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Chapter 1032: Fighting Zaar Caiyun (Two)

Jian Chen’s gaze suddenly turned into a glare. Although Zaar Caiyun’s strike did not come with an earth-shaking disturbance, it caused Jian Chen’s cautiousness to greatly increase. He felt deeply threatened. Her strength had far exceeded his own.

“Let me deal with her!” Jian Chen called out to stop Rui Jin and the others. The battle intent from him became even more powerful, and accompanying it was a surging sword Qi. Zaar Caiyun was very strong, but she was not invincible.

Strands of Chaotic Force poured from Jian Chen’s dantian. They filled up every corner of his body in an instant, pushing his Chaotic Body to its limits.

Every strand of Chaotic Force was condensed from vast quant.i.ties of energy, especially since Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body was at the third heavenly layer. A strand of it was equivalent to all the energy someone who had just stepped into Saint King could condense, which was why Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force was used up extremely slowly when he fought. If he used it to boost his body’s defense, the consumption speed would be almost negligible.

The Emperor Armament in Jian Chen’s hand began to gently tremble, and with a gentle sword resonance, it struck out with an aura of destruction. He sent it up to receive Zaar Caiyun’s sword without any fear.

“Jian Chen, your opponent is at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer and is about to enter the ninth. Be extra careful.” Rui Jin’s voice suddenly rang in Jian Chen’s head. He had seen through Zaar Caiyun’s strength with a single glance, which was why he warned Jian Chen.

Jian Chen became even sterner. With the Emperor Armament, he could only display the strength of a peak Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King, which was a whole level of cultivation weaker than Zaar Caiyun.

The two of them clashed several times with lightning speed. Their collisions were extremely intense, and the activity they created was impressive. Every time their swords came into contact, it was like the collision of worlds, producing great booms and annihilating the s.p.a.ce of the surroundings. Violent energy and fragmented sword Qi would scatter in all directions, forcing all the Saint Rulers to continuously retreat to avoid being caught up in the battle.

The City of G.o.d was one of the seven capitals of the continent. It had existed for countless years and had experienced battles in the ancient times. However, it still existed, naturally due to its defense. At this moment, a tremendous barrier appeared in the sky above the city, blocking the sword Qi and residual energy that splayed out from the battle. Its defense was nowhere on par to the one at Mercenary City, but Jian Chen and Zaar Caiyun’s attacks were unable to shake it.

At this moment, all the streets and alleys regardless of size were swarming with people. Crowds of people had even gathered on top of various structures, almost causing some roofs to cave in. All the people in the City of G.o.d stood with their heads raised to the sky as they unblinkingly observed the rare battle between shocking experts. Coupled with that was the ceaseless sound of discussions.

Jian Chen quickly retreated, slightly falling into a disadvantage. Even though Zaar Caiyun possessed the slender physique of a female, each strike from her possessed a great might, enough to destroy the surroundings.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian stared unblinkingly at Jian Chen. They were ready to interfere at any moment. Jian Chen was their only hope for them to reunite with their clansmen, so they viewed his life with more importance than anything else.

Meanwhile, there was a quaint little wooden hut that stood on a mountain peak in an ancient mountain range several tens of thousand kilometers away from the city. Its wooden boards creaked as they were buffeted by the violent wind, as if the structure would collapse at any moment.

A valiant-looking, white-robe, middle-aged man sat in the hut with his eyes closed as he cultivated. He was like an old monk, able to sit there without moving for long periods of time.

Suddenly, the man’s eyes snapped open. A visible light, shot out from his eyes, causing the s.p.a.ce that he stared at before him to gently tremble.

The man’s eyes were extremely bright as he stared in the direction of the City of G.o.d in interest. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly and softly murmured, “There’s actually a fight in City of G.o.d. One of them is Caiyun’s presence. Just what is going on?”

The middle-aged man was the same person who had ventured to the continent of the Hundred Races to fight a Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beast as well as the one who had obtained the magical beast’s blood to cure the grand elder of the Radiant Saint Master Union. He was Hao Wu.

Hao Wu sat on his wooden bed with a frown as the light in his eyes flickered. He was hesitating, struggling to come to a decision. He mumbled, “Do I go there and see or not?”

After hesitating some more, he finally made up his mind, “Whatever, I just need to look while hiding from afar to see just what is happening.” With that, Hao Wu disappeared. He made his way to the City of G.o.d silently at an unbelievable speed.

Jian Chen and Zaar Caiyun’s battle constantly moved away from the City of G.o.d, leaving it very soon. They arrived in a desolate mountain range a hundred kilometers away and continued to fight intensely there.

“Jian Chen, you’re not my opponent. If you agree to spare Bi Jian, we can stop right now. How about that?” Zaar Caiyun coldly said.

“I am naturally not your opponent in terms of strength, but that’s not necessarily the case with swordsmanship. I will be claiming Bi Jian’s life. There is no room for negotiating that,” Jian Chen refused without any hesitation. It was impossible for him to spare Bi Jian.

Jian Chen’s arm shook violently with that. The Emperor Armament became countless blurs that packed the s.p.a.ce before him, quickly enveloping Zaar Caiyun. It was impossible to distinguish between illusion and reality with the blurs, so each blur seemed to be real. They all seemed to possess great power. This was all due to Jian Chen reaching the limits of speed.

At the same time, Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash. He moved around Zaar Caiyun like a ghost, striking out faster and faster. Each attack possessed his full strength, equivalent to the full-powered attack from a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King.

Zaar Caiyun fused with the surrounding s.p.a.ce as she calmly dodged Jian Chen’s attacks. She did not use her eyes to keep track of the sword blurs, and instead she completely relied on her senses to strike out. She just happened to block the sword blurs with every strike. She coldly said, “If that’s the case, do not blame me for not showing mercy.”

A vast energy surged from Zaar Caiyun, causing the surrounding s.p.a.ce to twist. Zaar Caiyun raised her sword to the sky, and it immediately exploded with a dense azure light. Terrifying energy collapsed the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

“Scattered Flowers of a Heavenly Maiden!” Zaar Caiyun cried out. The terrifying energy around her sword immediately exploded, turning into extremely dense sword Qi that scattered in all directions. Each sword Qi was no weaker than a casual strike from an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

Jian Chen’s expression slightly changed. He retreated quickly with the Illusory Flash, using his Emperor Armament to block the storm-like attacks of sword Qi. The powerful force from each block would shake his arm to the point where it became numb.

“Freeze, s.p.a.ce!” A glimmer of light flickered through Zaar Caiyun’s eyes. She pointed at Jian Chen with her left hand and the s.p.a.ce there immediately froze, trapping and immobilizing Jian Chen.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt… 

With his body restrained, more than ten powerful sword Qis immediately pa.s.sed through Jian Chen’s body, forming the same amount of finger-sized holes. Blood immediately began to run out of the wounds.

Jian Chen roared at the sky. Chaotic Force immediately erupted from his body, and the Emperor Armament began to shine brighter with dark light. A supreme force broke through the s.p.a.ce, allowing him to recover his freedom.

However, at this moment, Zaar Caiyun had soundlessly arrived before him. Her sword radiated a dazzling azure light as it mercilessly stabbed towards Jian Chen’s throat.

A sword intent countless times more pure than before began to radiate from Jian Chen at this moment. The wind and clouds immediately began to surge with its appearance, changing the weather. The surrounding air lost its usual peace under the influence of this sword intent, becoming extremely sharp, like it was filled with invisible swords.

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