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As the water quickly rose, the deck below Jian Chen no longer remained stable. It began to violently rock.

This sudden occurrence sort of surprised Jian Chen and the others. They immediately stopped drinking. Quan Youcai’s face twitched, and he instantly sobered up.

The ferry started to rock more and more violently, which made it harder and harder to keep upright. The drinking table on the deck also began to violently tremble, as various dishes crashed onto the deck.

“What’s happening? Why is the ferry suddenly rocking so violently? Are we capsizing?” Quan Youcai called out. He looked around with interest. The current situation confused him.

Yang Ling immediately became alert, and his drunkenness vanished as well. His eyes shone as he glared around, prepared for battle at any moment.

You Yue hugged Jian Chen’s arm, but she seemed calm. It was like she would be safe even if the sky collapsed as long as she was by Jian Chen’s side.

Jian Chen slowly put down his wine cup as he nonchalantly stood on the deck. He expanded his presence, which quickly reached into the water.

However, Jian Chen became surprised very quickly. Disbelief flooded his face, as he said to Quan Youcai and Yang Ling, “Leave the ferry and contact the sailors of the ship. Tell them to dock to the side immediately.” With that, Jian Chen took to the sky with You Yue and flew a hundred meters into the air.

Although Quan Youcai and Yang Ling were completely clueless about the current situation, they needed to follow Jian Chen’s instructions. The two of them immediately ran below deck to contact the sailors. Then, they took to the sky as well and left the ferry.

Hei Yu and Hong Lian also took to the air and reached an alt.i.tude of a hundred meters from the rear of the ship. They gathered with Jian Chen, and looked down at the surface of the river.

The water of Fragrance River climbed higher and higher. It had already flowed over the banks and flooded into the distance. At this moment, the water levels alarmed all the people on the two sides. Some stronger people began to use their various abilities and climbed the trees around them.

The ferries in the center of the river also began to slowly tip and sank one by one. The sailors on the boats had all leaped off. They were currently swimming toward the banks in confusion and alarm.

Splash! Suddenly, a huge splash exploded, which created a huge ripple that was over a thousand meters wide. In that instant, a silvery-white divine hall slowly broke through the water. As it flickered with light, it surged into the sky as water surged off of it. Everything unfolded on a grand scale.

“W- what is this thing?” Quan Youcai was struck dumb. He stared at the silvery-white divine hall as it rose into the air. Shock filled his face. Yang Ling, who hovered beside him, also became wide-eyed. They could not recognize the divine hall with their current level of knowledge.

The divine hall shot into the air while emitting a hazy, silver light. A sacredness permeated the hall, as it lit up the dark night sky to the point where it seemed like daytime.

The noisy banks became quiet in that instant. Everyone stared blankly at the divine hall that was growing, as it rose into the sky. No one paid any more attention to the water that had suddenly risen.

The divine hall was a thousand meters long and several hundred meters tall. The craftsmanship was exquisite and perfect. It seemed like a flawless piece of art. The divine hall rose to an alt.i.tude of ten kilometers before it stopped. It radiated with a pressure that spread out in all directions in a blanketing manner. All the energy of the world became docile before it.

This alerted all the ancestors of the eight clans, the experts of the Zaar family, and the people of the Radiant Saint Master Union. When they raised their heads and saw the thumb-sized divine hall that hovered in the air, they immediately became interested. Without any hesitation, they all shot into the air as fast as they could and made way to the divine hall.

At the same time, many experts in various places of the continent sensed the divine hall as well. They all came out of seclusion and traveled toward the City of G.o.d.

“I never thought that there would be divine hall hidden at the bottom of Fragrance River. This is unbelievable,” Jian Chen murmured to himself as he stared at the divine hall in the air. Afterward, he charged toward it with You Yue in his arms while Hei Yu and Hong Lian followed close behind.

