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Mo Fang slowly got up from her reclining chair, sitting properly on it. She let her long wavy brown hair to cascade down and block some of the rays interfering with the lighting of her phone screen.

Before she could play the video, another notification popped up, this time, it was a request for a call. The name displayed was Samantha Gu, the same woman who shared the link to her.

"Hi, Fang fang!" An energetic voice rang from the other line, greeting her using her pet name. "Have you seen the video? What do you think? Isn't the guy there just quite dreamy? Haha."

Amidst the soft laughter of her friend, Mo Fang reluctantly hummed in agreement. She then greeted back before asking what she was calling for. "Hey, Samantha, did you only call for this? To be honest, I'm quite busy… So."

She made sure to sound like she was really having some sort of dilemma. The girl who called was quite bright so she immediately got what she meant. She awkwardly replied, "… Well, that's all actually, although I also want to ask how you're doing and engage in some small talks. It's been a while, you know… But well. I'm sorry if I disturbed you while at work. It should be one of your break hours. Sorry, I just got excited. I noticed apart from the man in the video being a looker, he seems to resemble your ex-husband Zheng Xiang…"

"Hmmm?" The name immediately made Mo Fang alarm.  "You mean, this Jiang Li?" She asked as she read the name in the description box below.

"Yeah. Actually, I was about to ask if this Jiang Li is also Zheng Xiang. I know a lot of people in your industry use other names on stage or change their names outright to something more nice sounding. But hey, if he's really your ex-husband, he doesn't pale in comparison to your current boyfriend's looks."

"…I know some rumors about him are not true… but no worries, I'm not saying anything bad about you since I'm aware what you did is for the two of you. Coz it would be torture for both of you to stay in a loveless relationship together… So how about you introdu----"

The more Mo Fang listened to what her friend was saying, the more she could feel her chest drumming. This was why without saying her goodbye, she hurriedly ended the call.

With her trembling fingers, she pulled up all the information of the singer named Jiang Li from Baidu. There were pictures available there, but all, without exception were only showing the side of his face. A few of his fans thus dubbed him the side profile hottie.

'There is none about where he comes from? Or who his parents are? Or where he attended to learn his skills in playing various instruments?'

Mo Fang bit her lower lip for a moment. She went back to the video shared with her and played it. It took her only a minute to confirm, based on the voice… that voice which had sung thirteen melancholic love songs for her. She remembered that when she was learning the melody from the private videos, she never took a good look at the person singing there, going as far as to close her eyes so she would not see how he was doing there.

Now, she could perfectly see it. The man had changed hairstyle and even his hair color. Gone was the so-called fashion beard that he sported on his chin which used to make her so annoyed. His posture and body movements became elegant. Who was he? Had her former husband always looked like this?

…. Why did it seem like he became better and looked better when they separated?

Mo Fang was stunned for some time. No, her eyes simply couldn't leave the face of the man singing in the video.

It took her a long while to regain her senses. And when she did, it was to recheck the information about him again.

"Ah De! Help me! He, He is back! I saw that he has become a singer just so he could be back in the entertainment industry again!" In a semi-hysterical tone, she told Liu De the moment she saw him.

The woman immediately asked him to meet up with her and they met in her condo unit.

 When the male lead appeared in the doorway, she instinctively jumped into his arms.

"Fang'er," exclaimed Liu De as he caught her. Then he asked, "What happened? What's making you afraid? I'm here for you…"

The actress gave him a teary glance which somehow sparked a short kissing session. After that, she led her into the living room. There she explained what happened and her suspicion of how the singer who had just debuted was Zheng Xiang.

As a qualified wife-stealer, he, of course, could not remember the name, so Mo Fang had to remind him that Zheng Xiang was her ex-husband.

"Did he show himself to you?" Liu De's expression was not good. "Did he hara.s.s you to make you come back to him?"

"No… but, but I'm afraid that is actually his real purpose. Should I call him and confront him about it?" The woman lowered her head and pursed her lips. Guilt was filling her chest, but since she had already taken this path, she could only go all the way. Her eyes instantly reddened, and some drops of tears started to well up from them.

Liu De gently wiped the crystal-like tears and said in a coaxing tone, "Hush, baby. Don't worry, I'm here. I won't let him hurt you again. Since you don't want to see him, I'll make him not able to go near you ever again."

