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Feng Huan leaned against his doorframe. Remain unfeeling towards Zhao Fan's smeared face of tears, "How did you get into my place?" 

When he told Zhao Fan at the club that they were over. He changed all the locks and pa.s.scode that she was aware of.

"Hah! It wasn't that hard to guess." Zhao Fan laugh, she was done crying and wiped her face with his bedsheets. She didn't know if she was laughing for being too angry or out of sadness anymore. "If it's not the mute's birthday, then it's the month, date, and year you guys dated!" 

Feng Huan took that into his thoughts for a second. Did he really use those two dates for all his pa.s.scode? 

Zhao Fan gripped onto the edge of his bed. What? Did he not know he put those dates as his pa.s.scodes? Is he telling her he does it without even realizing it! 

Unable to hold herself back anymore, she burst out, lashing at him, "Why her all this time and not me?" 

"Do you really want to know?" Feng Huan arched an eyebrow, ready to tell her if she is prepared to hear it. 

Zhao Fan's loud and screaming voice was no longer in existence. Even her furious breathing quickly faded away, but her heart quickens many beats. It skipped a beat when Feng Huan was willing to answer her. She only asked out of anger, but did she really want to hear it? If she did, will he end the ties between them? 

"No..." Zhao Fan sullenly replied.

"Zhao Fan, we already ended things between us." Feng Huan threw out what was really between them out there.

"No, it's not we! Only you!" Zhao Fan shouted, then gulped down another scream, waiting to come out.

She saw a slight change of expression in Feng Huan. Impatience was what he showing. She almost forgot how he doesn't have time for anyone including her, if you are not Xiong Jingfei. She dug her nails into her palm to keep her anger under control.

Her voice made a turnaround, sweetly, she said, "Huan, let's not do this? Mm? You said that you will take responsibility for me. Did you forget?"

"I did not forget, nor did I promise to be responsible for you forever." Feng Huan walked up to Zhao Fan and grabbed her arm to force her to stand up. She sat on his bed long enough already. He didn't need to come back to his own room, smelling like her.

Feng Huan leaned in closer to her face and snarled, "Keep this in mind, Zhao Fan. For the sake of our families, never barge into my home uninvited, ever again!" 

Opening his door, he pushed Zhao Fan out of his condo. "Things between us are over, accept that." 

Then he closed the door on her. Zhao Fan couldn't process what just happened. Feng Huan was too scary for her fight back like she did earlier. Well, that's because she wasn't trying to fight Feng Huan, but Xiong Jingfei, who stood behind him.

"Feng Huan!" Zhao Fan screamed his name, but he did not magically show up in front of her like before. "Don't do this to me! I love you!"

Her scream echoed throughout the hallway floor. Though it disturbed no one. The entire floor belonged to Feng Huan only, so he didn't care how long she planned to scream his name. It doesn't bother him, and it won't bother anyone else either. 

"Open up! We need to talk!" Zhao Fan banged on his door with her fist until she tired herself out. She didn't have anything left to talk about, besides trying to convince him to take her back.

Behind a tall potted plant in the same hallway, Xiong Jingfei was sitting down on the ground and hid behind it. She couldn't escape that quickly even if she wanted to from Feng Huan. His legs and reaction were much faster than hers. So she took recovery first, but who knew Feng Huan will throw the viper out this quickly!

Unable to leave yet, Xiong Jingfei peeked up from behind the plant. Zhao Fan continued pounding like crazy on Feng Huan's door. 

'No! No! No! Yang Zheyan open the door!'

Xiong Jingfei clutched onto her purse, what did she just see? Was she pounding at a gate... And called out Yang Zheyan's name?

Impossible! Shaking her head, she turns her attention back to Zhao Fan. A part of her pity Zhao Fan, not getting the love she hoped.

Then again, Zhao Fan, weren't you the one who betrayed Feng Huan first? You left him and married someone else in front of him.

Xiong Jingfei immediately covers her mouth with her hands. What was she thinking of just now? Zhao Fan getting married in front of Feng Huan? How did she even know Zhao Fan betrayed Feng Huan, first?

Xiong Jingfei groaned, covering her head with her hands. The painful headache was returning, but it wasn't the only thing returning. Flashes of red fabrics, drums, gold coins, and a bride in a red dress getting down from her carriage appeared all at once. The bride tore down her red veil and screamed at the crowd.

'Who hit me!'

'Which one of you hit me! Me!'

Xiong Jingfei stared at the woman crying at Feng Huan's door. Zhao Fan, a bride? The bride was Zhao Fan! It had her face and voice! But the Zhao Fan screaming at Feng Huan's door is not married... She was never married!

She at a loss for what she just saw. Those memories flashing through her mind felt close. Yet, far away at the same time. 

First, she woke up remembering Feng Huan from her dream, and now flashes of Zhao Fan? 

Crazy! Xiong Jingfei convinced herself that she was just tired and feeling unwell. Having to encounter both of them together, probably, brought on weird thoughts.

She will leave and hope to never reencounter them after this! They don't even study in the same department as her. Their chances of encountering one another are very rare. Since she didn't know they go to the same University.

Xiong Jingfei took a quick glance down the hallway. She sighed and slumped back down. 

She can only leave once the viper gives up and leave!

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