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As Jiang Li requested to the system, the hostile G.o.d did receive his message containing what the young man had said. No more, no less. Word by word. For some time, the G.o.d couldn't react due to the mysterious scene and letters that floated before him.

However, after grasping the content, fury immediately rose in his heart. It was just very unbelievable!

A mortal trespa.s.ser whose name not in his records just blackmailed him?

And not did he only blackmail him, this same disgusting person was also discussing terms with him?

The G.o.d started trembling in anger as he found himself finding it harder and harder to control his temper.

If his strength had not become greatly impaired or if the body he was currently inhabiting was not twice physically stronger than Marcus, he would have damaged his current vessel again, ending up more injured. However, even though he was controlling himself well, the whites of his eyes still turned scarily red. It had taken him so much time to calm down.

'I can't waste another vessel! There's no way I can always find someone suitable and willing to give up their bodies to me,' he repeatedly chanted to remind himself of his situation. Both Marcus and the knight captain, Lirco, just happened to be ardent believers of him, the latter a spy and a secret devotee. But he wouldn't always be able to find people like them who not only faithful but with a strong physique.

Time quickly pa.s.sed. Yet in actuality, the chanting and mantra did not work. 

The only reason the Creator managed to soothe his anger so as to not destroy his current vessel was that the father and mother of the opposing prophet were finally arrested by his followers. It seemed, no matter how many people the other had, without somebody like Jiang Li restraining the new vessel, defeat was imminent. That was simply what happened. 

"Your Eminence, what should we do with these people?" asked one of the senior monks working for him. They were at the foot of the huge double staircase. He and his followers were forming a circle around the people they had captured.

The possessed head knight looked emotionlessly at the duke and d.u.c.h.ess gagged and bound by rope and kneeling before him. An unconscious girl with slightly reddish complexion was on their lap. The woman was weeping silently while the man was looking venomously at the person who used to be his family's head knight.

"I suggest we exchanged them for ransom... or for the prophet of the G.o.ddess," another bald man advised.

The monk from earlier replied in a sharp tone. "Ask for Luke Wade? Are you in your right mind? What benefit would we have if we exchange a whole House for the G.o.ddess' prophet?"

"The Holy Church would, of course, lose one of their leaders." The answer was said in a matter of fact manner by the other. The senior monk looked at his fellow believer in disdain as he explained. "Once we have him, no matter if we kill him or simply detain him, they will be losing somebody important, who knows how to predict the future. I think the reason we failed to kill the Emperor and the Pope is him. So if he is no longer in the church, it would be very beneficial to us. Don't you think so?"

"... You actually have a point."

Afterward, the two, no, everyone else focused their gaze on their leader.

The Creator gave the kneeling people before him an indifferent look.

Use them as an exchange? For an eyesore? The idea sounded pretty sweet but he felt like his revenge could no longer wait. Hence his voice rang, as cold as his glares.

"Execute them."

'What?' As soon as the words registered in their minds, everyone almost blurted the question out. Fear crossed the eyes of the d.u.c.h.ess and the other female servants tied and gagged near her. The Duke's also showed hints of surprise, but it only lingered for a second before returning to the usual sharp glares.

"Your Eminence..." The senior monk who suggested to do an exchange shot a worried glance at the muscle-bodied knight. Bowing and cupping his fists, he spoke in a humble tone, "Please excuse my impoliteness... but I implore you to reconsider. I believe these people still have some uses. We can use them as a shield or exchange them for something or someone of value. I'm sure too they have a stash of wealth somewhere which we could only pry the location from their lips."

'Why should I covet a mortal's wealth when this whole world is mine?'

Irritated, the Creator raised his hand and said, "I said execute th----"

However, before he could finish, another voice also interrupted him.


It was a shout filled with panic and anger, coming from a young woman, followed by a bright burst of light that drowned the whole premise.

Even the Creator momentarily closed his eyes due to the sudden brightness. It was the kind of light that could blind and ruin one's sight, testifying to its owner's wrath.

Who else in the world could give off such intense brightness?

The G.o.ddess of Light arrived. No, she might even be nearby since the beginning but was just hiding and observing. Or even if she was not, given her powers which governed light, it would be as easy as pie to teleport to this place.

No matter which, the important fact was that the woman temporarily set aside her fear of the other G.o.d to intervene! And she made an appearance using her newly created vessel!

'The sun I have created must have risen from the west today.'

The male G.o.d spat out in a serious tone holding chips of ice. ."You're courageous to appear before me, useless girl."

After the light receded, he gave the beautiful woman that materialized in the air a disdainful glance and then sprinted towards her to attack her. 

Those, who didn't know who the breathtaking woman was, held their breaths as they could see that the bulky grandmaster knight's fist was just a few centimeters away from her.

The duke and the d.u.c.h.ess would have yelled for her to dodge, or cry out 'No!' if they could only speak.

The others who could, the servants only bound but had not yet been gagged, did the favor for them. So for quite a while, shouts and yells reigned in the place.

Suppressing her trembling body which disliked the presence of the Creator, the G.o.ddess fiercely replied, "As usual, you're still thinking everyone should fear you! Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're too full of yourself!"

She then turned into particles of light and reappeared near the duke. After that, even though for about three seconds, she contemplated whether to counterattack or not, in the end, she only swiftly took the whole ducal family away. The magic she used was of course of light nature. Even though her attribute was not particularly strong against the creator, at least, it was effective in blinding people and also allow one to be fast.

The G.o.ddess appeared only to escape later with Jiang Li's family.

It was quite funny since the words she just said were contrary to what she did.

But seeing her gone, many people turned dumbfounded, staring blankly at the empty spot previously occupied by the Wade family. One of the monks asked to no one in particular, 'There's actually magic which could bring people elsewhere that fast?' Apparently, those present were not aware the girl just now was the G.o.ddess of Light. 

The Creator madly roamed his eyes around and yelled to his people. "Find them! Scatter around! Don't let them get away!"

He looked so fierce that the monks and rebels naturally obeyed and split into multiple directions. Their speed in fleeing was maybe they just got frightened by the crazy expression on their G.o.d's vessel's face.

The search went on for some time.

Unfortunately, n.o.body managed to find them.

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