Mo Fang discreetly heaved a sigh of relief. She discovered months ago that this future billionaire was someone who was very l.u.s.tful and had a very low bottom line, but he knew how to keep his word.

She raised her pitiful looking face and said softly, "Thank you."

To rea.s.sure his woman, Liu De stayed there until the night, soothing her with words. However, since there were only two of there in the place, inappropriate thoughts naturally bloomed in this guy's head which led to a steamy night filled with pa.s.sion.

"Sorry, we can't do much. We have to give a face to Starlight."

Mo Fang had her own contacts so she planned to not solely depend on Liu De's resources to shut Jiang Li, no, Zheng Xiang, down. However, the first one she called gave this response which truly made her dumbfounded and rooted on the ground.

She was still in her house. And had just woken up. Wrapped in her blanket, she was about to flip the switch of her aromdiffuser open to chase away the blush-inducing smell subtly filling the room.

"W-wait!" She stuttered out when her brain finally processed what she heard. Though of course, accepting was a different matter. She subconsciously said, "Director Lee, did you just say, he's a signed artist of Starlight? That Starlight?"

"Yeah, Miss Mo. It's that one owned by the Qin family. To be honest, I don't want to offend them unnecessarily since the ones I plan to use for my next movie are from their company. Is there anything else I can help you with, Miss Mo?"

She didn't speak for a full ten seconds, deeply thinking about the information she received.

Pursing her lips and realizing being informed of her ex-husband's music label was already the best help she would get from the other party, she politely replied, "No, thanks for giving me some of your time."

It was the director she spoke to who abruptly ended the call.

But Mo Fang was too absorbed in her thoughts to feel offended by the lack of goodbye greetings from him.

'Since he's from the rival side, my and Liu De's connections won't be able to do much against him. Unless... we use our fans… I can easily revive the matter from seven months ago. But…' A complicated expression flickered in her beautiful eyes. If given a choice, she no longer wanted to use that fabricated charge against an innocent person. Yet if pushed to a corner just so none of her plans would go awry, she wouldn't hesitate.

'Should I meet him first?' The question just suddenly popped up in her head which led to her deciding to do so.  

It had to be a meeting n.o.body else would know, she added in her mind.

Maybe she could persuade the man to quietly retreat, and not become part of her world again. And of course, pretend the songs which were currently her source of insecurity had been given to her out of his own volition.


Mo Fang's beautiful fantasy was broken when she found out she had no way to contact the man in secret. Her calls wouldn't go through the old number. She couldn't message him through his old social network accounts since all of those showed no sign of activity in the past seven months. The ones registered under his stage name were surely being handled by Starlight's people.

She would only have her personal a.s.sistant go on her behalf and lure the man out to meet her. And to be honest, this was already unacceptable to her since there would be one or two witnesses of her rendezvous with the man she didn't actually want to meet if given a choice.

'No… Mo Fang… Stop the pessimism. Maybe this is for the better. At least, Liu De will think I left witnesses so he wouldn't doubt my reason for meeting Zheng Xiang. Since my a.s.sistant already knew, I will have her standby near so she can at least see that Zheng Xiang and I will only be talking.'

The woman waited patiently in her car outside the building where a common friend of her and her ex-husband said he would be. She didn't question much why the man was in a photography studio since even singers, as long as they were popular and had good looks could be invited to be the cover girl or boy of a magazine or perhaps be an endorser.

Ten minutes later, the man she was waiting for emerged. Her a.s.sistant already informed him so when she walked out of the car wearing shades, cap, and scarf and strode towards a café with tinted wall gla.s.ses, he wordlessly followed.

Before getting inside the cafe, she looked back to check for suspicious individuals. She spotted no one, probably apart from a beautiful woman in a black dress who had the bearing of an elitist standing on the other side of the street while strangely eyeing her with a cold expression plastered on her pretty face.

Mo Fang looked away and dismissed the ridiculous thoughts in her mind. As long as there were no paparazzi, she was safe. How could she think of somebody who looked like somebody from a well-off family as suspicious?

She marched into the coffee shop and sat at a table in a corner. The man followed her and took the seat opposite hers. After placing his elbows on top of the table and clasping his hands together, he said, "It's been a while…."

The woman momentarily felt at lost, staring at the soft smile, that familiar and heartwarming expression, he flashed towards her. It was the only thing that seemingly remained the same after his transformation.

She had yet to speak when he asked, "How have you been… Mo Fang?"

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