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“I, I… I, my father is the mayor of Xinjiang Town! You dare to talk to me like this! Hey! Be careful; I am not someone you want to offend!” Shi Lu said this why looking at Yunxiao impatiently

When Yunxiao heard this, she couldn't help it anymore, and she laughed out.

How do these children of the privileged family have a virtue?

Shu Li's words are like what Lin Mengyu said before.

Only Lin Mengyu’s father is the school’s princ.i.p.al, and Shu Li’s father is the mayor.

From an objective point of view, there is no difference.

“I am not afraid of you?” Yun Yun held his chest and looked at Shu Li with a different look.

In the age of dignitaries and fights, the status of the original host, with such a family ident.i.ty, can live in peace and stability, it is a miracle.

It is a pity that her Yunxiao is not the original owner, and is indifferent to others.

“Xiao, don’t pretend, you have already caught my attention. If you want to stay in the park with me, You are welcome.” Yang Yuan said

The words that Yunxiao said just now are considered to be tricks to make Yang Yuan fall for her.

In the opinion of Yang Yuan, it is a painstaking effort to get his attention.

However, this is very good; I have long wanted to have fun with Yunxiao.

Yuunxiao has a beautiful appearance, and it is ten times better than Lin Mengyu and the other girl’s looks.

Even if Lin Mengyu is the daughter of the school princ.i.p.al, he can’t be satisfied with her.

To Yunxiao, in Yuan Guan's opinion, he wants to play with her, thinking about getting rid of her when he gets tired of her, and that's it.

“Sorry, I don’t hang out with pigs.” Yunxiao gently smiled.

Pig? She even compared him to a pig!

In the next second, Yang Yuan's handsome face turned gloomy, Yun Yun was too deep into thier little game.

I have already invited her, what else does she want from him?

Moreover, Shu Li is yelling at Yunxiao, “You are the pig, your family is impoverished. People like you have a face in this world! Also, you want to attract Yang Yuan attention! Don’t you have virtue!”

“I know I am poor, but if you are so wise, go sit down and teach some pigs.” Yunxiao faintly smiled.

When the words came out, Yuan Guan and Shu Li's face turned pale, and it was a little embarra.s.sing.

“Ah! Snake! Snake!”

At this moment, Lu Feiyan suddenly screamed, and Yunxiao turned her head around.

Following the direction of Lu Feiyan’s fingers, pointing to the edge of the gra.s.s, was a snake that was only half a meter away from Lu Feiyan. It is about half a meter long, the body colour was a yellowish brown and dark grey-black, and the head was oval, and the neck is flattened, and the snake structured resembled a spoon.

Lu Feiyan screamed at the snake that had just climbed out on the edge of the gra.s.s.

Yunxiao was calm. However, Lu Feiyan was screaming like crazy.

“That, is a cobra?” Yang Yuan pointed at the snake and the gra.s.s, shouting.

Cobra, that’s the real snake!

If you give it a bite, if you don’t get sent to the hospital as quickly as possible, you will surely die!

Yang Yuan and his group were all afraid.

However, looking at how calm Yunxiao was, she did not show even a bit of concern.

Everyone was surprised.

Has she gone mad or is she just not afraid of the snake?

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