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Being bothered for an autograph was so annoying so Tang Lan chose to free herself from this promise through the simplest means that she could think of.

'... We've been together for quite a while and after that, He Chen still courted me fervently for a year. How can it be so easy to erase all his feelings for me in just one and a half month? I simply don't believe it.'

Thinking of this and remembering that cold guy who kept brushing off her signals advances, she accidentally blurted out to her cousin's housemates that he was his boyfriend, claiming her past relationship with He Chen as their present. Thrilled by her revelation, although Tao Ping, the slightly fat girl, obviously had a brief episode of sadness, she immediately recovered her senses and then refused to believe it without a proof.

Of course, she had a proof. A solid one at that. Unfortunately, their sole picture she had not deleted from her phone's gallery was not enough to shut up the fanatic.

Headache got into Tang Lan as she remembered the woman pointing a finger and shouting at her, 'I don't believe it!!! That picture must be photoshopped! You yourself said earlier, the two of you are not from the same department. How could you be his girlfriend?! No! I don't believe it!!!'

'... What's impossible about it? We're from the same university.'

'So what? Even if you are indeed more beautiful and talented than me, without bringing him to us, I won't believe that you are his girlfriend!!!'

As a perceptive girl, how could the cunning glint on that fatty's eyes escaped her notice? Then again, even if she did notice it, so what? In the end, she did fall for that simple provocation and sent that message. She told him to meet up with her. Once he arrived, she'd make him sign and hand over the autograph himself.

Anyway, she simply doesn't believe He Chen wouldn't come. He was her symbol of vanity, the most persistent suitor and ex she ever had. Remembering all his efforts in the past two years, with the time they spent as a couple included, she could feel her heart and ego floating up the skies.

No matter how women phrased and feign nonchalance regarding their suitors, these people's very existence and the effort they put into winning their hearts would always be their invisible trophy. A symbol of superiority towards the other women.

Tang Lan, the frustrated female lead had her ego wounded badly by Gu Feng's little sister treatment sister of hers so she wanted to uplift her mood a bit through He Chen. The woman didn't have any romantic thoughts toward him but it didn't stop her from thinking it would be okay to use him at times like this. The staggering number of gifts, songs, love letters, and meal invitations she received from the past made her forget He Chen was a human too, with pride and ego.

In her mind, he was only rebelling. That he was still head over heels for her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'I'm sure he will come. I bet he's even anxious to come. After all, I also informed Aunt He...'

She took a deep breath and looked at the huge wall clock on her right side. It was now past 9 pm. She looked around stealthily for a while, marveling a bit at the luxurious interior of the Western restaurant where Jiang Rou, the other housemate, brought the three of them. She - Tang Lan, Tao Ping, and her cousin Tang Ya.

"Sis Rou, I didn't know you're frequenting such a nice place," her cousin exclaimed to the freckled woman.

"Ya Ya, I'm not really frequently here. But that chubby friend of ours demanded we go to a high-cla.s.s place to meet her idol." Acting like she didn't care much, Jiang Rou indifferently replied.

Tang Lan observed her for some time. 'Her voice and face suggest she's really bored and seemingly forced to come. But her eyes gleamed of... hope?'

What could make someone harbored hope. What could it be other than expectations? Tang Lan didn't know that it was just Jiang Rou dreaming of He Chen, Tang Lan's 'boyfriend', bringing his whole band to meet with them. If that were to happen...

'Gosh, I may meet him!!! My hubby, Su Xuefeng!!! Waahhhh! It's really a good idea to dress up and open my newly bought expensive make-up kit!'

Tang Lan was not aware the one she just observed was thinking of this. Her thoughts wandered again to Gu Feng.

'... Little sister, huh?' That's what Gu Feng told her this afternoon when she went to the station. That's also where she met her cousin who asked her the most troublesome favor ever.

Why was he pretending he didn't see how much she likes him?

Tang Lan was from a not so well-off family and had seen so much drama between her parents that she became starved of love. This was the reason why when she fell in love with someone, she immediately wanted for them to be together, for that love to be reciprocated.

When this did not happen, though she didn't plan to give up, she also couldn't do anything against her wounded pride. All women wanted to feel wanted. When she was reminded of that person who selflessly made her feel this, her impulsiveness and momentary anger for Gu Feng caused her to say that she was dating He Chen. 

Tao Ping's impatient voice rang to drag her out of her thoughts. "Hey, Miss Famous Author Who Is Also Secretly Dating A Hot Celebrity, when is he coming?"

The female lead hid her nervousness and gave the woman seated opposite her a small smile, "In a few minutes. Don't be impatient, Sister Ping, he'll surely come." 

"Really?" It became very obvious how much Tao Ping idolized her ex. That high-pitched tone laced with undisguised happiness made Tang Lan feel uncomfortable.

'Look at this. She easily believed me and even started rechecking her looks through her compact mirror.'

"Little Lan, when did you and him started dating? Is he the one you've been with two years ago?"

"Yeah," she curtly answered.

Tang Ya knitted her brows a bit, "I thought you and him broke up a year after. I remember you telling me he couldn't make your heart flinch or cause you to have b.u.t.terflies in your stomach. So you broke up with him."

The female lead felt annoyance at being stared at with suspicion. "I'm not made of stone. He Chen courted me for another year so I accepted him again."

Hearing the pride echoing from her voice the three ladies believed her and even felt intense envy of her. Why couldn't they find someone who would deify them like that too? Why was Tang Lan so lucky to have a He Chen?

Tang Lan took in their jealousy-filled glances. Her ego had become so bloated upon being mistaken for a celebrity's lover. She forgot it was her who repeatedly broke He Chen's heart and that she was supposed to be in love with Gu Feng, the male lead...

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