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The banquet that was hosted for the victors only lasted for no more than two hours. After that, the Emperor dismissed the guests. The Grand Marshal was asked to stay for a discussion about one of the borders so he had the rest of his household members depart for home without him.

After getting the carriage holding the young misses of the Jiangs, the second legitimate daughter Jiang Rou Li immediately headed back to her own courtyard. Her mother, the Second Madam was with her, patiently listening to her accounts of the most notable thing that happened to her in the dragon boat race event.

Her eyes were as bright as sparkling jewels as she exclaimed, "Mother, I really can't believe it. His Highness Rui w.a.n.g chatted with me for almost an hour. I'm so happy. I can't stop replaying our conversation in my mind."

The Second Madam, Lady w.a.n.g, had a slightly pale face since she still hadn't recovered completely from her recent miscarriage. However, with her lips curled into a beautiful smile, she appeared more energetic and vibrant.

Holding her sixteen years old daughter's hands, the woman said, "Rou'er, mother has faith in you. Now that that woman has been kicked out of the residence, you have become the Marshal family's first legitimate miss. Rui w.a.n.g should no longer have any problem taking you in as his princess consort. However, everything will still depend on your effort. You must win his heart and willingly have him marry you."

Jiang Rou Li nodded with a huge grin on her pretty, immature face. "Don't worry, mother. I know what to do. In the first place, Rui w.a.n.g doesn't care about Jiang Ying Yue. I am the one close to His Highness. He also wanted to be his wife. Even earlier, apart from that Sheng Lingxin, I am the only girl His Highness had spoken to. Mother, believe me, one of these days, I will be His Highness new fiancée"

The confidence in the girl's face was so brilliant. Despite the prince not promising anything to this young lady, she seemed to be very certain that Rui w.a.n.g would choose her as his princ.i.p.al wife.

Looking at her beautiful and talented daughter, the second madam felt proudness rising in her heart. This lady who had maintained her youth despite her age made an expression as if she believed her daughter and think that she was capable of making what she said a reality.

However, when she remembered the names mentioned, a frown appeared on her face. She fell into deep contemplation.

The two of them were inside the outer all, sitting opposite each other at a low mahogany table. There was a beautiful cloud and immortal patterned white ceramic vase in front of them. Several snacks giving off an appetizing smell were also laid down on the table by the maids before they took their seats earlier.

Lady w.a.n.g squeezed her daughter's hand that was on her grasp. "Rou'er, you mentioning those two names made me recall something." The madam sported a look of seriousness in her face. "We will not have any issue with the prime minister's first young miss since she's already betrothed to Hai w.a.n.g. She appears to be a woman who values her reputation and is also very capable. She's somebody you should befriend and be close to once you two become w.a.n.g Feis. However, there seems to be a problem with Jiang Ying Yue's side."

Jiang Rou Li pouted, "Mother, I think I know what you want to say. But isn't she nothing more than a disowned daughter now? She has no status, no engagement, no backing... Even if she's still alive, she's nothing compared to me."

Lady w.a.n.g shook her head then spoke patiently, in a lecturing tone, "Rou'er, don't lower your guard until you see the enemy dead or living a life worse than death. I've long been hearing rumors that Chen w.a.n.g saved her and is doing his best to clear her name. It's only a rumor yet since n.o.body has seen Jiang Ying Yue, but I'm afraid there is still some truth into it."

No hint of surprise appeared on the girl's face. Although Jiang Rou Li seemed like a normal girl stupidly in love, in reality she knew how to use her brain well. She had her own spies and was the one controlling the household more than her mother. The rumors her mother mentioned already reached her ears days ago.

"Alright, mother. I'll make sure to remember. To be honest, I know that His Highness Chen w.a.n.g has sheltered that woman. His Highness Rui w.a.n.g also hinted this to me earlier."

Worry crossed her mother's eyes, but she shook her head and said, "Please, set your heart at ease, mother. Even if Chen w.a.n.g had the whole Ministry of Justice involved, no one will be able to trace it to us. Even our own people and allies in this house are in the dark."

"I'm just worried because everyone knows I visited Jiang Ying Yue by myself on that day. Now that His Highness Chen w.a.n.g is having suspicions about me, people will surely begin to speculate. Mother's heart is just feeling insecure. I have done so much to obtain my current position. After reaching it, I naturally don't want my reputation to be damaged."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Rou Li looked into her mother's eyes and felt a bit of heartache for what the older lady went through. However, deep inside her heart, she was also feeling disdain. The miscarriage had to be done for the child should not exist. Jiang Ying Yue just happened to be convenient to drag along in the mess so they took that opportunity to erase her from their paths.

Everything seemed to have gone smooth. But who would have thought the heavens would not totally abandon Jiang Ying Yue and allowed her to survive? Why couldn't that eyesore just die so she could be the first miss officially? How annoying!

"His Highness Chen w.a.n.g is unfathomable." After a while, the girl murmured absentmindedly. "His Highness would always be away from the capital from time to time. There's not much known about him apart from being a good commander and a gifted martial artist. Many of my female acquaintances are enamored with him because of his good looks, accomplishments in the battlefield and mysteriousness. It's human instinct to get drawn to or fear the unknown."

"Right now, we didn't know his intention for saving Jiang Ying Yue. But Rou'er, I'm afraid of the hearsays saying Chen w.a.n.g wants to elevate that woman into his w.a.n.g Fei."

The girl shook her head. "Mother, there's no use thinking about it. What's to be done is to act normal even if the officials from the ministry of justice come. There should be no one who holds evidence against us or even if there is, n.o.body in this estate should be courageous enough to go against us. We'll be fine."

After the younger lady flashed a beautiful smile at her, the Second Madam did not argue anymore. In her heart, Lady w.a.n.g was happy to have a sensible and smart daughter.


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