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Chapter 1008: Death Hunt (Two)

Hei Yu’s expression immediately became extremely horrible. He had never thought that the two Saint Emperors from the Beast G.o.d Continent would enter the Tian Yuan Continent once again and directly arrive before them.

Hei Yu knew that they had come with ill intentions, so he did not hesitate and immediately contacted Rui Jin with a secret technique. Otherwise, It was impossible for him to deal with the two Saint Emperors from the Beast G.o.d Continent.

Jian Chen’s expression also drastically changed when he saw the two Saint Emperors from the Beast G.o.d Continent and the path lord of carnal desires. However, he reacted relatively quickly and simultaneously let out the saint artifact into his palm and the Octoterra Divine Hall from his s.p.a.ce Ring. He made the divine hall expand quickly.

“Don’t resist, I’ll send you all into the artifact s.p.a.ce,” Jian Chen growled. He sent You Yue, the white tiger, and Rum Guinness into the saint artifact as fast as he could. Then, he disappeared into the divine hall.

A tremendous energy rippled from Hei Yu, and an azure suit of armor appeared on him. A machete that glowed with a silver light had also appeared in his right hand as it radiated with a terrifying pressure. These were the items he relied on the most to fend off Saint Emperors as a Saint King at Great Perfection.

The peng king recognized the tiger emperor and Kaiser at first glance. He immediately became surprised, and he dropped to one knee, “I greet the esteemed Kaiser and your majesty the tiger emperor!”

“We greet the esteemed Kaiser and your majesty the tiger emperor.” All the elders dropped to one knee as well.

Kaiser and the tiger emperor did not even look at them and directly ignored them. They glared at Jian Chen, who had fled into the divine hall.

“First, you ignore the rules of the Gilligan clan and trespa.s.s the depths of the Cross Mountains. Then, you kill experts of my race. You cannot be forgiven, Jian Chen. I’d like to see where you flee off to this time. Don’t think that hiding in that wretched divine hall can keep you safe. I’ll break through your divine hall right now,” growled Lankyros, before he struck the air with his palm.

The energy of the world immediately began to gather at an unbelievable speed with the tiger king’s strike, before it formed a huge palm a hundred meters in length. It whistled out and targeted the Octoterra Divine Hall with a devastating might.

Hei Yu appeared before the divine hall with a flash.  The origin energy armor covered his body with a hazy layer of azure light. At the same time, a sharp blade of light that was several dozen meters in length, shot out from his machete. It struck the tiger king’s palm strike.

Hei Yu’s attack was in no way weaker than a strike from a Saint Emperor, because it had originated from a weapon with origin energy.

The terrifying blade of light struck the palm and produced a deafening boom. Terrifying ripples of energy directly wreaked havoc in the surroundings. The surrounding s.p.a.ce collapsed and turned it into darkness.

Even the sun darkened slightly from the collision of their attacks.

The entire mountain range shook violently. A large region of the range collapsed, and the terrifying residual energy knocked all the elders of the Gilligan clan flying. They could not resist at all and vomited blood. They were just too close to the energy collision, so even with their strengths as Saint Kings, they were still injured by the residual energy.

The peng king became extremely stern. He transformed into a faint blur and fled far away with unbelievable speed before the residual energy could get to him. He appeared several dozen kilometers away in the blink of an eye.

The energy also knocked the Octoterra Divine Hall far away as it floated in the sky. It constantly trembled and shook as it flew, clearly affected by the energy as well.

Jian Chen sat on the top floor of the divine hall as he poured all his strength into controlling it. He borrowed the knockback force to flee toward the outer boundaries of the Cross Mountains as fast as he could.

The Cross Mountains were very close to Mercenary City. The distance that separated them were less than two hundred thousand kilometers. He needed to hurry there as fast as he could to save his own life, as he could already tell that the path lord of carnal desires was working with the two other experts. Even if Rui Jin was by his side, he would not be able to repel three Saint Emperors.

“I’ll keep him busy. You go hunt down Jian Chen,” growled Lankyros as he continued his fight with Hei Yu. He kept Hei Yu busy so that he could not protect Jian Chen at all.

Kaiser and the path lord did not respond and just chased the divine hall silently. Kaiser directly hurled a punch at the hall.

Boom! Kaiser’s punch knocked the huge divine hall far away, and it shook violently all over. A tiny crack had appeared where Kaiser’s punch had landed, and it constantly expanded. It covered a quarter of the entire hall like a spider’s web.

Jian Chen’s expression took a change for the worse, as he controlled the divine hall on the very top layer. Kaiser’s strength had completely exceeded his imaginations. He had never thought that just a single attack could damage the divine hall to such an extent.

Kaiser sneered, “This is a very tough divine hall. I wonder how many punches it can withstand from me,” as he spoke, Kaiser heavily punched the divine hall once more.

The cracks constantly expanded and widened; they almost covered half of the hall now.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth, as he controlled the divine hall. He had no power to resist Saint Emperors. All he could do was hurry to Mercenary City as fast as possible.

“Jian Chen, you can’t run away this time. It’ll be pointless even if that dragon returns,” Kaiser icily said, and he punched the divine hall once more. It caused the cracks to become even denser.

As his fourth punch landed, cracks had covered every inch of the divine hall.

Boom! With the fifth punch, the entrance to the divine hall directly shattered. It completely disintegrated and had destroyed a large part of the structure.

The sixth punch destroyed half of the structure. The majestic divine hall had now fallen into ruins.

“This is the last punch, Jian Chen. I’d like to see if your divine hall can withstand my seventh punch,” Kaiser coldly said before he struck out.

This punch was clearly much more powerful than the rest. As it flew out, it directly ripped through whatever it pa.s.sed. It was strong enough to destroy the surroundings completely.

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