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Xu Ming seemed tired, but his heart was beating faster, and his breathing was heavy.

His dream had managed to horrify him. He saw himself fighting War G.o.d Zhen. The fight wasn't going as he expected, and he was defeated, but instead of attacking him, War G.o.d Zhen killed his mother. Xu Ming screamed at the top of his lungs before he woke up.

"This was frightening. I can never let that dream come to reality," Xu Ming muttered as he held his forehead in his hand tightly.

"I need to be absolutely sure of my strength before I go to face him. The first time I face him should be the last day of his life. I can't let my eagerness make me take the wrong step," he let out in full seriousness.

He stood up and walked to the door to get a fresh breath of air, but as soon as he stepped out, he saw the heavy rain that made him down.

Even though he used to like rain, he was starting to dislike it. It was raining more often nowadays.

Not only Xu Ming but the whole sect was finding it weird.

The pond that had lost over half of its water after Xu Ming used his Heavenly Vajra Finger on it was now filled to the brim again.

There was water almost everywhere in the sect. 

People were having difficulty leaving the sect because the ground had turned to mud. Only the concrete floors were safe to walk on. Even the drainage system was working on overload to keep the sect from being filled with water.

"I've been here for years, but I never saw it rain this much. The weather is going crazy," Xu Ming muttered as he looked around.

"The sky is still filled with dark clouds. It doesn't seem like the rain is going to stop anytime soon," Xu Ming muttered.

He walked inside the courtyard and took his umbrella before he walked back to the door.

He opened the umbrella and left his courtyard.

Xu Ming walked on the solid walkway amidst the heavy rain. The rain fell around Xu Ming, but his umbrella managed to keep him mostly dry.

He walked through the sect as if he was taking a nice walk to calm his chaotic mind that was in chaos, struggling to calm down after that terrible dream.

He heard the sound of rain falling on the ground and on the top of his umbrella.

Even though he was annoyed by the constant rain, he couldn't help but calm down from the sound of the rain.

In that way, he was a whole lot similar to Xu Liang. Even Xu Liang used to like the rain a lot whenever he saw it. 

When Xu Liang used to work, he didn't like rain in the least, but when he found out about his terminal disease and started spending the rest of his days in the hospital, he grew to like the rain. The sound of the rain was what calmed his mind and made him appreciate the rain. 

Even though Xu Liang died and his soul Transmigrated, that feeling never left. Unfortunately, it never rained in the Heavenly Realm so he couldn't see it there.

Xu Ming inherited this characteristic.

Xu Ming was walking near the Practice Pavillion when he heard a commotion.

Two people were arguing inside the Practice Pavilion.

Even though the sound of the rain was loud, their arguments were even louder.

"I will take the last room. Don't argue with me about that!"

"Why do you get to take that room?  I stepped over the stairs first,"

"No, I was faster. I asked the Elder for the room before you,"

"No, I asked before you! I should be the one who gets that room!"

Xu Ming looked towards the pavilion in curiosity before he started walking towards it.

Xu Ming entered the Practice Pavilion and walked closer to the Elder.

"Oh, Young Master Ming. Welcome. Are you here to practice? I have a room available for you," the Elder said.

"It's alright. I don't want to practice at the moment. What are they arguing about?" Xu Ming asked the elder.

"The argument is for the practice room. Both of them came at the same time, and they both asked for a room together. The problem is that only one room is available here," the Elder told Xu Ming.

"Oh," Xu Ming muttered.

"I asked them to decide amongst themselves about who gets the room. Instead of discussing, they started arguing," the Elder said.

Both the guys were still arguing about the room, and they hadn't noticed Xu Ming entering.

"How about you decide who gets the room?" the Elder asked Xu Ming.

"Me? You should be the one deciding which gets the room. Aren't you the In-Charge of this place?" Xu Ming asked with a wry smile on his face.

"Of course, I am in charge, and I'm asking you to select who gets the room. Whoever you select will be given the room," the Elder said.

Xu Ming looked towards the people arguing and nodded his head.

"Alright. I'll select the one," Xu Ming said.

"Silence!" the Elder bellowed as he looked towards the guys.

His shout managed to attract the attention of the guys who looked back towards the elder.

"You don't have to argue anymore. He will decide who gets the room," the Elder said.

Both the guys silently nodded their heads as they recognized Xu Ming. Even if someone didn't know who Xu Ming was, his red robe was pretty evident to show his high position.

"I've been given the responsibility to choose which one of you gets the room, and unfortunately I can only choose one, so the person that isn't chosen would have to wait for the next time when the room gets free," Xu Ming informed both of them.

"Yes, Senior Brother," they both replied at the same time.

"I will ask both of you some questions. Answer as honestly as you can," Xu Ming said.

"You must have heard that cultivation should be the most important thing to a person. I believe that, as well. My question to you is what is more important for you. Cultivation or family?" Xu Ming inquired.

Both of them replied, but their answers were different.

While the guy on the right said Family, the guy on the left said cultivation.

' He said that he believes cultivation is most important for a person. Of course, I would get that room. That idiot chose the wrong answer and went against Senior Brother's opinion,' the guy on the left though.

"I've decided. Give the room to the one that said family," Xu Ming told the Elder.

The guy on the right was visibly happy, whereas the guy on the left was stunned at losing.

"Senior Brother, didn't you say that you believe that Cultivation should be the most important thing to a person?" he asked.

"I believe that it would be important, but not more important than one's family. We gain Cultivation even when we are mortals, but we can't gain a family if we don't have it," Xu Ming replied.

The guy looked down as he nodded. He looked at the other guy before he left the place.

"That was a fast decision. I didn't expect it to be over like that. I'm impressed," the Elder praised Xu Ming.

"It was just a personal preference. I still believe that you should be the one who decided," Xu Ming said.

" It's no big deal. I decide, or you decide, it's the same thing," the Elder chuckled.

"If you say so. I'll be going now," Xu Ming said before he left the place.

Xu Ming continued his walk through the sect and soon reached the Ranking Arena.

He looked towards the structure that was safely resisting the rain without letting a single raindrop enter inside.

He continued walking and circled around the sect. He didn't see many people outside in the rain. Most of them are indoors as the rain had been going on for a long time.

Xu Ming was walking through when something came down from the sky and landed in front of him.

"This?" Xu Ming muttered as he bent forward and picked the thing that fell down from the sky.

It was a tiny girl. The girl was as tall as the Xu Ming's palm and similarly sized.

"What is this? I didn't hear about creatures like that, but then again, it's not like I got my education in the heavenly realm," Xu Ming muttered.

The girl was wearing a little green dress. She had her eyes closed, but Xu Ming could see her breathe.

"She's so small. I can't even hold to feel her nerves, but at least she's breathing. She should just be unconscious," he muttered as he looked at her.

He canceled his walk and walked back to his courtyard.

Xu Ming entered his courtyard and brought her to his bedroom.

"Her clothes are wet as well, but I don't have spare clothes for her," he muttered as he looked at her in full seriousness.

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