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"Thank you," Xu Ming simply thanked him since he didn't know how to react to someone praising him like this.

The Sect Master suddenly realized that his son talked about his sister calling him a beggar. His face couldn't help but turn red.

"I would like to apologize for my naive sister who unknowingly called you names. I'm really sorry about that," He apologized to Xu Ming.

"He's such a special person. Why did you not tell her about it? How can you let a guest get insulted! You should've told her," He turned to look at Xin and Jay as he scolded them.

"I-it's..." They were about to explain, but Xu Ming spoke first.

"I told them to keep it a secret. I don't want anyone to know that I killed an Evil Cultivator. I'm out on a mission and if this news got to the Mighty Demon Sect, they might affect my mission. I don't want the news to be out before I get back to my sect after completing my mission and inform my elders," Xu Ming said.

He had been thinking for a long time about the excuse he could use since the moment he left the carriage, and after thinking for a whole, he thought about the reason he could give, to not make them doubt him.

"Oh right. It might be problematic for you. I can understand your conundrum," The Clan Master turned serious as he replied to Xu Ming.

"Oh right. Where are my manners? I didn't even introduce myself. I'm Ling Kun. The Clan Master of the Ling Clan," The Clan Master said.

"I'm Xu Ming. It's nice to meet you. Anyways, Miss Xin invited me to stay here for a few days. It's not going to be a problem, is it? I can leave if you don't want that," Xu Ming replied.

"What are you talking about? Of Course, I'd love to host you. It's not every day that I get to meet someone as talented as you. You can stay here for as long as you want!" Ling Kun said with a bright smile on his face.

"Thanks," Xu Ming politely thanked them.

Ling Kun fell in a daze as he saw Xu Ming being so polite. He had met quite a lot of talented cultivators, and they all had one thing in common. They were all arrogant.

'He's such a talented kid, but he doesn't have the least bit of arrogance. Such a nice kid. If only he was 7-8 years older, I wouldn't mind marrying Xin to him. Well, he will become an adult after some years, maybe then?' Ling Kun thought.

"Ah, Sir?" Xu Ming called out as he saw him in a daze.

"Oh, Sorry. I was thinking about something. Anyways, I heard that you were in a fight. Seeing the condition of your clothes, I can safely a.s.sume that to be true. Should I call a physician? You might be injured," Ling Kun asked in concern.

"I'm perfectly fine. There's no need for a physician. I'm only a little tired," Xu Ming responded.

"Oh right, You must be tired after a fight. Xin, the room next to yours is empty right? Take little friend Ming to the room. He'll be staying here. I'm making you in charge of taking care of him. Make sure that he has no problem," Ling Kun told Xin.

"Also Jay, Your Master has been waiting for you. Go to his room. Since you're back, it's time that you start your training," He looked at Jay and told him.

"Yes father," Both Jay and Xin replied at the same time.

They both left the room with Xu Ming.

"This is where we will separate. I'll see you later," Jay said to Xu Ming as he started walking towards the left.

Xin, on the other hand, walked towards the right. Xu Ming followed her.

After walking for over 10 minutes, she stopped before a room. She pushed the door open and entered.

Xu Ming entered as well and saw that the room was already fully furnished and looked quite good as well.

"You can rest here. Do you want to rest now? Should I leave?" She asked in uncertainty.

"Can you just stay with me for a little longer. I want to talk a little," Xu Ming said as he sat on a sofa.

"Of Course I can. What do you want to ask? I'll answer if it's something I know about," She said as she sat beside him.

"Nothing serious. It's just that it's my first time in the Xiayi Kingdom and I was quite curious about it. Also, I haven't known about many sects, So I couldn't help but become curious when you talked about Glorious Sword Sect. I just want to know more so as to quench my curiosity," Xu Ming said to her.

"Oh, I can tell you all about the sect and the Kingdom. Which one do you want to know about first?" She inquired.

"I'd prefer to know about the sect," Xu Ming said.

"The sect? Alright. The Glorious Sword Sect is one of the strongest sects in the Kingdom. Also, it is said that the Glorious Sword Sect has an even bigger backing. But I don't know about that," She replied.

" Their Cultivators mostly try to comprehend the way of the Sword. There are a few rare talents as well who don't use swords, but their number is quite low. The sect is famous for its sword techniques that are said to be best," She further said.

"The way of the sword? Interesting. Do their disciples stay inside the sect all the time, or do they come out?" He further asked.

"Of Course they come out. The Sect isn't that strict with them. If you go out in the city, you'd see a lot of them," She said with a smile.

"Really? How can I recognize one when I see them?" Xu Ming asked.

"Hah, It's the easiest to recognize them. Firstly, through their clothes. You can see a sword symbol on their chest. Secondly, you can always see them carrying a sword," She answered him.

"That's good to know. I'd love to see a few when I go out. Anyways, how strong are their cultivators? And Is there a way to differentiate between them?" He asked.

"Most of the cultivators that come outside are either in the Body Refining Realm or the initial stages of the Spirit Establishment Realm since the ones that have a higher cultivating spend all their time inside the sect," She said.

"As for differentiating between them, it's simple as well. You can see it through their clothes. If the Sword Symbol on their Chest is light Blue, they are in the Body Refining Realm. If it's Dark Blue, they are in the early stages of the Spirit Establishment Realm,"

"The Light Green Sword Symbol is for the mid-stages of the Spirit Establishment Realm. Similarly, the Dark Green sword symbol means that the disciple is in the late stages of the Spirit Establishment Realm," She explained.

"Oh, Thanks for the information. I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge," Xu Ming thanked her.

"Is there something else you want to ask as well?" She asked as she looked at him.

"Not at the moment. You cleared everything for me," Xu Ming responded.

"Alright. I'll take my leave then. If you need anything, my room is right beside yours. Just knock on the door," She said as she stood up and left.

Xu Ming walked up to the door and locked it after she left.

He walked to the bedroom and lay on the bed as he fell in deep thought.

He brought the mission doc.u.ment out of his storage ring and started reading it once more.

'I should go after the Body Refining Realm Disciples. I can't take the risk as I'm in their territory and the mission didn't specify the cultivation of the disciples that I need to kill. I better play it safe,' He thought.

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