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If there were things that students, no, everybody loved to have but couldn't, and thus hated others having it, just what could the choices be? Tons of money? Branded items? Beauty? Authority? Just what makes a select few superior to other people? 

Faced with the infamous beauty of the Accountancy Department, the band members suddenly found themselves in a situation where they wanted to cry and ask the heavens for justice. 

They realized the answers could actually vary from person to person. But it would definitely be something they either lacked and badly wanted, or found cool and marvelous. For example, a brain as abnormal as that fellow surnamed Wolfgang. 

Cheng Du and the others gave Jiang Li a complicated gazed. No, Xie Delan was actually glaring at him and giving him hate-filled glances through his eyes that now looked menacing due to the cold glimmer of his lenses.

All of Jiang Li's bandmates had something in common though. They wanted to ask how the guy knew Na Yu and if he was long aware of her great IQ. 

It had been a few minutes since Jiang Li introduced the girl to them. As for the short-haired female student who came with her, since he didn't know her, it was Na Yu who did the introduction while apologizing for suddenly bringing a friend with her. In actuality, the band members did not really make a fuss out of a minor matter. 

Beauties have mysterious power to lessen the supposed amount of hate next to nothing if they were the one doing it.

For example, if somebody collided with another, if it was someone with average looks, he or she would receive words of blame or be scolded for having eyes but not using them. But if the person was a beauty, the other party would subconsciously feel more drawn to her appearance and would then forget the anger in his or her heart.

This was also the case this time. Since the manager-to-be had such radiant beauty, the band members were more than willing to let a small transgression pa.s.sed. 

After that short episode, since Jiang Li told them to, the boys tried to test Na Yu regarding her knowledge of them and the industry they were about to enter. As a result, apart from the persistent drummer who probably felt like he was being challenged, everyone else just admitted defeat and took a step back. Time pa.s.sed and they watched Xie Delan carry the rest of the battle with a weird expression on their faces. Everyone apart from Jiang Li felt numb.

"Brother Four Eyes made her recite a whole Wikipedia page and she didn't even bat an eye when she did it..." The blonde boy was laughing like a child who found something so curious and amazing. He sounded carefree, yet there was a bead of sweat running down his left temple.

Nian Xiwen sported an uncomfortable expression on his baby face. He grumbled to himself in a barely audible voice.

"d.a.m.n, she's pretty and has an eidetic memory. With such high spec and enviable appearance and brain, it's no wonder those saying she committed suicide out of depression are popping up left and right. People, of course, would want to throw rocks at things that shine. It's hard not to be malicious and envious of her."

His complaint made the culprit who brought her here chuckled. In reality, not even Jiang Li expected her to have a photographic memory. But it made sense that he didn't know. The girl died shortly after she made an appearance, her name only mentioned in hushed whispers as one of the college students who took their own lives.

After answering another question, Na Yu discreetly threw him a resentful glare. Although it greatly amused Jiang Li, he knew it was now time to end the 'battle'. Hence, he cleared his throat and then said, "Brother Xie, I think it's enough, though she really has no concrete experience now, given her superb grasp of knowledge revolving the entertainment world, in no time, she'd be a great a.s.set to us."

Despite his unwillingness, the eyegla.s.ses-wearing guy had no choice but admit that questioning her more about theoretical stuff would be meaningless. "Fine, since you said so." 

The girl pursed her lips and gave Jiang Li another evil glare. Nangong Xue, the tag-along girl, giggled silently by the side. 

Annoyed by that giggle, Na Yu commented, "I've now done my part. How about you guys gift me a performance since I'll be a new addition to this group? I also have to make an actual observation of the whole band."

Cheng Du nodded, "No problem. We're about to record another cover anyways."

As the oldest member went to get his own guitar, he also signaled the four others to prepare. 

Na Yu made a mental note in her memories to search for everything related to band compositions. So far, she observed that including the vocalist, there were two guitarists, one ba.s.sist, one pianist, and one drummer in the group. Was this too little? Or just enough? What's the ideal band composition?

Thankfully, the drummer did not ask her much about this since she didn't research much about it. Actually, she saw once that Xie Delan did plan to test her about it but Jiang Li seemed to have thrown him an eye signal.

Knowing this, she couldn't help but take another look at the man, her gaze not really that friendly. She wouldn't be in that situation were it not for him. She badly wanted to ask him, 'You texted me it will just be a quick question and answer session. What's so quick with a thirty minutes long QA, huh? For a moment, I thought I was in an intertional quiz contest!' 

After setting up the camera and recording a few greetings, the music finally started. The two girls watched while nodding their heads from time to time. Even the blabbermouth Nangong Xue did not talk much while the recording was ongoing except that time when she told Na Yu the t.i.tle of the song.

"It's Photograph by Nickelback."

Na Yu nodded, and then when the performance ended, she tapped on her phone to search for the original song. 

"How was it?" It was the gangster-like boy. There was a smug grin on his face. Or actually, it was his normal smile which just appeared smug due to his arrogant face and wild hair. 

The short-haired girl placed her right forefinger on her lips. The headphone-wearing guy tilted his head and made a 'huh?' sound. Nangong Xue left Na Yu who was concentrating on the original song and approached the two men with a flattering smile on her face. 

"Please be patient with her, she's listening to the original artist to make a comparison."

"I see." Nangong Xiwen nodded his head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The band members waited patiently for three minutes before they heard the woman raised her head wearing a complicated while saying, 

"You guys are actually cheaters..." She uttered it in a way that could make people nervous around her. 

"Uh... What?" Not hiding his surprise, Rascal Su blurted out.



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