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The G.o.ddess closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the change in the atmosphere around her. Slowly... purified mana seemingly got drawn to her location. The amount did not change. The realm was still circulating the same quant.i.ty. However, because the only other G.o.d apart from her was trapped somewhere, the mana naturally got attracted to her, she was being flooded.

She took a deep breath, letting her self be drowned in the wondrous feeling of being slowly filled with divine power. Actually, not really slowly, as she could it increasing every pa.s.sing second.

When a full minute pa.s.sed, all of a sudden, another type of power rushed towards her, coming from the small statue likened to her image. It was not a foreign thing to her. No, it was what one of the things she sought highly even. 

"My goodness!" She exclaimed, covering her mouth as her eyes opened and widened in shock. The surprise that filled her heart when she suddenly felt it surging towards her was difficult to explain.

Who would have guessed that the small statue she tied to a string and fashioned into a necklace would actually be storing a large amount of faith power inside it?

So a certain amount of purified mana or something was needed to activate it?

"Crazy!" Another yelp escaped from her lips.

She only pondered for a couple of seconds to guess where it all came from. It was from him. No doubt.

The prophet had roamed around half of the empire and preached in her name just a month ago and that must be where he had gotten all of these from. Yet the question was, how did he manage to contain the acc.u.mulated faith of the power inside a statue?

The girl scowled, unaware that Jiang Li left everything to the system and only paid points to it. But now that it was brought up, the system could actually do feats that even could surprise deities.

'Why does it seem like the mortal is giving the G.o.ddess me more surprises than I did to him?' she annoyedly asked herself.

The G.o.ddess' beautiful fingers fondled the ice carving.

Complicated emotions flashed across her beautiful eyes, simply contrasting the warm burst of light engulfing her.

The man she had started to fancy was quite the mysterious one. And to be honest, she hated it. As a divine being, a truly supreme magician in charge of a Law of nature, her pride was at least knowing every mortal's thoughts and deeds.

But why was he not someone whose thoughts she could grasp?

Was he aware that her curiosity towards him, for numerous times, had evoked her desire to be human?

It was a weird feeling since she had also quite become interested in the lives of other people. Yet the curiosity only made her want to follow their lives. This was the first time she wanted to descend, not to create miracles, but to see a mortal in person.

More divine energy moved towards her location and she absorbed them into her body without pause. As for the faith power, simultaneously, she was also bathing in it.

The glow she was emitting right now would definitely blind even a G.o.d's eyes, much less a normal human. If placed in the mortal's world, her radiance would definitely eclipse everything that shines, even the sun. This time the phrase was not in a figurative manner or empty praising.

No matter if the Creator's captivity was temporary or not, the G.o.ddess was thankful as finally, she had regained all the power lost from the summoning of the Saintess and the sending of future memories to Rumina Bolden. Yup, the girl did not truly go back in time. The G.o.ddess was not powerful enough to tamper with the Law of s.p.a.ce and Time. In fact, not even the Creator could do that.

Still, her act of predicting future events and sending those to the young Rumina's brain was already quite impressive. Only that this cost her a lot of her divine power.

But because of this, the female lead knew what fate awaited her if she took the normal route and fell for the b.a.s.t.a.r.d Emperor. This time, she would be spared of the heartbreak and betrayal. And even though the prophet's act of making her the bait for the Creator's entrapment could also be considered a betrayal, at least, she was not truly harm.

The female lead's fortune this lifetime was all due to the G.o.ddess. But as said above, the miracle had drained her of her power. This time around, maybe it was fate's arrangement for Rumina to at least help a bit in luring the enemy G.o.d in the trap. This way, the G.o.ddess recovered her powers as she currently had no one to compete with.

'I never know there's still this much-purified mana in the realm. It seems more than three-fourths always go to that old man.' She felt complicated emotions arising from within her.

'Is he that favored by the realm? Because he's the Creator?' She frowned, taking a couple of moments to erase the negative thoughts in her mind.  

A long time pa.s.sed.

The moment the woman felt that she had gathered enough, she raised her hand and destroyed the chains. The thing broke easily not only due to her regained powers, but because its creator could not supply it with his divine power.

"Yay! Finally freed!" The G.o.ddess cheered, laughing and giggling like a little girl for a fairly long while. After watching the chains turned into numerous light particles scattering around slowly, she stood in place, too moved and feeling complexed in her heart. Her laughter slowly turned silent as she became lost in her thoughts.

It was hard not to feel moved after getting imprisoned for thousands of years. The boredom. The feeling of humiliation. The helplessness. And guilt.

As if she was afraid the chains would suddenly reappear, or become alive again and capture her, she hurriedly cast a spell. She vanished from the palace itself, reappearing far away from there.

The palace that had housed for thousands of years then got swallowed by light before noisily crumbling. Of course, this was something she did to destroy the place reminding her of her humiliation as a G.o.ddess.

To where she went?

The question was stupid. Where else would she go?

It was naturally at the s.p.a.ce above her patron empire's capital!

Even though not many seemingly remembered what day was today, the G.o.ddess had still resolved herself to make a miracle...

The sky responded to the smile full of excitement she had in her face and made way for the sun. This way, the whole empire saw the bright rays peeking out of the grey clouds, hope started to bud in the hearts of everyone, especially the male lead's people.

Below, the G.o.ddess could see her prophet making faces and perhaps, taunting the red-haired guy weakly lying inside the cage.

'For now... let's create a real avatar for me,' she told herself after taking a deep breath.

The sight below made her add vengefully, '...And maybe, finish off the d.a.m.n old b.a.s.t.a.r.d for real.'

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