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'At all cost, stop the G.o.ddess' prophet from chanting his spell! Don't let it be successfully completed!'

The urgency in the divine being's voice made him panic. And this grew worse when he saw through the see-through walls that a magic circle was already shining on the floor of the platform above. That must be the spell! This was what he must stop at all costs!

Ignoring the viscount, the red-haired young man roared, "Go behind and try to break through there! Once you're there, make sure to destroy the whole floor! Do you all hear me!"

"Sir, there was a barrier on the other sides of the stage. It's also useless to try to toss people from the sky above that place. We presumed it is the Pope's work this time."

"Just try and do it! Dammit!" He roared in frustration. The scared knights and magicians left in a hurry, probably thinking it would be better to deal with the enemies than Marcus who was apparently very irate and dangerous-looking.

After that outburst, he stared ahead, pupils contracting at the burst of light coming from the center stage. That made him silent for some time. No. Not only that. Actually, he was silent because, in his mind, he finally gathered the resolve and tried to communicate with the Creator.

'Please lend me your help, Oh Great Creator. My strength this time is unable to topple the enemy. This humble servant of Yours is begging You to be my strength instead.'

Marcus closed his eyes. From within his mind, a baritone voice scolded him for being useless. After that, the pain just a.s.saulted his brain and nerves. A moment later, when he reopened his eyes again, the color of those obsidian orbs changed into a beautiful silver. His aura changed into a more solemn and divine one.

At that time, the prophet of the Creator was no longer himself, but the Creator! Given the consent of the mortal, he descended and temporarily inhabited Marcus' body, even though doing so might cripple the Lilac's heir for life.

However, Marcus had already made a decision. Because he was an aristocrat educated since young to prioritize family interests above all others, he managed to harden his resolve, sacrificing himself for the sake of this revolt and his family.

If considered from another angle, the red-haired young man was a bit admirable and could have accomplished greater things had he been born not a prophet. Unfortunately, no amount of what-ifs and buts could change one's fate.

Another moment later, the ones nearby just saw a red figure bolting towards the Emperor's location, jumping up and raising his fist to struck the seemingly indestructible wall of ice.

At the loud tremor which ensued, Jiang Li, who was on the other side of the wall, turned his face at the direction of the sound.

'Marcus Lilac?'

His pupils first dilated before he narrowed them. Yet despite the crumbling of his barrier, he dared look away and to the Saintess who finally reached the center of the magical circle. It seemed the red-haired n.o.bleman's actions had frightened her and speed up her steps. Jiang Li smiled.

The girl, after looking at the possessed Marcus Lilac, shivered and threw a helpless gaze at the male lead. When the other man did not dare meet her gaze, she then looked at the prophet.

"You made the correct decision, Su Luxi." Jiang Li said as he slowly parted with the wheelchair.

It was time to drop the act. If his guess was correct, seeing the unusual eye color of the ducal heir who he had been acquainted with a bit, he reckoned he could no longer pretend to be crippled and had no ability to stand up. How would he fight the Creator otherwise who he had suspected to have forcibly made Marcus Lilac his temporary vessel?

Under the surprised and gaping spectators, Jiang Li raised his hand and activated the scroll gotten from the system, "Saintess Su Luxi. Thank you for all your contribution. Now return to where you came from!"


The Saintess involuntarily exclaimed. She was not as surprised as the others when the prophet rumored to be seriously ill and with lame legs suddenly stood up. Her shock was that the ground where she stood suddenly lit up as bright as the sun and almost blinded her. "Ahhh! My eyes!" The girl whose eyes got a.s.saulted by the blinding glow closed them as she buried her face in her hands.

"What's the meaning of this?!" The Pope tried to rush towards the girl.

Outside, the raging Creator exerted more G.o.dly power and struck the same point on the wall in quick successions. Even though the body he was using was already close to breaking down, he acted as if he didn't notice it. He poured out more divine power from his body until the annoying wall of ice finally tumbled down, accompanied by a continuous loud crashing sound.

"Stoppp!!!!" The Creator roared with all his might. Blood trickled down from the corner of his eyes and mouth. Actually, even his nose was already bleeding. It was a bad sign since it could mean that the organs and, or, even the brain of the body he was using had broken down under the pressure of the divine power.

The mortal body was just incompatible with a G.o.d's might. Marcus' body managed to persist until now because his const.i.tution was stronger than many. Apart from this, he had temporarily become a vessel. The latter referred a body lent to or created by a G.o.d so he could manifest or show off his might in the real world. Yet for Marcus, the keyword was temporary. The Creator had no qualms using the mortal's sh.e.l.l since it had long been decided that it was a disposable body.

Given this reasoning, the red-haired man sped up, propelled by divine power again. More blood flowed out of the eyes and nose of the Creator's vessel since he just used a portion of his power to pound his fist on the part of the floor where the magic circle was. "d.a.m.n, begone!!!"  His goal was obviously to destroy the magic circle as to interrupt the ongoing magic transfer.

The stage was only built using a normal mix of cement and some st.u.r.dy stones. Not to mention a G.o.d's punch, it would even cave in and crumble from a master warrior's punch. Another loud crashing sound echoed in the place.

However, what broke and got destroyed was not what the Creator expected. Something got away and took the place of the floor. The silver eyes of the vessel flashed with hatred looking at the grandmaster magician who produced that wall of ice again.

'This annoying pest of a trespa.s.ser! If only this vessel is stronger, I could have exhibited a bit more of my strength and kill him!'

"Come to me, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Without any more plan to uphold his prim and proper image, Jiang Li kept sending waves of attacks at the other.

However, the Creator was more focused on stopping the interdimensional transfer. The divine being believed too much on the prophecy book in his person hence he prioritized the Saintess. He temporarily swallowed the anger and desire to kill the intruder to his world.

'The summoned girl first!'

Unfortunately, when he arrived next to the Saintess, it was already too late. Her body was already incorporeal. Her crying voice calling out Rome's name kept getting weaker too, as if her distance with them kept getting further and further away.

The stretched out hands of the Creator only managed to touch the light particles that her hair had become. She formally vanished from there. But she was still alive. Only, the scroll from the system forced the Saintess back to her real world! This was how Jiang Li chose to save the villainess!

Without her in this world, even if she harbored great resentments and go crazy, would she be able to bring harm to anyone here? No, right?

Not to mention, Su Luxi was still young and had only been here for two months so even if she became depressed, she still had many years ahead of her. She could recover from it and then lead an ordinary life. She would then treat the experience she had in this fantasy world as dreams or delusions.

The mechanical voice of the system echoed in his mind. It was a formal announcement that he had just used his second chance to change the plot. So that big of a change only counted as one? The discovery almost made him smile, if not for the system warning him that one more and he would be punished. The host ignored it as he ran towards Marcus who tried to vent his anger to those nearby.

The prophet's eyes darkened when the other's attack almost landed on Rumina, intending to pulverize her body.

The silver eyes of the red-haired man shone with a tinge of red.

Jiang Li coldly said to the leads and the others. "Leave. Evacuate now. Help those below or if you can't lead them away. Just don't stay here!"

"Your Excellency?!"

It was Lando who tried to intercept the quick punch thrown at Jiang Li, but knowing that strike was definitely strong enough to decimate a whole town into a wasteland, it was the master who flickered to his servant's side and kicked him.

The Pope had lifted a part of his barrier and coincidentally that was where the knight got thrown out.

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