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They finally came out from the forest.

Sara turned her little back and looked up at that towering and enormous wall in front of her.

"So big."

She said that inadvertently.

"They built such imposing buildings."

Lilith who stood next to Sara narrowed her eyes.

Saying it with an amazed tone of voice as if she was looking at a pile of meat on her plate.

In any case, this place was unmistakably our first aim.

There is a small gate embedded in the wall. That was probably the place where people come in and out from there.

Sara put down the rucksack that she carried and spread it.

"Is this going to be a long trip, Lily?"

"It's going to be two or three days at most."

They were a pair of travelers. Sometimes, they also call themselves adventurers.

Sara is the girl with long blond hair. She said that her long hair would become dirty because of their long journey and wished to cut it short, but Lilith didn't allow her to do so.

Lilith kept telling Sara to take better care of herself more while she was young. Nevertheless, the person or things that had a chance to look at Sara's long hair were a group of adventurers that they met by chance on their journey, Lilith, and some monsters.

Lilith is a girl with a shoulder length silver hair who had a black sword hanging on her waist.

From her looks, she didn't look much older than Sara. Even so, she acted like she is Sara's mother. That what she keeps saying to the people, but no one knew the truth.

The world was infected with an epidemic; many people died. Villages were destroyed, and cities became countries.

While people are barely surviving by looking for a sc.r.a.p of food. No one probably cared if it is the truth or not. However, the most important thing to them now was to arrive at the next country.

"It was told that there is a medicine in here."

Lilith muttered so without much expression.

'I guess she didn't expect anything in the first place eh,' Sara wondered in her mind.

Lilith murmured a few words emotionlessly.

'Without a doubt, there aren't many expectations for this place,' Thought Sara.

They had a strict inspection inside the gate.

It was way stricter than the usual country they'd visited. Lilith gave Sara follow up regarding the question that she didn't understand.

The one who did the inspection were two serious looking middle-aged men.

The immigration check was conducted securely at the inside of the gate. It took a lot of time compared to a more ordinary country.

Full name, age, birth date, blood type, even things like their personality.

When there's a part that Sara doesn't understand, Lilith covered for her.

Two serious middle-aged men supervised the inspection.

"Well then, will you show us your luggage?"

"I don't have any important things."

"They're the rules."

Lilith shrugged her shoulders. She then put the rucksack that she had on her back together with the small one that was brought by Sara and opened it to show the insides to the man.

"I have a tent and sleeping bag. Food and water too. This child has changing clothes and other supplies."

"Can you put out your luggage on the table? Including the pouch that tied in your hips."

"You are very careful. But I'll tell you right now that it takes time to put things out and fold them."

"If we let bad people enter, our order will be in a mess."

"Do we look like bad people to you?"

"I can say that you are very beautiful, but the truth can be different from what we can see."

"Good grief, fine."

Lilith put her backpack's content on the top of the desk and did the same with her pouch. When doing this, only Sera noticed that Lilith hid a small bottle of medicine inside her pocket. The men observe the items one by one, then noted their belongings on a paper.

Soon, the inspection was over. They were a pair of travelers; they didn't bring much baggage in the first place.

"Um…...Now, it's about your sword."

The man said in a very business-like manner, seeing the black sword that hung from Lilith waist.

Lilith put the sword from black scabbard that hanged on her hips, and the men told her nonchalantly.

"You are prohibited from drawing a sword inside this country. If you break the rules, expect a harsh punishment. So be careful."

"Okay, I understand."

Lilith lifted up her sword up so they could see it.

"Magicians like us would brandish our demon-purging sword in the face of the demons. We wouldn't use it on humans."

Sara unconsciously scowled after seeing how her mother was able to tell a lie without even batting her eyes. Knowing her mother brazenly at telling lies, Sara raised one of her eyebrows. The men smile at Lilith's words.

"I am touched by the efforts of various magicians that put great effort intro suppressing mankind's opponents. Despite your youth, you have the heart of real justice."

"Well, thank you. Undoubtedly, we will like this country."

Sara looked at the farce with a bored expression.

Lilith repacked their belongings with a smile still on her face. As she carried her rucksack once again, the men put their hands on their chests and bowed in a friendly manner.

"Well then, we will welcome you to the Country of Justice."

"What's this Country of Justice?"

"I don't know, but it seems that we can't do anything bad inside."

"That's obvious, you know."


Lilith gently stroked Sara's head with a soft smile.

Everything was well organized within the country.

The scenery of this country was prettier compared to the other country they had been before.

Not even a speck of dust could be seen. They must've been through with their cleaning. Their public system didn't seem to be lacking too.

