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The Blood Dragon Thearch stood atop the gigantic blood dragon, like a sword immortal riding a dragon. On the mecha, Dao Patterns began to light up.

A terrifying atmosphere burst out instantly.

It was the first time Fang Yuan used his intrinsic quality as a Demon G.o.d to fully power this Thearch-grade mecha, immediately causing a horrifying effect.

"Immortal Sword Tactics!"

Two unmatched Sword Qi emerged, a Yin and a Yang crossing s.p.a.ce. Suddenly, they converged, and a frightening explosion followed.

"The Big Bang?!"

The Undead Immortals could not help but look sideways at this development.

All present were scientists and fully aware of the Big Bang theory. They had even simulated it on a photon computer.

Seeing the Thearch-grade mecha amplifying the Immortal Sword Tactics, they immediately made this a.s.sociation.


The violent explosion affected everything. No trace of any cosmic lifeforms nor human mechas could survive it.


The chaos continued expanding until it eventually spread to a Planet Destroyer.

This was the largest creature among the cosmic lifeforms. Its size was even comparable to that of some small planets, but its movements were extremely slow. Like a s.p.a.ce fortress, coupled with an astonishing recovery ability, even Undead Immortals could not do much to it.

This Planet Destroyer was. .h.i.t by the tail end of the explosion and screamed in agony. Unfortunately, it was too slow and was firmly swallowed up by the explosion, becoming nothing in the next second.

"What a strong attack!"

This combat intensity surpa.s.sed even that of the King of Gaias and Augustus.

The two separated and ordered their troops to withdraw and regroup while staring at the battlefield in unison.

After some time, the dust of s.p.a.ce dissipated. The Abominable Lord in his blond, middle-aged appearance still stood proudly in the void, though his black robe had two holes in it.

"To have such power… It seems like I was wrong not to eliminate you all those years ago. That was the worst decision of my life!" A moment later, the Abominable Lord continued slowly, "Today, I will correct this error!"

"I'm afraid… you currently don't even have this ability!"

Even though he said this, Fang Yuan had never been more focused.

This Abominable Lord had crossed so many worlds and likely had more means than him, so he could not take this lightly.

"Really?" The Abominable Lord had a surprised expression.

At this moment, the complexion of the King of Gaias, who was confronting Augustus, suddenly changed.

An originally invisible Seven Emotions Zerg appeared on top of his head. Unlike the other Seven Emotions Zerg, its body was golden, and it had the Abominable Lord's face.

It then proceeded to bury itself deep into the King of Gaias's head!

"Ughhhh!" The Cosmic Thearch roared and directly entered the battlefield.

Augustus followed closely behind but was always a distance away due to losing the initiative and his apprehensions.

"Even the King of Gaias…" Fang Yuan's pupils shrank.

No wonder the Seven Emotions Overmind controlled only a portion of the Zerg Empresses. It seems like most of his psyche was concentrated on the King of Gaias!

"Seven Emotions Zerg!"

"Your Highness!"

It was obvious that even the Gaias People did not expect this to happen, and they fell into confusion.

"Dark Heavenly Dao! Refine!"

The Abominable Lord attacked arrogantly with a Great Dao power comparable to the Heavenly Dao, sweeping through s.p.a.ce.

Behind Fang Yuan, the King of Gaias controlled the Cosmic Thearch to launch a startling attack! "Universe Destroying Bomb!"

Most of the universe was dark matter!

The Cosmic Thearch was now absorbing this dark energy and turning it into a horrifying shot!

Even Augustus had to retreat from its power in fear!

"… The Gaias People have already made such progress in the study of dark matter?"

The Wings of the Sun G.o.d stopped in its tracks, not daring to step into the battlefield!

Fang Yuan was only an ally to the Human Alliance, not a pillar! There was definitely hesitation at this critical moment!

s.h.i.t! I got tricked!

Even though there was an enemy at his back, Fang Yuan's first reaction to connect more quickly with the thousands of Blood Dragons below him!

Bang! Bang!

A large number of reactors shattered, and psionic crystals flew out to be devoured by him.

"Even if I lose this time, I have to gain something!"

He had devoured numerous mineral veins in this galaxy earlier, satisfying fifty percent of the requirement for the breakthrough of the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique. Coupled with him devouring the reactors of these high-grade mechas, he broke through the bottleneck and entered the third level without hindrance!

"Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique Level 3: Demon G.o.d-level mystic technique. Uses one own's Dao path to devour another Demon G.o.d's Great Dao. Can be used on existences of the same level or even higher level!"

The Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique on his stats window changed, displaying new information.

"All right. The Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique is finally complete, and I can now finally devour the Great Daos of other Demon G.o.ds!"

It was c.u.mbersome to write, but in fact, everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

This was because Fang Yuan had long activated another legendary arcane spell of his—Still Time!

In that very second, his thinking and mecha's speed increased to the limit!

To him, everything in this world seemed to stagnant.

Of course, it was still moving but merely extremely slowly for him.

"Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique, devour!"

