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It was clear that the scenes she saw affected her mind, thereby making it easy for her to be discovered.

What came next made Dong Miaomiao feel even more horrified.

A human body that could easily catch up with her electric bike and was even able to transform.

At that thought, she could not help but take a look at Ye Lingchen. Compared with the two beings' transformation, Ye Lingchen was even more terrifying, especially that so-called Ultimate Single-Handed Clap skill.

“So, it seems these two people are the product of Amaterasu Genetics.” Li Jing inhaled sharply and had a look for horror in his eyes. It was maddening.

“Altering genes, combining human and animal genes. This is scary,” Ali remarked as well. “Companies like this cannot continue to exist!”

“The head office of Amaterasu Genetics is in the Sun Nation. The one here is just a branch, but their research is even more ruthless!” Dong Miaomiao took a deep breath, then continued, “They're using people from our country to do research!”


Li Jing immediately punched the tree beside him, leaving behind a deep fist mark. He said coldly, “b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! I'll kill them!”

A cold light flashed in Ye Lingchen's eyes.

The thoughts that pa.s.sed through his mind were far more than the other three because he recalled his earlier arrest of the human trafficking team as well as his role in helping Xu Nan discover the secret warehouse. The warehouse stored a lot of blood, along with numerous informative materials and scientific research reports.

All three aspects showed similarities, to some extent.

The children abducted by those human traffickers were probably bought by Amaterasu Genetics, and the large part of the blood in that warehouse was provided to Amaterasu Genetics for research!

Such companies would take lives for as long as it remained in existence. The consequences would be similarly incalculable as well.

“But… The people created by this kind of genetics company are truly abnormal!” Li Jing could not help but sigh as he looked at the appearance of Number Four and Number Six.

“Number Four was a combination of dog genes while Number Six was ​​a fusion with cat genes,” Ye Lingchen remarked faintly and his eyes lit up slightly. “Hehe, it appears that I've underestimated Amaterasu Genetics. I didn't expect them to research this to such an extent. No wonder they were so eager to buy the giant python's meat!” ”

One could easily imagine how frightening Amaterasu Genetics' creations would be once they integrated the python gene into a human.

“This must be a genetically-modified soldier.” Ali's complexion changed drastically. “Their ruthless ambition is inhumane!”

“These two people are more than just genetically-modified soldiers.” Ye Lingchen shook his head and said curtly, “They were definitely martial artists before they underwent this change. It's only martial artists that are barely able to withstand the power of genes. Adding genetic abilities to a martial artist will make their strength skyrocket! However, the research done by Amaterasu Genetics would surely have been on the backbone of countless lost lives!”

Those two martial artists were not considered to be inner force martial artists, but their combat effectiveness was even stronger than ordinary inner force martial artists. The consequences would be devastating if Amaterasu Genetics were allowed to continue their research!

“I don't care about other countries, but…I can't turn a blind eye when it involves our China!”

Ye Lingchen glanced at Number Four and Number Six indifferently and stopped talking.

Hill Spring Residences, by the lake behind the mountain.

Ye Lingchen whistled at the calm lake. The next moment, a huge wave appeared from the tranquil surface of the lake and the water gradually bulged like a hill.

When the water receded, Old Tortoise's figure was revealed.


The instant it saw Ye Lingchen, it immediately cooed softly as if it were blowing kisses.

Ye Lingchen was already accustomed to it, but the few people around him were unable to remain calm. Li Jing and Ali immediately stiffened and were so scared that they did not dare to breathe. Dong Miaomiao was better because she had seen Old Tortoise before, but its sudden appearance startled her slightly and she had to breathe slowly.

Beasts like that would always strike fear in a person's heart, no matter how many times one saw it.

“Goodness me, Young Master Ye. Is this Old Tortoise? It's…it's too amazing.” Li Jing gulped hard. He had also watched the episodes of Life's Struggles and came to know about Old Tortoise's existence. Be that as it may, it was an entirely different concept from seeing it on television and seeing it in front of his own eyes. It instilled in him a feeling of amazement toward the power of nature.

“OH MY G.o.d!” Ali knelt immediately and did so very sincerely. He muttered words and began praying on the spot, “I'm guilty, G.o.d, I repent! Please forgive my ignorance. My handsomeness has hurt too many naïve girls and my perfect body has blinded the sight of countless people. I'm guilty—”

“Your prayer is utterly useless.” Li Jing could not resist glancing at him with contempt.


“First of all, your prayer is a lie!”

“Nonsense! If you can't see my handsomeness, it just means that you lack a pair of eyes to discover beauty!” Ali argued with conviction.

“Okay, don't make trouble. We have urgent matters to deal with.” Ye Lingchen had no time to entertain their tomfoolery. He shook his head and said, “It's not convenient here. Everyone, climb on Old Tortoise's back. Let's head to the mountain opposite the lake!”

“Climb…on its back?”

Dong Miaomiao cowered in fear but eventually exerted a tremendous effort to climb up Old Tortoise's back.

The four people and two half-beast humans floated to the other side of the lake together. The whole process was very smooth and there was no turbulence. Old Tortoise's speed inside water was very fast, and along with a burst of waves, it left everyone feeling relieved.

It was much more comfortable than taking a boat.

“Young Master Ye, if you use Old Tortoise to film a movie, the effects are definitely going to be awesome. It'll also save the cost of video editing. This is a strong tool for showing off,” Li Jing could not help but point out.

“We'll talk about this some other time.” Ye Lingchen smiled, glanced at the two unconscious beings, and said curtly, “Wake them up and toss them down. I have something to ask them.”


Li Jing and Ali immediately became energetic. They had long been displeased with those two people, and after an eager look flashed in their eyes, they submerged the heads of those unconscious people in the water without so much as any warning!

Young Master Ye said to wake them up, but he did not mention what methods were to be used. Therefore, it was no surprise that they resorted to violence.

Blub, blub, blub!

Bubbles soon appeared and then the two began struggling violently.

A full five minutes pa.s.sed before Li Jing and Ali brought them up.

The two of them came out of the water miserably and panted heavily. Before they could say a single word, they turned their heads and immediately saw the giant tortoise's head. They did not even manage to catch a breath before fainting a second time…

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