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"It's a pity. But milady's health is more important. I suggest Miss Zhu take a break at one of the guest rooms for now. Would you like me to escort you?"

'Sc.u.m. And an idiot! Amateurish acting can actually fool him. How did he become Jasper City's Business King? And why the heck will I let him escort me anywhere?'

It was amazing how the curling of her lips did not seem forced when she replied,

"I'm afraid to bother Mr. Cheng. Please don't worry about me. I plan to take a rest at one of the side sofas here."

The loathful 'golden' bachelor of the country who, despite the recent crises his corporation had just been to for these past two weeks, could still remember to flirt with women left, right, and center, finally left her alone. He must have only feeling a bit of pity for a prey that slipped out of his net but moved on too fast to search for another woman willing to accompany him.

The woman shook her head and left the group of women there.

Instead of looking for a sofa at the sides to sit at as she said to the b.a.s.t.a.r.d son of fate, Zhu Li went out of the side entrance leading to the elaborate garden of the venue.

Anyway, the politician who had a birthday today already made his entrance an hour ago, so it should be okay even if she wandered around and waited for her family to notify her of their departure.

Unexpectedly, after she went out the brightly lit hall and got into the dimly but dreamily lit corridor, she found somebody she did not expect to be there.

The figure of that person was leaning against the pillar as he bathed under the soft glow of the multi-colored lights.
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His ever so familiar and charismatic voice entered her ears,

"Yup... Just call me once you're done with whatever you have to do there... No, don't wanna... Why mix with them?... Goodbye and thanks in advance."

And then Zhu Li saw him ending the call and pocketing the phone even though gibberish protest-like sounds were still echoing in the background.

'... I don't remember this happening in my last life.'

The woman repeatedly blinked at the man who appeared in this place at this time despite it being contrary to what she recalled.


Most likely alarmed by her presence, the man turned his head towards her direction, seeing her just a meter away from where the dazzling light was coming.

It appeared like a mesmerizing halo behind her that even Jiang Li, the slightly crazy guy, couldn't deny that Zhu Li was quite a beauty above every girl in this party.

"We met before, right?"

Zhu Li forced down the lump in her throat and spoke up.

The second lifetime started quite a few days ago, yet the effect of this man to her remained the same, to her woes.

He merely nodded.

She felt helpless at the happiness she felt when he didn't take his eyes off of her. If there was only a well nearby where she could jump off, she would have already headed and jumped in there.

In the end, it was she who averted her gaze, settling her eyes on the rows of red roses by the side blooming regardless of time.

"It seems I disturbed your rest. I shall excuse myself then. Good eve."

Before she could turn around, he spoke up.

"No need to leave. I don't own the place. Stay if you want."

She watched as the man threw her a nonchalant look.

She was weighing whether to stay or not when he made an expression as if he remembered something.

"Now that I remember it, how did you solve things with that other woman?"

Deciding that she could try to do as he said and enjoyed this rare moment of peace which could also probably be their last, the girl in the elegant red long dress took a seat on the stone bench there.

She answered, "I made her apologize. And then that's it."

Zhu Li had precisely gone back to this timeline around that time. With full knowledge of how the future would turn out to be, she initially wanted to strangle the 'her' who easily settled the matter that way.

But then, she thought, it was actually for the better.

In a sense, Xie Na's outcome had not been any better than her.

Or maybe, hers had been worse since while Zhu Li never had a definite crossing of paths before with Jiang Li, Xie Na was used to the fullest, and then discarded together with her unborn child.

At least in this lifetime, her stupid scuffles with Xie Na had not yet started.

Though in one corner of her heart, there was a bigger part which couldn't accept everything she experienced back then.

She looked back at Jiang Li, her gaze very complicated.

He was the root cause, yet he was innocent. It sounded like awesome nonsense, yet it was the truth.

'... Maybe I should start avoiding this guy while taking revenge against the other,' she thought a few seconds later.

The two of them were quite near to each other and could have gotten closer, in a figurative manner, by speaking to each other.

However, they chose to maintain that calming silence and safe distance between them.

Their reasons differed.

The girl only wanted to be able to say in the future that she spent some time with the person she loved before giving him up.

The young man simply thought he had nothing to talk with her.

Later, in the next coming days, once they recalled this party, their escape from the hall, and chance meeting at the garden, it would be such a puzzle to them how their wasting away of the romantic music, place, and atmosphere became quite the memorable experience for the both of them.



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