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Maybe it was because the system held a grudge against him, or it was just necessary to let him have a grasp on what it really felt like to be on a mission, he got thrown to when the plot had already advanced halfway.

Both Tang Lan and Gu Feng had already contacted each other and had gone through a few 'dates' - inside the police car, at the police station, and the crime scenes. The male lead was no longer suspecting the female lead of being the culprit. Meanwhile, the latter was starting to be aware of the man as a member of the opposite s.e.x.

As for him, the ex? No comment.

Okay. Jiang Li actually hated He Chen's character. In the previous timeline, the young man did his best and seemingly exhausted his life and heart to win back Tang Lan. It was simply hard to imagine what love made this simple young man do.

He sang courtship songs for her in public and sent love letters daily. If his budget from part-timing would allow it, he would also send stuffed animals or snacks. Even when the female lead had become lovers with Gu Feng, whenever they had a fight and she was feeling down, the stupid ex would take the initiative to find her and comfort her.

He Chen belonged to another type of crazy. He was so stupidly and crazily in love!

d.a.m.n. All the things he did made Jiang Li want to puke out!

But see what he got in the end? Why was it a rule that the cannon-fodder or support characters always have to die in this kind of story?

'Sorry, but I'm not the type to follow the Original's type of craziness.' The man who had seen enough betrayals and even lived through the apocalypse days of his original world gritted his teeth and swore.

He Chen was a good vocalist, and his skills and knowledge were conveniently pa.s.sed to Jiang Li, hence, when he began singing, at least the lyrics came out of his mouth nicely, following the correct tune. The people below cheered. The university's boy band rarely performed, so they were thrilled to find He Chen and the rest playing a song at the stage.

Of course, not few of them recognized He Chen and inferred that he was being stupid again. Tang Lan also did.
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The woman had just pa.s.sed through the open gate. She had a long straight brownish hair, upturned black eyes, high nose, and thin cherry lips. She was wearing a blue long sleeve blouse, black skinny jeans, and black three-inch high heels. There was no expression on her face even when she got pushed and pulled in front by some of her friends.

"Tang Lan, this ex of yours is really very sincere to you. Why don't you just accept his love again?"

"Right. Even I felt that he's so good. Not only is his face value high. His grades and vocals are great too. If I have a suitor like him, I'll die of happiness."

"I know this song. It's by Boys Like Girls. Great lyrics and I love it. He Chen is better looking than the original band's vocalist though. Haha."

"Tang Lan... Maybe you should try to go up?"

The female lead had a strong character. Even so, she felt incredibly awkward hearing the various kind of encouragement and cheering. The other students who heard the ladies by her side whistled and joined the fun, pushing her in front to take a step into the stage.

'So embarra.s.sing.'

Tang Lan gave He Chen a very complicated stare. To say that she was not moved by this man's dedication to her was false.

However, she was an intelligent woman and knew that there were just things that could not be forced. Right now, she was already falling for Gu Feng, that cold handsome police officer hiding a soft and honest heart under his icy exterior. She was honest too and knew her heart, and so towards this old flame that refused to move on, she felt half-flattered and half-annoyed.

The female lead balled her hands into a fist. Putting on a non-caring look she looked at He Chen's face. The man was undeniably his charming as he sang from the heart.

"I tried to read between the lines

I tried to look in your eyes

I want a simple explanation for what I'm feeling inside..."

When she saw the man looking downwards, Tang Lan fell into deep thoughts. Even if she disliked this kind of music since she was more into cla.s.sical music, she still couldn't help but be drawn to his voice and music. However, liking his music or talent was different from liking him...

A year ago, when she said 'yes' to him, it was only due to her immaturity and desire to experience falling in love. When it failed, she chose to break up with him and not prolonged their awkward relationship.

'Who would have thought, this guy would be this stubborn? When would he choose to move on?' she complained in her heart with extreme irritation.



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