The next moment, Fang Yuan held his hands out flat as he activated the third level of the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique against the other party's Dark Heavenly Dao.


It seemed as if there was a huge mouth in the void, taking a bite out of the Dark Heavenly Dao. A semicircular flaw was clearly visible.

"Ah… This is…" The Abominable Lord made a terrifying cry and slowed down his offensive.

The third level of the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique might not be the Heaven Devouring Great Dao, but it was able to devour a Demon G.o.d's Dao path.

Fang Yuan's eyes brightened. His sea of consciousness was suddenly full of insights about the dark side of the Heavenly Dao. "Good… if I can devour that Abominable Lord opposite me, I'll be able to advance to Netherheaven Demon G.o.d without any bottlenecks!"

Unfortunately for him, the dark matter destruction energy behind him was getting closer.

Fang Yuan sighed and retreated quickly.

The next moment, the feeling of a stagnant world stopped, and the world resumed its normal speed.

The Universe Destroying Bomb hit the location where Fang Yuan had been, but it did not explode; instead, it began to annihilate.

Everything, from meteorites to the mechas below, turned into the most fundamental particles in this universe and disappeared without a trace.

This shot alone annihilated the entire Blood Dragon series!!!

"Augustus!" Fang Yuan howled.

Augustus might argue that it was too late for him to stop it previously, but if he continued not to act, there would be a real breach of contract, and all the higher-echelon humans would be cursed!

"King of Gaias!"

Augustus piloted the Wings of the Sun G.o.d, turned into a star, and enveloped the Cosmic Thearch within.

Obviously, after that attack earlier, it would take some time for the mecha to recharge even if it was a Thearch-grade mecha.

It was the safest time for Augustus to attack.

Fang Yuan could not be bothered to care.

After getting out of the explosion zone at maximum speed, the Blood Dragon Thearch intercepted the Abominable Lord with a beautiful maneuver.

"You were using the Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique just now?!"

The Abominable Lord was knowledgeable, and a faint smile appeared on his lips. "This technique is taboo for Demon G.o.ds, and it is only spread among Myriad Thunder's small group. These Demon G.o.ds should be trapped in the Spiritual Realm now… No wonder I couldn't sense you in the Mental Demon Realm. You're hiding in the Spiritual Realm!"

"I was weaker than you before, so I naturally had to avoid you. It's different now!" Fang Yuan replied frankly. "I'll first destroy your incarnation here, and then I'll break through to Netherheaven with my main body and go to the Mental Demon Realm!"

"Destroy me?" The blond, middle-aged man smiled and opened his sleeves. "You had the element of surprise previously, which was how you managed to produce such a result. But now…"

Buzz buzz!

Countless Seven Emotions Zerg flew out. In addition to them, a group of more exotic silver Zerg appeared, looking like longhorn beetles.

"Seven Emotions Zerg and Six Desires Zerg were evolved from my Dao of Dream Master. They specialize in the manipulation of people's hearts and emotions!"

Many flying Zerg disappeared into the void.

The entire battlefield changed immediately.

Innumerable high-grade Gaias mechas and cosmic behemoths, even some of the Undead Immortals and Grand Arcanists from the Human Alliance, had their eyes turn red, and they charged at Fang Yuan.

Even Fang Yuan was a little surprised by the number of hidden moves the Seven Emotions Overmind had!

But it was merely surprise.

"Creation Great Dao, Body of Chaos, Pangu Eagle Body!"

Fang Yuan shouted, and the illusion of a giant holding Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water appeared and merged with the Blood Dragon Thearch.

The next moment, an arcane spell array and a Dao Pattern immediately emerged.

"Still Time! Immortal Sword Tactics! Immortal technique, arcane spell! Two become one!"

He spread his arms, the power of the legendary arcane spell in one hand and the immortal technique in the other, and suddenly merged them into one.

Venerable Three Star looked on at this scene, dumbfounded. "He actually… actually concurrently practiced both cultivation and the Arcane and reached above the twenty-first level in both?"

Although he had had a vague speculation, he was truly convinced now that he saw it with his own eyes.

The intrinsic quality of a Demon G.o.d! Empowerment from a Thearch-grade mecha! Simultaneously using a legendary arcane spell and immortal technique!

At this moment, Fang Yuan showed all his trump cards without holding back!

"Win or die trying!"


Time seemed to stand still at this moment, and a vast and inexplicable amount of energy suddenly formed in his palm.

The Blood Dragon Thearch flickered and arrived at the Abominable Lord's head in the blink of an eye. The frightening power exploded and was again bound by an invisible power. The might concentrated onto a single point. "Zero Lock!"

The terrifying amount of energy erupted in one spot.

The Seven Emotions Overmind turned into ash in an instant.

This was the greatest energy in the universe!

The fluctuations from it were still spreading afar.

However, the original place where the Seven Emotions Overmind was suddenly cracked open, and an illusionary Dark Heavenly Dao appeared.

The Seven Emotions Overmind was merely an incarnation using Dream Master techniques. His True Spirit could evacuate at any time!

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