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“Hehe, it's far too rash to give the other party so much authority and drag Vatti along in his game of chance.”

Since someone had taken the lead, everyone expressed their opinions one-by-one. For a brief moment, no one felt optimistic about Ma Ding's chances.

“You're too naïve, Little Brother.” Ma Ke could not resist sneering. “You've said plenty, and everything is spot on. Vatti does need improvement, but how could you possibly trust an outsider? We can't afford to take any chances during the cusp of such turmoil and we can't afford to lose!”

Ma Ding opened his mouth but said nothing.

Chairman Ma made a final decision and proclaimed, “Since no one agrees, then this will be the end of the matter. Vatti needs to get back on track quickly!”

Ma Ding trembled slightly, then clenched his fists, and finally said, “I think this is a really good opportunity. I want to try it!”

“Your judgment is clouded!” Chairman Ma roared sharply.

The others could not help but shake their heads and look at Ma Ding. The kid's lunacy had reached the point of no return.

He thought too simply of luxury goods.

The corner of Ma Ke's mouth curled slightly. His little brother was silly and adorable. It was surely impossible for Vatti to a.s.sign important tasks to him after what happened. Did he really think that Vatti could be developed?

“The meeting is over. Ma Ding's management position…is temporarily suspended!” Chairman Ma gave Ma Ding a deep look and finally said.

Ma Ding gritted his teeth. His eyes were rife with reluctance and bitterness. It was only one step away. He believed in Ye Lingchen's design and the bag stood a high chance of pa.s.sing the luxury goods appraisal. 'It's only one step away! Why don't they just believe in me?'


At that point, Ma Ding's mobile phone vibrated suddenly. When he looked at the ID, he could not help but c.o.c.k his brow, as it was a strange number.

“Hi, h.e.l.lo.”

“h.e.l.lo, are you Mr. Ma Ding?” There was a female voice over the phone with a hint of a foreign accent. The caller was obviously not Chinese.

“Speaking.” Ma Ding's mood was a little down in the dumps.

“h.e.l.lo Mr. Ma, I'm an Englishman working at China's luxury item appraisal center. We've just seen the bags provided by you and I think it's fully qualified to be included in the ranks of luxury goods for our country. I'd like to follow up with you about the cooperation,” the person spoke in a very polite tone over the phone.

In an instant, everyone who was preparing to leave halted their footsteps. Their bodies shook and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Luxury appraisal…pa.s.sed?!

Chairman Ma's head exploded with a bang and went blank for an instant. He turned his head and stared at Ma Ding.

“Sorry, the production of bags may be stopped.”

However, Ma Ding's words made everyone's heart beat faster. They covered their mouths with their hands and were on the verge of screaming.

They felt that their brains were not working and the world must have gone crazy.

Dreaming! They must be dreaming.

“You unfilial son! What nonsense are you talking about?!”

Chairman Ma even screamed and the blue veins on his forehead popped out. He rushed over and shouted into the phone, “It was just a joke. We'll cooperate! We'll cooperate! ”

Then, he continued staring at Ma Ding in a pleading manner. His eyes were filled with fervent emotion and he whispered, “Ding'er, you're such a good son. Dad made a mistake. We'll cooperate, we'll cooperate…”

The others' eyes also lit up as they looked at Ma Ding. They leaned over one after another and their breathing became rapid.

Ma Ding smiled slightly. The depression in his heart was all swept away and he immediately felt the feeling of suddenly breaking free of all troubles. As expected, Grandmaster Ye did not let him down.

“h.e.l.lo, of course we can cooperate.”

“That's great then. We looked at the price you've set. A single bag is forty thousand yuan, while the full set is eighty thousand yuan. The price is higher compared to most. We'd like to purchase them on a large scale. How much can you provide?”

40,000 per bag? 80,000 per set? Ma.s.s production?

Every word coming out from the phone gave everyone the urge to scream toward the sky. It was too shocking, too amazing, and too exciting!

RMB40,000 per bag was inconceivable for Vatti. Vatti's most expensive item every year was the limited-edition new season suits, which sold for RMB20,000. Meanwhile, the most expensive bag they produced was only worth RMB8,800!

One suit worth RMB40,000, and one set worth RMB80,000. The other party's tone seemed to feel that it was cheap, which was almost…like a dream.

That was luxury!

Gold! Vatti struck gold!

Many people's eye sockets uncontrollably became wet and they secretly wiped away their tears.

Ma Ding's heart was equally excited, but he remained calm on the surface and said indifferently, “Pardon me, but our products are limited because we still have to cooperate with other countries. We can only provide you a very limited number, but since you're the first to request cooperation, we can give you a hundred bags and forty sets.”

That was what Grandmaster Ye taught him. When dealing with foreigners, they would pay more attention to you if you are colder toward them. Why must the Chinese have to shine foreigners' shoes? In short, one must always remember that China was awesome!

“Is that all you can provide? Mr. Ma, we're willing to do the marketing for your products in England. Is it possible to provide more?” the person on the other end opened up and hinted that the quant.i.ty was not enough.

They would actually help with marketing!

Chairman Ma's eyes turned green. He wanted nothing more than to grab the phone from Ma Ding's hand and agree.

“Our apologies, but the material we use is special. There's only a limited number available for the world.” Ma Ding said in a tone that was neither overbearing nor subservient.

“Okay, it's settled then. We look forward to working with you!”

“Thank you, may our partnership bear fruit!”

After hanging up the call, Ma Ding looked at the people surrounding him and smiled. The pleasure of being pretentious came spontaneously and that was exactly how it felt to be in the position of power.

Chairman Ma constantly eyed the hung-up phone and said with sorrow, “Ding'er, why did you refuse? It's such a good opportunity, and no matter what the situation is, we should provide them as much as we can! This is England we're talking about!”

“Yes, I only gave them a hundred bags. It's too little.”

Being able to enter the luxury goods market in England was definitely a brilliant achievement.

“Rare goods will be treasured. Don't worry, they won't just be the only country. Others will come looking for us too, and instead of them choosing me, I'll be the one choosing them!” Ma Ding was very confident and he borrowed a quote or two from Ye Lingchen.

“It can't be that easy. It was a blessing from heaven to get England. What if other countries don't want to cooperate?”


The phone rang again before the person finished speaking…

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