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Chapter 878: d.a.m.n It! Sir, Do You Have Other Games in Which We Can Slay G.o.ds?!

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

In G.o.d of War 1, the rebellion of Ares, the G.o.d of War, shook the authority of the Olympian G.o.ds. Now that they had found a man who was set on seeking revenge from Ares, the other G.o.ds naturally gave him their full support, urging him on with encouragements.

To show their support, each G.o.d gave Kratos great powers.

The powers included spells such as Poseidon's Rage, Medusa's Gaze, Army of Hades, and even Zeus's Fury, which allowed him to summon thunderbolts like that of Zeus, the King of the G.o.ds.

At this moment, the players in the Canglan City Shop were thrilled with the game. The saint-level players said in excitement, “Look what I found!”

“Zeus, the King of the G.o.ds!”

“Wow-!” Others all stood behind him and watched as an extremely huge G.o.d face filled the screen.

“Kratos, you grow stronger as your journey continues, but if you are to succeed in your quest, you will need my aid. I offer you the power of the greatest of all the G.o.ds, the father of Olympus. I'll grant you Zeus' Fury!”

On the screen, Kratos held a holy golden lightning bolt which represented the pinnacle power of the Olympian G.o.ds. Bursting out from Kratos' palm, the lightning bolt contained the ancient pure law of thunder and lightning.

“There's such a power?!”

“Is this also a magic spell…?”

“Oh-! Can you feel it…? I dare to say that this is the purest ultimate magic spell in the world!” Mage Adolf laughed and said, “Oh! Hahaha! Can you feel it?!”

“This is the origin!” Sitting beside him, Swein opened his mouth and said, “This is the true original power of the father of Olympus. If anyone can understand one trace of this power, his magic skill will instantly rise to a new level!”

“Yes… let's get into the battles! Ohahahaha!”

“Let's play it too!” Beside them, Elf Girl Sala and the other elves also clicked on G.o.d of War, which they had just bought.

“No…” Having waited for a long time but still not able to get a computer, Kellybel's face darkened. “Don't you have work to do in the Elf Forest in a while?

“Rowling, I remember that you're on duty this afternoon!” Kellybel pointed at one of the elves and said loudly.

“Huh?! How do you know about that?” Surprised, Rowling looked at the elf wanderer who always played games with them.

She said sulkily, “What should I do? I must stop playing soon…”

She mumbled, “Should… I ask for a leave…?”

The moment she said that, she took out her communication jade and wondered, “Huh?! The Captain sent me a message?”

“Why did the Captain send a message at this moment…” While mumbling to herself, she opened the message which said, [Ms. Rowling, I heard that you want to ask for leave because you want to play games this afternoon?!]

Hey-?! I…I haven't done it yet! I didn't ask for a leave yet-! I didn't-! Her beautiful eyes glanced around. What's happening…!? Who told on me?!

At this moment, Kellybel was secretly pleased on the side. Haya! I'll finally get to play the game!

At this moment, a white-robed and white-bearded figure stood behind her. “Ahem! Ahem!”

“First Elder Hyru…” Kellybel turned around, looking embarra.s.sed.

“Your Majesty,” First Elder Hyru said to her with a voice transmission spell, “May I ask when you'll return to the Elf Forest and handle the affairs?”


Three minutes later, the elves found that the elf wanderer who had been sitting beside them and watching them play was replaced by a white-haired old elf.

They looked surprised. “Huh-?!”

When did they do the switch?!

Besides these powerful magic spells and power, the biggest attractions of G.o.d of War for the players were the story that was full of twists and dangers and the extremely powerful mythological enemies they encountered.

Even the pinnacle stage saint-level masters felt a sense of destiny and epicness, feeling as if the continuous mythological chapters were waiting for them to unveil.

The players at the East Continent might only feel the novelty and enjoyment of doing swift and victorious battles, but the players at the West Continent felt different.

They felt much more.

The grand and ancient City of Athens, the endless deadly desert…

The G.o.ds guiding the way and granting powers, the t.i.tans enslaved and hidden in the desert, the Pandora's Box with endless power hidden in it…

The world seemed to have just been created from the chaos and was full of horrifying monsters and unknown dangers.

It was also full of countless opportunities.

For the players at the West Continent, this game depicted a world that was closer to the prehistoric mythology in their minds.

Some players controlled Kratos to venture deep into the deadly desert with endless yellow winds and looking like an abyss of sand. After countless battles with monsters, they finally came before the t.i.tan who carried a giant mountain on its back.

Climbing up the sharp cliff and coming to the G.o.dly palace on the mountaintop by stepping on countless previous travelers' corpses, the players felt like they were writing a new mythology chapter in person; it felt wonderful.

But the journey of slaying a G.o.d wasn't so simple.

At this moment, Ares, the G.o.d of War, seemed to have sensed this scene from tens of thousands of miles away. He casually pulled up a stone pillar from the City of Athens and threw it out. In the deadly desert far away, Kratos was about to open the Pandora's Box when the stone pillar pinned him onto the G.o.dly palace's walls! He died instantly!

Then, Kratos crawled back from the Underworld and came before Pandora's Box again, finally gaining the power inside it.

After receiving the powers granted by the G.o.ds and the remaining power in Pandora's Box, he finally was qualified to battle Ares.

They didn't know how much time pa.s.sed and how many dangers they had experienced…

Even at the Spartan Difficulty Level, the players moved forward with great difficulty.

At the end of the story, Kratos killed Ares, the G.o.d of War, and saved the Olympian G.o.ds from falling, finishing the almost impossible mission.

At this moment, all the players watched as Kratos went to Athena and asked her to fulfill the G.o.ds' promise to him so that he could get rid of the nightmare that had taunted him for many years. In the nightmare, he relived the moment of killing his wife and daughter by mistake.

Looking at the G.o.ddess before them, for some reason, the players who had gone through the difficult journey or those who had come to watch this part had an ominous feeling.

“We promised your sins would be forgiven, and so they are,” the voice in the screen said, “But we never promised to take away your nightmares. No man, no G.o.d could ever forget the terrible deeds you have done.”

“That's all?!” All the players stared at the scene dumbfoundedly, not believing what they had heard.

After going through countless hardships and finishing the mission that was impossible for mortals and perhaps G.o.ds, he got…

“Such a result?!”

The screen returned to the scene at the beginning of the game. After dumping all the G.o.dly powers, Kratos leaped down the abyss. Only at this moment did they realize how desperate this man felt.

“d.a.m.n it!” St. Leidon jumped up in a fury. “Are there other tasks of slaying G.o.ds?! I'll slay these sons of b*tches!”

“There are! Buy G.o.d of War 2 and G.o.d of War 3, and you'll get to kill all Olympian G.o.ds!” At this moment, Mr. Fang pa.s.sed by their zone and said.

“???” The saint-level masters froze.


“Sir, I'll buy them!”

“Me too!”

“Let's team up and slay the G.o.ds!”

“Let's go! d.a.m.n it! I'll buy one as well! Today, I'll slay these sons of b*tches!”

[Ting! The sales of G.o.d of War 1, G.o.d of War 2, and G.o.d of War 3 have all exceeded 5,000. The right to sell G.o.d of War 4 is activated.]

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