It possessed inherited memories and could learn powerful abilities, while its battle prowess was shocking. Just the might of its roar was enough to shock many Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers.

The combined attacks from several dozen Saint Rulers collapsed from the roar. The white tiger did not continue to bother with them. It caught the scepter, as it fell down. Then, it bound toward You Yue.

“Leave the scepter, or you won’t be leaving today!”

The Saint Rulers recovered extremely quickly and courageously charged toward white tiger. All of them had lost their calm before the temptation. Their only desire was to obtain the scepter.

In that moment, the white tiger had become the enemy of everyone. All the Saint Rulers took part in restricting the white tiger’s movements, striking the white tiger without holding back at all. They were attempting to kill it. Afar, a few Saint Rulers even began to charge up their Saint Tier Battle Skills.

The white tiger seemed to be agitated as well. It growled deeply as dense killing intent flickered through its vicious eyes. It charged threateningly toward a few Saint Rulers that blocked its way, as it flapped its wings violently. It shot out powerful wind blades at them.

The Saint Rulers all knew how powerful the Winged Tiger G.o.d was. They faced it as a powerful enemy. They swung their Saint Weapons as fast as they could, as they chopped at the wind blades.

Boom! The wind blades and Saint Weapons collided, which immediately produced a powerful ripple of energy. The wind blades dispersed, while the powerful force of the collision and the wave of energy knocked back the Saint Rulers. They all quickly shot backward.

At this moment, around a dozen Saint Rules that shot over from the sides approached the white tiger as well. All their Saint Weapons shone with a blinding light, as they chopped through the s.p.a.ce. They were approaching the white tiger with lightning speed.

The white tiger’s fur began to glow with a hazy white light, as it blocked the full-powered attacks from the Saint Rulers with its wings. When the Saint Weapons landed on the wings, all of the Saint Rulers felt like their lightning-fast attack had landed on soft cotton. The surging Saint Force hidden within their Saint Weapons completely disappeared in that moment.

“c.r.a.p, its wings have absorbed the energy on our Saint Weapons,” a Saint Ruler cried out. He was filled with disbelief.

After absorbing the energies from more than ten Saint Weapons, the wings no longer remained so white. A few extra colors appeared. However, in the next moment, the wings suddenly jolted, and the energy absorbed from the Saint Weapons immediately poured out like a flood. It knocked all of the Saint Rulers that had approached far away.

At this moment, a pressure that seemed to originate from the world suddenly appeared. It locked tightly onto the white tiger, which caused the s.p.a.ce around the white tiger to thicken.

“It’s a Saint Tier Battle Skill. Move away!” Sensing the frightening pressure, all the Saint Rulers changed in expression and immediately moved far away from the white tiger.

The white tiger slowly turned around. Its eyes locked onto the three Saint Rulers who were casting Saint Tier Battle Skills. Once locked on, it was impossible to dodge or avoid the Saint Tier Battle Skill. The white tiger could only face it head-on.


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