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While the woman's choice of words was quite weird, when viewed literally, apart from ignoring the man or throwing him statements which were either sharp or spicy, she did nothing else. At least, nothing that could be said harmful to him. The prank where she urged the director to make him constantly repeat scenes did not really make Jiang Li annoyed. So he was quite dumbfounded when he overheard the woman talking to Mo Fang about him.

After that though, he pretended he did not see the two women nor heard anything from them.  He had a hunch they saw him already. But he didn't want to be held back by Mo Fang so he hid and discreetly entered his car which was on the opposite side of the lot.

Of course, he did not leave yet, planning to at least confirm that Selena would be able to go back to her vehicle unharmed. Although he was confident that Mo Fang wouldn't be able to do anything to her and would be no match against her wordplay, there was nothing wrong with being careful and prudent.

Time pa.s.sed and Selena seemed to have finished saying her piece to Mo Fang. She walked away from there and started going to his direction.

After watching the red car which appeared unpleasant to his eyes drove away, he stuck his head out of the open window of his car. He waved a hand at the cold girl. "Would you like to join me in a ride?" he asked with a smile as she neared. He reckoned Selena's ride was parked near his.

Her signature scoffing face registered in his eyes as she elegantly strode towards his direction. "Who would join someone so suspicious and two-faced like you? I'm afraid I'll be killed with boredom."

"I thought you want to disgust me for life." He teasingly said.

That made her freeze on the spot. Selena blinked her beautiful hazel green eyes at the man, wondering, 'So this d.a.m.nable bloke overheard but purposely did not show himself or intervene?'

'Keep calm… You have to be the one angering him. Not the other way around.'

With a forced smile and eyes still emitting frost, she rolled her eyes and pulled the door to the backseat.

"Hey, sit here in front. The pa.s.senger seat is a free seat. I don't charge fees."

"No, thanks." She said as she fished her phone out, planning to text her bodyguards to follow Jiang Li's. She raised her head and indifferently told him, "My time is precious. Go drive. If the destination is not nice, I'll make you regret it."

"Treating me like a driver, huh?" Jiang Li chuckled, amused but not offended. 'Should I tell her my plan is only to waste gas and circle around the city?'

After switching the lights on so the interior would not at least become pit black, with only her phone's LCD giving off a bit of light, he laughingly added to himself, 'Better not. I'm sure she'll realize it soon.'

Two people set off with no destination in mind. However, since soon started to bicker back and forth, the drive didn't truly bore them.

The aimless trip ended up with them visiting unusual places in the city, like a Watermelon Museum, an underground city. They even entered a gay club. But it was Jiang Li who backed out and then led the woman to a restaurant inspired by waterside towns. There they ate Cantonese cuisine inside an elegant-looking black-awning boat that still wobbled above the water, of course, not without an exchange of 'humorous' words.

When the man woke up and reached for his phone that was still ringing an annoying and childish ringtone, his eyes were still half-closed and blurry. Actually, his head was hurting a bit since he drunk a bit after being dragged to the clubhouse by Wen Hui and their painter friend, Gao Jing. Selena was escorted home by her bodyguards. In actuality, he wanted to be the one to send her home, but the girl had already transferred to the other car before he could protest.

In his anger, he made sure the two accompanied him to drink until past midnight. No, it might be close to witching hours when they finished since he got annoyed when those two flaunted to him that they were close to capturing their targets. Normally, the report would have made him pleased. But said more than ten times in a single hour, who could stay calm and collected?

"h.e.l.lo? Who is this?" he unhurriedly spoke while checking the time.

"Zheng Xiang, I suppose?"

The voice that came from the device was that of a female. It was familiar actually. Feeling his sleepiness flying away bit by bit, he knitted his brows and rubbed his forehead.

"I see…." A while later, he said. "What do you need from me, President Mo?"

He descended from the bed and sat on its edge. When he looked around, he realized he was not at his house in the southern part of the city, but in the clubhouse.

While he was wondering which devil threw him so haphazardly on the bed in the guest room and caused him to have a b.u.mp on the head, Mo Zan's soft laughter rang briefly. He was busy giving the headboard a glare when she finished and spoke. "Mr. Zheng. I know you're a busy man so I won't take much of your time. Are you the real songwriter of the songs Mo Fang handed over to me?"

He fell into silence as he contemplated the purpose of this woman who called him out of nowhere. Numerous swirled in his head and most were either laughable or frightening, so he did not hesitate to reply, "Sorry, no. You got the wrong person."

"Mo Fang, your ex-wife, told me the truth, Mr. Zheng."

'Then why the heck are you still asking?'

He walked out and temporarily muted his phone. He then looked for any soul present, the first one he found was Wen Hui's bodyguard who seemed to be boiling his boss a hangover soup.

"Call Qin Tai. Or have your boss call him. Tell him to go here."

The burly guy responsible for the safety of the mayor's son nodded. Jiang Li looked for a quiet place on the first floor and ended up outside, at the verandah near the swimming pool.

From the other line, Mo Zan kept talking but the content of her speech was mostly bragging like how she knew he was Jiang Li, the newly signed artist of Qin Tai's company, and so on and so forth.

"What do you want?" Pressing on his temple with mild irritation, he repeated the earlier question he threw at the woman. "Ms. Mo, you told me you'd be direct. Where are you now? I think you also got lost in your own chattering just like I am."

"…" Mo Zan looked at Mo Fang, who was in her office and glared at her. Why didn't she inform her that her ex-husband had a nasty temper?

"Alright. Since you insist. You still love your ex-wife, right? I know you did your best to fight for the copyright that has been sold months prior to the releases of the alb.u.m…." The Dreamer's President paused for a while and glared again at Mo Fang, reminded of all the embarra.s.sment, scolding, and troubles she went through because of Liu De's alb.u.m. If the b*tch who caused all of these was not only backed by several important shareholders of Dreamer, she would not really bother completing the requesting of the shameless woman.

"Miss Mo. I don't know where you got that idea, but I don't love Mo Fang anymore."

"… Please listen… Just remember that the two of you still had been husband and wife for many years…"

'Heh, I need to remember those fleeting memories that give my Original pain and subsequently makes him give my soul some discomfort when she didn't give a d.a.m.n about those when she pushed my Original to h.e.l.l?' He stifled a yawn and squatted by the poolside.

The woman's voice echoed again. "So here's the situation. There's a woman who threatened Mo Fang of some pictures and doc.u.ments that can ruin her career. Her name is Selena Tang… Can you help us erase traces of those?"

"I don't get why I need to do that." He replied in a flat tone, sounding disinterested.

Mo Zan said in a forceful and intimidating manner, "Zheng Xiang. You are still developing your career as Jiang Li. I'm sure now that you tasted what it's like to stand on the stage, perform, record, and be popular, you must want to improve and reach a higher place. I remember… The Golden Melody Awards will be three months from now on. Your alb.u.m and t.i.tle track have a high chance now that Liu De is out of the compet.i.tion. You won't want your first step to stardom to be destroyed by your scandal eight months ago, right?"

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