Sara tilted her head in confusion after hearing Lilith words. She felt that there was something more to Lilith's word. Anyway, they wouldn't stay in the place for a long time, so she ignored it.

"It'd be great if we could get into a beautiful hotel today~"

For now, they wanted to quickly took a bath and rinse the oil out of their hair. If their water was clean, this is undoubtedly a great country. Sara felt that her steps become lighter. There was a big castle coated in black light in the distance, and the main road led straight to it. Sara thought that's probably where the king lived. No matter which country they'd visited, the place where the king live was the biggest building. What a strange tradition. As they walked through the streets enjoying the town, they got called by someone.

"Are you travelers?"

A girl around their age stood over there as they turned their backs. She had extended black hair and she held a basket full of bread. Her bright clear eyes gave them an impression of a cheerful girl.

Before she realized it, Sara already hid herself behind Lilith's back.

Lilith extended her hand and smiled to that girl.

"Yes, we just came to this country."

"Just like I thought! After all, it's the first time I meet pretty girl like you!"

The little girl clapping and smiling. She seems very happy.

"Both long blond hair and silver hair are lovely! I'm glad to meet both of you!"

Since that girl extended her hand toward them, Lilith shook her hands. On the other end, however, Sara was still hiding behind Lilith. She then apologized in place of Sara.

"I'm so sorry, this child is shy."

"Ah, it's alright. It's enough for me just take a look at her. I want to know the world will look after looking at such beautiful women like you."

What is this person said? Thought Sara.

It wasn't like monsters would let her go if she is beautiful. She would die if she didn't eat. Plus, it wasn't like she would be safe from the epidemic. Also, she had gotten fed up by the fact of how often she almost got into trouble because of the opposite s.e.x. Whenever she went into a place where people live, like it or not, she would become the center of people's attention. Thus, Sara didn't really like her appearance. Lilith realized what kind of worries Sara had the moment she saw Sara making a gloomy expression on her face. She smiled dryly as she tried to change the topic.

"Are you from this country?"

"Yes, you are very lucky. This country is very wonderful!"


Lilith narrowed her eyes like a snake. The young lady smiled obliviously.

"Because there are only good people. If you are worried about something, you should ask people around you. They should give you a warm, welcoming hand."

That's impossible, after all that wasn't how human were made. thought Sara. However, Lilith just matched the conversation with the girl.

"If that's the case, I will accept your offer. We are currently searching for a hotel for tonight."

"Oh! If you are searching for a hotel, there's the best place to stay for the women!"

She pointed the way politely.

"Thank you." Said Lilith, grateful for the offer of guidance. The lady smiled.

"My name is Amelia. I'm looking forward to seeing you again!"

They waved their hands each other before splitting up. Sara also waved her hand a little. At least that young lady is refreshing, thought Sara. While waking out, Sara looked up at her mother modestly.

"Seems like Amelia is a good person."


Lilith nodded with a cool expression.

The hotel which back from the road didn't seem to be in good condition, but its interior design was good to keep the atmosphere of the country. The hotel's shopkeeper said, "I bet this amount of money can make the travelers happy."

"It might be a truly nice country."

"Especially since Lily doubted it."

Feeling refreshed after using the communal shower, Sara lied down on the bed while talking. Her hair was a little soaked, but even if she left her hair as it was, it wouldn't make her catch a cold. As Expected, a place with a roof was the best. Feeling that her body is lighter, Sara's rolling on her blanket. If possible, she wanted to stay in this country forever. But she knew she couldn't do that.

"You will get sick. Put on your underwear."


Sara walked back and forth barefoot and took the underwear that Lilith was giving her.

When she bent her body, her golden hair fell forward, covering her pure white clavicle. As her back quivered while the underwear went through her feet, Lilith happen to see that her face turning red.

"Lily, is there anything happens?"

She turned to the other side, holding her mouth.

"You are no longer a kid…. Remember that you should be a little careful."

Sara looked slightly doubtful.

"But in this place, there's no one but Lily."

"That's true, but…"

Lilith's face told that she wanted to say something.

Lilith is weird. Thought Sara as she put on the camisole through her arms. And again, when she dove into the bed, a voice called from behind.

"We will have dinner after drinking medicine. So change your clothes."

"Eeeeeh…. I don't need any meals. It's bothersome."

"What are you talking about, since we came to this country. You should get a proper nutrition."

"I am already satisfied with a bath; I want more rolling in my bed."

"I will pull you."

Seeing Lilith's face back to the usual and saying annoying things, Sara was glumming.

"…..I understand. I'm doing this because Lily is very stubborn."

A dress to change into was thrown to her frowning face.

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