Quan Youcai stared at the divine hall in interest, as he said with marvel, “Looks like it’s really true that there can never be anything too strange. I never thought that a house could fly and even fly so high. This sure has broadened my horizons today. Yang Ling, let’s go up there and have a look,” Quan Youcai and Yang Ling did not fall behind either, and they tailed Jian Chen into the sky.

There were quite a few Heaven Saint Masters on the banks of the river. As such, even more Heaven Saint Masters took to the air as soon as Quan Youcai and Yang Ling followed Jian Chen. They used the energy of the world to levitate and created colorful lights that flickered in the sky. The sight was enchanting.

Jian Chen arrived at the same alt.i.tude as the divine hall with You Yue. The two of them stared fixedly at it. The four words ‘Bright Moon Divine Hall’ hung on a great big board above the main entrance.

The appearance of the divine hall had raised quite a large commotion. Figures constantly flickered through the surroundings and Saint Rulers had already arrived at the main entrance. There were a few Saint Rulers from the union and the Zaar family besides the ancestors of the eight clans. The faces of all the Saint Rulers from the eight clans were pale and haggard. Clearly, they still had not fully recovered from their self-mutilation earlier in the day.

“The Bright Moon Divine Hall. I never thought that it would actually be the Bright Moon Divine Hall,” a cry rang out from nearby. An old man in simple robes stared at the bright divine hall as all the people from the Radiant Saint Master Union gathered behind him. To no surprise, the president and grand elder were present as well.

When Jian Chen saw the old man, his eyes froze. He could not help but think back to the old man cleaning furniture. Jian Chen had initially met this man in the Radiant Saint Tower.

At that time, the old man was still a mysterious expert that Jian Chen could not see through, but now, Jian Chen could clearly see the old man’s strength. He was a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King that had just broken through.

The president sighed deeply and said, “It’s recorded that fifty thousand years ago, fairy Hao Yue was possibly the most beautiful person in the world. She also possessed unprecedented, exceptional talent. She used just two thousand years to reach the peak of Saint Emperor and was only a paper-thin margin away from surpa.s.sing Saint Emperor, but it is a pity. She failed to overcome this margin and was stuck there for over seven thousand years. In the end, she still failed to escape the limits of life and pa.s.sed away in meditation helplessly and regretfully.”

TL note: It’s a cultural thing to refer to beautiful and powerful female cultivators as 仙子. It’s really just a female way to say the gender-neutral immortal, except Hao Yue here isn’t really immortal because she pa.s.sed away. This is why I stuck with fairy, albeit a translation I dislike. Also, ‘Hao Yue’ means bright moon, so the divine hall actually has the same name as the person. I used an english translation for the divine hall since it’s more like a t.i.tle, while the Hao Yue in ‘fairy Hao Yue’ is likely to be her name.

“It’s said that the cultivation method fairy Hao Yue used was extremely wondrous. It used the essence of moonlight. When cultivating at night, the whole process of absorption is clearly visible. It’s a cultivation method that surpa.s.ses the Saint Tier, and anyone who uses it to cultivate will be able to improve at astonishing speeds,” added the grand elder.

“It’s indeed mentioned in the records like that, but it’s a pity that only females can use the cultivation method,” said the president.

With that, Jian Chen’s eyes immediately lit up. He seemed to beam slightly.

At that moment, the surrounding s.p.a.ce began to ripple violently. s.p.a.ce Gates appeared one after another as Saint Kings stepped out with tremendous presences. They all stared at the divine hall, gasping uncontrollably.

Jian Chen glances over all the Saint Kings, and he saw the people of the ten protector clans. Included was an expert from the Pure Heart Pavilion and one from the Changyang clan. However, Jian Chen did not know the name of the Changyang clan expert even though he had seen him before.

“I never thought that it would be the Bright Moon Divine Hall of the famed fairy Hao Yue from fifty thousand years ago. It’s said that the divine hall was built from some wondrous crystals from the moon and that the fairy spent a thousand years traversing to and fro collecting them. Not only is the divine hall extremely tough, it possesses Moonlight Force,” said a knowledgeable expert from the ten protector clans as they marveled in wonder.

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