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Chapter 1030: Zaar Caiyun

Floating above the City of G.o.d, Jian Chen glanced past the slightly-familiar city. He could not help but think back to all the things that had happened when he was last here, revealing a sliver of reminiscence.

“Eight clans of the City of G.o.d, the Zaar family, I, Jian Chen, have returned. Back then, you sent all those experts to attack me, almost claiming my life. Today, I will look down on your city,” Jian Chen said with a deep voice. His eyes became icy as he spoke, and a tremendous presence began to radiate from him. It enveloped the entire city, and within it was his undisguised battle intent.

Many years ago, Jian Chen still needed to move around the City of G.o.d cautiously despite his extraordinary strength. There were many experts he could not afford to offend, but today, he could move brazenly about the city, publically challenging the authority of a capital of the continent.

Jian Chen’s presence alarmed all the people in the city. Everyone could feel it clearly, regardless of their strength, and those weaker felt like a huge boulder pressed down on their chests. They struggled to even breathe.

“What a great presence. Who is the owner of this presence? Are they challenging the city…” Various voices rang out around the city, while the empty streets became filled with people very quickly. In a moment, everyone surged out of their houses, and some people even looked at the sky as they stood on their roofs.

All the ancestors of the eight clans opened their eyes at the same time and stared outside in shock from their places of seclusion. Without the slightest hesitation, they stopped their cultivation and rose up, heading over with their greatest speed.

The president of the Radiant Saint Master Union sat on his bed in a luxurious room at the highest, most central part of the castle-like union.

Suddenly, he snapped his eyes open when the great presence surged in from outside. He immediately glanced in the direction of the presence through the window and furrowed his eyebrows. He mumbled with a deep voice, “What powerful presence. The owner must be at least a Saint King, and there's a great battle intent sandwiched in between. The battle intent’s so great that very few people can be in possession of it even with the whole continent in perspective. Odd, who is this person? He’s clearly challenging the Zaar family by releasing his battle intent so recklessly, but I don’t seem to remember the Zaar family offending such a great expert before.” Doubt filled his mind.

At this moment, the door was pushed open. The grand elder of the union sternly walked in from outside and began speaking as soon as he came in, “The person must have come to find trouble with the Zaar family. They’re not weak. President, we might as well go and have a look. Let’s hope they heavily injure the Zaar family and reduce the pressure the union is facing.”

The president closely sensed the presence and seemed to be in deep thought. A sliver of suspicion gradually appeared on his face, “Weird. Grand elder, why do I feel that this presence is somewhat familiar, as if I have met this person somewhere before, but out of all the impressions of Saint Kings I’ve come in contact with, there doesn’t seem to be someone who matches up to this presence. It really is odd. Just who is this person?”

The grand elder’s expression changed with that. A sliver of curiosity appeared on his face as he said, “Since you’ve mentioned it, I also feel somewhat familiar with this presence, but I can’t think of who it is. President, since we can’t tell who it is, why don’t we go together to see just who this person is?”

Afterwards, the president and grand elder left the union together with multiple Saint Rulers. They shot off in the direction of the presence with lightning-like speed.

An extremely ordinary-looking old man carefully wiped the tables and the single bookshelf in the Radiant Saint Tower of the union. Suddenly, the old man paused and a gleam of light immediately exploded in his eyes. He mumbled, “Looks like the City of G.o.d is going to get lively again. I wonder which expert the Zaar family has offended.” With that, the old man disappeared. He had turned into a faint blur, leaving the tower with lightning speed as he flew to the presence.

Jian Chen and the others floated silently several thousand meters in the air above the Zaar family. Soon afterwards, several tremendous presences appeared in the surroundings. They traveled extremely quick, arriving around Jian Chen in just a few seconds. They surrounded him a hundred meters away.

The Saint Rulers were the ancestors of the eight clans. They were all stern, staring at Jian Chen in caution. None of them dared to create a disturbance, as they could all tell that the young man before them was a Saint King from his presence alone. They could not afford to provoke him.

“May I inquire of the senior’s great name and exactly what has caused a misunderstanding with our City of G.o.d for senior to be so angry?” An ancestor clasped his hands at Jian Chen as he asked with an extremely polite tone.

Jian Chen coldly gazed past the ancestors of the eight clans. His gaze became extremely sharp, like a drawn sword. Wherever he gazed past, the people would feel like they were being stabbed, feeling a vague pain. His gaze caused them to shiver despite the warmth.

“Senior? Hahahaha, I never thought that I’d become a senior to you. People of the eight clans, have you really forgotten so quickly?  Why don’t you open up your eyes and carefully look at who I am?” Jian Chen laughed. His tone was mocking.

With that, all the Saint Rulers began to examine Jian Chen. Very soon, one of them recognized him. His expression suddenly changed, becoming overwhelmed by disbelief. He cried out, “Y- you’re Yang Yutian. You’re Jian Chen.”

The other Saint Rulers’ expressions all changed as well when they heard Jian Chen’s name. Shock filled all of their eyes. They would have never connected this Saint King with a tremendous presence to that young man who had almost died in the City of G.o.d all those years ago.

The ancestors all thought of something else other than this, which was the protector Changyang clan that supported Jian Chen. He was a member of the Changyang protector clan, so his status was incomparable to them.

At this moment, two streaks of white light tore through the air. They quickly flew over. It was the president and grand elder, arriving on clouds completely condensed from Radiant Saint Force with several experts following them.

“Yang Yutian! You’re Yang Yutian!” The president and grand elder both cried out when the recognized Jian Chen with a single glance. In that moment, they could no longer maintain their normal composure, both became shocked.

They would never have believed that the person with such a tremendous presence was the most outstanding genius in the history of the union, Yang Yutian.

Jian Chen also discovered the president and grand elder when they arrived. His gaze immediately became rather mixed with emotions, but he dismissed them very quickly. Right now was not the time for them to catch up.

“Jian Chen, have you come to my City of G.o.d to take revenge for what happened all those years ago?” A cold female voice rang out in the sky. As it reached the end, a middle-aged woman in a purple dress silently appeared in the air, standing far opposite of Jian Chen.

“We greet senior!” All the ancestors of the eight clans bowed when they saw this woman. Their faces became filled with respect.

The woman was the ancestor of the Zaar family, Zaar Caiyun. She ignored the greetings of the eight clans and stared fixedly at Jian Chen’s group. When her gaze landed on Rui Jin and Hei Yu who stood behind Jian Chen, she immediately became extremely stern.

“You must be the ancestor of the Zaar clan. You wanted to take the Winged Tiger G.o.d from me back then and even wanted to kill me. Do you still remember?” Jian Chen coldly stared at Zaar Caiyun.

Zaar Caiyun could not help but think back to what had happened before. Her gaze towards Jian Chen became rather mixed, and she gently sighed, “Jain Chen, I never thought you’d become so powerful after just a few years. However, I had no choice in the matter before. The Winged Tiger G.o.d was on you, and the Beast G.o.d Continent wanted to invade the Tian Yuan Continent because of the Winged Tiger G.o.d. We could only try to give the Beast G.o.d Continent the Winged Tiger G.o.d to save the continent, or all life on it would have been wiped out for sure. Are you willing to see something like that happen?”

Jian Chen remained expressionless. He coldly said, “We can deal with our disagreements from years ago later. Ancestor of the Zaar family, I ask you, is the prince of the Felicity Empire, Bi Jian, with you?”

“Bi Jian is indeed with my Zaar family,” Zaar Caiyun gently replied. Her voice possessed no emotion.

“Hand over Bi Jian!” Jian Chen demanded.

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