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No. This is the best.

Mu Qian Chu immediately puled off his tie and dropped it on the side of the seat. The driver saw this scene from the rear view mirror and carefully asked, “Master, are you in a bad mood?”


“Drive to Ah Yue’s Villa.”

He was angry when she entangled him.

And she suddenly decide to stop, and that also made him inexplicably angry.

Mu Qian Chu felt confused. He reached for his forehead and breathed deeply. He looked forward but he continuously thought back to the image of Xiaonian getting further and further away.

His phone’s ring tone suddenly shook him from his reverie. As soon as he picked up the call Shi Yue’s soft voice came through with a hint of grievance.

“Did you not say that you’ll take me to a french restaurant> How come you are still not here? You are already 10 minutes late!”

Different from Shi Xiaonian, Ah Yue’s voice was melodious  and was naturally charming.

No man can resist such a voice.

When he heard his fiancé, Mu Qian Chu started to feel a little gloomy, “My dear, I’ll be there. Forgive me?”

“No, I cant forgive you.”

“Weren’t you looking at the sapphire set earring in France last time?” Mu Qian Chu coaxed her.


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“You bought those earring?” Shi Yue was pleasantly surprised, those earrings were worth 7 million.

More than just earrings, I bought the whole set.

 Mu Qian Chu looked at the decorated box and said, “Can you forgive my lateness now?”

“A set! I know you are the best to me! Then, I’m waiting.” Shi Yue sweetly hung up the phone and was no longer irritated.

Mu Qian Chu put down the mobile phone and opened the jewelry box, precious gems bloomed with brilliant colors. he does not like these exaggerated ornaments but Ah Yue likes them.

That is enough.

He likes to make Shi Yue happy. Those day when Shi Xiaonian tried following him, they made Shi Yue very sad but she never tried to make her give up her feelings and that made Mu Qian Chu like her even more.


Shi Xiaonian did not know how she got home, on her way Mu Qian Chu’s voice resonated in her ears with every single step she took.

“Xiaonian, although they completed the eye surgery, I still have to go through a brain surgery. They say that you could die. I hope that doesn't happen. But, I also heard some people say that in novels, in cases like this there would be amnesia. If I had amnesia what to do?”

“If I get amnesia, you must help me get back my memories no matter what. I can forget anyone but not you!”

It was one of their many silly conversations. Did not think that it would actually become true. How ridiculous. Their naïveté. Their decisions. And the time.

A person like that would, after a few years say that he wanted to be engaged to Shi Yue.

He told her to stop pestering her.


How funny.

She remembered him once saying to her, “Stop being annoying! What do you like about me? This face! Then I’ll disfigure it!”

Her lips trembled now thinking about it.

“Shi Yue is so sad to have a person like you! You are just an adopted daughter and yet you do this! Are you so short of men? Believe it or not, I can send you around?”

“If you  are really kidnapped, I’ll come by to pick up your corpse.”

“For a woman who wants to aim for her brother in law, what kind of emotion do you think I should have? Should I greet you with a smile?”

The tears streamed down her face. 

Giving up hope was a painful thing after all.


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