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The next morning-

Gong Ouyang elegantly b.u.t.toned the top b.u.t.tons of his shirt and picked up his coat from Feng De and did his cuff links. He heard the walk in closet door open and lifted his head to look at Xiaonian dressed in a purple knee length dress.

His eyebrows frowned in displeasure, “Change again. Don’t you have anything modest?”


Xiaonian was speechless. How was this her fault? These dresses were delivered by his staff and she absolutely had no hand in picking them. 

She already changed her dress thrice!

She looked at him a little sullenly. This man was born to infuriate her to death.

After a long silence in which Gong Ouyang finished dressing he glanced at Xiaonian still standing in her purple dress, her soft mouth slightly pouting.

“There’s no need for you to accompany me today. You can go around and look at the cruise” he said signaling Feng De to leave, “but change your dress. If I see you out in those dresses,” he narrowed his eyes in warning, “I’ll personally make sure to break your legs.”


Xiaonian rumpled her hair in frustration after Gong Ouyang left the room. She slammed the closet door as she went in and changed into a more comfortable casual skirt and a delicate lace blouse and went to slump on the big bed face down.

Her stomach knotted, not just with worry but great unease at the way Gong Ouyang was acting towards her. Was this a good thing? or a bad thing?

She pulled the quilt over her head and burrowed herself into the softness trying to understand what all this meant, and how this might impact her, and midst of thinking she felt drowsy and fell asleep in minutes.

It was past 2 by the time she slept yesterday and so she slept almost until afternoon waking up only when a maid knocked on her door with her lunch.

Xiaonian looked at the door in daze for a few seconds before she clumsily got out of the bed and opened the door for the maid.

She watched the pretty maid in her black and white uniform place her lunch on the table, “Is there anything else you would want Miss?” she asked politely.

Xiaonian shook her head dumbly and watched as the maid excused herself from the room.

Just a few years back, she was the one who was carried lunches to the guests on this cruise, and now in a weird twist of fate she was one of the guests. It was impossible to wrap her head around this bizarre set of events.

Scratching the tip of her nose in disconcert, she sat by the table and started her lunch. There was only one portion, so she a.s.sumed that Gong Ouyang was still on the upper floor talking business.

After her lunch, Xiaonian explored the apartment suite and sat down on the plush couch in the balcony looking at the sea. The afternoon sun lit the sea waters silver and they glimmer like million little diamonds as the waves bounced in tandem. 

Xiaonian sat there for more than an hour just gazing at the sea absentmindedly scribbling some lines and circles on some stationery she found in the living room.

After approximately two hours Xiaonian stretched other body and got up. She had been cooped out in this room since morning with nothing to do but doodle on the small notebook. If it was like this then she might as well go out and take a small walk.

When she stepped out of the suite, she made her way up to an area on the next floor which she knew would be less crowded. When she was working on this cruise, this was a spot that was isolated so a lot of people, who come here for business instead of pleasure, avoided the area. But that suited her perfectly now. 

Just like she remembered, the corridor was empty and perfect for a walk away from the eyes of others. As she ambled along and got closer to the isolated spot, she heard low voices of two people talking with each other.

Xiaonian slowed her pace down wondering if she should just turn back and head another way when she heard the female’s voice.

“Darling, the scenery here is so beautiful, unfortunately I did not bring a camera with me, such a waste.”

The female’s voice was slightly high pitched and spoilt as if she was flirting with the other person.

They were clearly a couple trying to have some romantic time. Thinking that, Xiaonian turned around and walked a few steps and stopped immediately in her steps when she heard the man talk.

“If Tang Yi wants, then I will make sure to buy you the best camera model out there,” the man replied in a slow teasing voice.

Tang Yi?

Did she hear that right?

Xiaonian’s heart sped up with excitement. Could she really be lucky?


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