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There were still four years before the main plot. The male lead was only 23 years old therefore it was perfectly justifiable for Cheng Yijun to have some other ex-girlfriends before Bai Qing. It wouldn't even be surprising to find that this hateful winner in life had a hundred one-night stands and flings before. Probably, whoever wrote his life script had thought that the more past relationships there were, the more it would become awesome when the time to get straightened out by the heroine comes. Imagine it. A Casanova that all men would want to either replace or kill became a good, honest man because of the female lead. He no longer touched other women after getting together with her and instead devote himself to her.

Who would doubt his love and sincerity to Bai Qing then? It was a very fantastic setup, wasn't it?

"How's your studies, Xiao Li?"

In the middle of the dinner between the main line and side branch of the Jiang family, his Second Uncle paused his merry talk with Jiang Li's father and asked the only person who had yet to talk throughout this meal, him.

Jiang Li forced out a polite smile even though he was quite displeased that his train of thoughts was interrupted.

"Thanks, Uncle for asking. I'm fine. My studies too. I'm sure I'll graduate this year."

His reply sounded sarcastic so an awkward atmosphere descended upon everyone at the table. Amidst this, without ascertaining whether the killjoy purposely said this to make his uncle look like he swallowed a mouthful of flies, Jiang Li went back to chewing his food, acting as though he was not the culprit behind this silence.

Across him though, his Second Uncle's lips began twitching, asking himself,

'What did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d mean? Is he playing with words with me, insinuating that my question is to probe him of something? I've yet to truly get to that part! This disrespectful boy!'

The Uncle's plan was to double-check if Jiang Li would be interning in Father Jiang's company so that he could plan his next steps accordingly. Unfortunately, Jiang Li's answer killed off his mood to continue asking... Instead, the Uncle's mind tried to recall whether his nephew had been like this to him before.

"Xinyi, tomorrow, me and your Mom will go to malling. Do you have plans by then? I'd really love to have you tag along with us."

Jiang Li's eyes subconsciously turned to his mother and then to the one asked. After inspecting the latter, he determined that his cousin was a dainty and beautiful lady, with long wavy and flowing brown hair, s.e.xy lips, small b.u.t.ton nose, and eyes reminiscent of a cat's. He actually found the shape of her eyes interesting. Unfortunately, its glimmer hinted sorrows and heartache. He was familiar with it due to having experienced the same, except his, was not a normal heartache caused by normal separation.

Jiang Xinyi shook her head and replied with a soft, slight smile, "I don't have any plan set tomorrow. If you're okay with me, then I will gladly come along, First Aunt. Thanks for inviting me."

Jiang Li's mother gave her a warm smile. Grabbing her niece's hand, she said, "No need to thank me for something so trivial like this. We're a family. Who else will I invite with me if not you and your Mom."

The stern but concernedly said words of Jiang Xinyi's mother echoed after, "Right, my daughter. We're glad that you're now back, and we want you to spend most of your time with us instead of staying cooped up in your room, doing G.o.d-knows-what."

He saw Jiang Xinyi's lips curling up but without the edges of her eyes wrinkling. This made him say to himself, 'A forced smile.'

Suddenly, his Second Uncle chimed in, his remarks making Jiang Li's eyes narrowed.

"If you ladies will go shopping, I'm sure each of you will buy a few bags or so. I don't want any of you to get tired. How about you bring Xiao Li with you?"

'To make me their great chauffeur?' he sarcastically thought before replying, "If they're going to shop at night, why not? I'm sure to be free by then."


Facing his uncle with an innocent smile, he said, "Uncle, have you already forgotten? I won't be free tomorrow until the afternoon."

Jiang Li's father coughed and interjected, "Second brother, actually even if it's Sat.u.r.day tomorrow, this stupid bloke of mine have cla.s.ses. It's their university policy. If the ladies are alright with it, I'll just speak with one of my housekeepers to accompany them."

The Second Aunt laughed. "My husband just probably remember that last time, Xiao Li was with us. Brother-in-law, I thank you in advance for your help."

"Small matters."

The harmony in the dinner hall returned. Until it was broken by one of the Second Household's housekeepers who walked in and excused himself before going to his uncle's side. After this housekeeper whispered a few words to him, the Second Uncle nodded and spoke to his father.

"Brother, I hope you won't mind, a friend of mine suddenly visited. I have to leave the few of here for a minute or two."

Jiang Li watched as his father shook his head and laughed, "I don't mind. You're the owner of the house. We won't mind even if you invite your friend first here, so he can join us for this meal."

Perfunctory words were exchanged between the two until it was decided to follow his father's suggestion. A minute later, a bespectacled young man dressed in regal suit politely came over and joined them at the table.

He studied the man who appeared to be only older by five or six years than him, a memory surfacing from within.

'I see. So this is when this lovely uncle of mine began to scheme against our family.'

With narrowed eyes, Jiang Li gave his uncle a thoughtful look and then excused himself from the dining room for the washroom. After receiving a nod from his father, he rose from his seat and walked towards the open door. When he pa.s.sed by the newcomer, his eyes which happened to fall at the bespectacled man's left earring immediately became sharp and cold...


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