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At most, they were frightened and had a lingering fear.

After that incident however, everyone aside from Xu Nan viewed Ye Lingchen differently. He was a ruthless person, but they were fortunate that he was their boss. After witnessing his superpowers, it was much more shocking than watching Superman in movies.

Ye Lingchen also took the time to a.s.sess his gains.

First of all, he received 820 million. It was a huge windfall, and his current funds had already exceeded one billion without even taking the company into consideration. If he counted the account funds from Wanrong Technology, it would have already reached more than 1.5 billion. He was obviously nearing his goal of buying an island.

Secondly, his position had also changed. It was very likely that he would directly be promoted to Lower-Cla.s.s Sentinel, thus giving him the qualification to buy his island. Most importantly, he would have some privileges in the future. Even if he did some shocking things like before, when push came to shove, there would always be people coming to his aid.

After all, powerful martial artists were also treasured in China.

From that perspective, it was rather wise for him to agree to join the Warrior's Department.

The next day.

There was a tall office building in the center of Capital. The three-dimensional and eye-catching name 'Vatti' stood high on the office building. Without a doubt, it was Vatti's headquarters.

Inside the headquarters was a conference room with many people in attendance. They all wore suits and leather shoes. Individuals of all different ages were present and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy. Their gazes were very imposing and they were clearly no ordinary people.

Sitting in the foremost seat was a middle-aged man. He had a little beard on his chin, Chinaman features, and an unrelenting toughness between his brows.

“All of you sitting here are Vatti's elite talents. I'm sure all of you know why I called you here. I've already read the summary of the fourth quarter's results. Is there anything you'd like to say?” the middle-aged man asked dignifiedly.

Vatti held four pre-arranged meetings every year which were held at the end of each quarter to summarize that quarter's results.

Each district naturally had to compare those results. The persons-in-charge of different districts were required to attend and report on the situation.

The words of the middle-aged man suppressed the atmosphere in the entire conference room. Everyone bowed their heads without speaking.

“Of the fifty-two districts, only eighteen districts saw a growth in sales. The others have all declined. Most importantly, they have also declined last quarter. What's the reason for this?” the middle-aged man pressed on.

Another round of silence ensued. Finally, someone bit the bullet and said, “Chairman Ma, the public consumption ideology is gradually changing. Their consumption level is becoming increasingly luxurious. Many people would rather look for an agent and spend a bit more money on an expensive one. They're reluctant to buy it from China.”

“Chairman Ma, many foreign brands are becoming stronger and more famous. In addition, they're marketing items in the affordable luxury range with a price similar to ours. It's really difficult to compete,” someone then added.

“Yes, many internationally renowned brands were originally very expensive, but now they've begun to expand their target audience and launched affordable luxury to the ma.s.ses, which can easily rake in a windfall.” Everyone felt helpless.

To put it bluntly, Vatti's influence and appeal were far inferior to those famous luxury brands.

Chairman Ma looked at everyone and could not help but feel slightly angry. “Other people are adapting and evolving. Why can't we do the same? Did I task you with managing a district or did I just let you sit idly? What use is any of you?!”

“Moreover, your performance has declined, but the performance of other districts has improved!”

Chairman Ma glanced around coldly. “From this gap alone, I can clearly see whether each of you worked hard!”

Chairman Ma's words left many people speechless.

Although those districts were under the Vatti banner, the persons-in-charge and management methods were all different. Even the designers were different. Each district was given full freedom, and such a model made it easy to compare and discern the disparity between districts. In such a manner, it was also conducive to compet.i.tive growth.

Seeing as everyone was silent, Chairman Ma continued, “This time, the district managed by Ma Ding is most worthy of admiration! Instead of declining, his performance increased by forty percent over the previous quarter! As for the rest of you, is there anything else you'd like to say?”

Chairman Ma's words elicited an abrupt change in everyone's expression. They all looked at Ma Ding incredulously.

They were not simply cooking up excuses earlier, and the situation that they spoke of really did exist. However, how was Ma Ding able to do that? It was simply impossible.

“Chairman Ma, this… It's almost impossible, right?” someone could not help but question.

“What do you mean? Are you suggesting that I'm biased toward my son?!” Chairman Ma's face suddenly sank and he asked coldly.

The man was immediately afraid to speak.

“Chairman Ma, is it possible for you to allow us a look at Ma Ding's performance chart?” someone asked. It was obvious that they found it hard to believe.

Chairman Ma snorted coldly and handed over the performance chart.

Everyone circulated them one-by-one and started exclaiming it one after another. Each of them had a look of surprise on their face because they realized that Ma Ding's best-selling products were very special. The company's design had been improved and the effect was very different.

“Jia Di's design standards have improved so much?” someone could not help but ask. The person then continued, “That doesn't seem right. It's not like he's Ma Ding's exclusive designer. Why would he help Ma Ding improve without reporting to the head office? ”

“Hehe, this design isn't made by Jia Di.”

At this moment, a snicker came. The speaker was a young man who looked a bit like Ma Ding but appeared more mature.

There were not many young people in the conference room.

His words immediately attracted everyone's attention, and even Chairman Ma frowned slightly and looked at him.

The young man smiled slightly and looked at Ma Ding, “Little Brother, aren't you planning to share about how you invited an expert to help?”

Ma Ding's expression did not change much and he merely said faintly, “I did get the help of an expert. In fact, the improvements in these designs were all made by that expert. ”

Everyone's complexion changed slightly and they looked at Ma Ding enviously. Their eyes flickered and a sudden thought occurred to them.

No wonder the sales soared. A master designer was present in addition to luck being a factor.

“However, I heard that you paid hard-earned money to please that expert.”

The young man glanced teasingly at Ma Ding and said, “You've set up a department especially for him. He's not only using the Vatti brand; he's also allowed to work outside of Vatti. The profit you make is split fifty-fifty with him, too. Little Brother, this decision of yours is really bold. As your elder brother, your resolution makes me feel ashamed and inferior!”

The audience went into an uproar after he made that statement…

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