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"Host, you're not allowed to go OOC. Your current ident.i.ty is that of a first-rank prince whose Chen w.a.n.g t.i.tle was pa.s.sed down by his grandfather, a legendary figure who helped the first emperor in founding the Zhao Dynasty. Your name is Lu Ling and aside from being a first-rank prince, you're also a general whose rank is only lower than the current grand marshal... You..." 

"If you're going to tell me I'm supposed to stay aloof, cold, and a man of few words, don't worry, I can do that once I'm at the prince's residence." Jiang Li's tone held hints of annoyance as he commanded it to not speak again unless asked.

While his eyes never left the girl, his mind was busy coming up with plans to determine whether she was related to Na Yu and Zhu Li in any way. Who knows? Maybe he'll discover a big secret, like how Jiang Ying Yue was actually Na Yu who somehow followed him here. This might sound like him being delusional, but even if the chance of it being true was slim, he still wanted to test this conjecture. 

The problem is, how would he do that? 

'Tang Lan, that psycho, used to tell He Chen that in situations like this, most authors will write their characters as someone with a birthmark or item on them that is identical to or owned by their previous incarnations...'

A wry smile formed on his lips when a certain memory flickered in his mind.

To be honest, when he was still in the previous world, after spending points to extend his life, except for the first year where he had to 'get' treatment, the system helped him make his first fifteen years there normal. All the symptoms and pains he had to suffer only relapsed in the last five years. The system explained it was to make his death there appear reasonable.

But his point was that for a decade, he at least experienced being an HIV patient with an undetectable viral load. Undetectable equals healthy on the surface, which also means being able to perform what a husband should with his wife without worrying about the virus being pa.s.sed to her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'... Should I feel angry now that her prided blemishless skin is giving me trouble...?'

He let all sorts of thoughts flood his mind and only settled on a plan when he caught sight of the girl finally parting her knees from the floor. 

The night had fully descended. Jiang Ying Yue noticed it too so she turned around and dragged her feet towards her room. The girl was already envisioning a long night ahead spent on crying and feeling heartbroken and fear for her future. 

Jiang Li also left his post. But before returning to his estate, he first roamed around the Jiang's residence and scoured every building there apart from the marshal's. It was a good thing the Original had a high level of kung fu so he could easily jump over walls and run along the roofs. The feeling of being able to do parkour-like moves was awesome. He had fun with this skill for a while before stopping when he discovered a suspicious individual speaking with an equally suspicious middle-aged female servant.

'Now I know why authors love writing about sisters from high n.o.ble clans scheming against each other for their princes and dream husbands every day. Coz it happens in real life.' He clicked his tongue, watching the villainess' sister pa.s.s banknotes to the servant.

If he remembered correctly, this person was the one who shouted at Jiang Ying Yue when she tackled him for the fifth time. When he briefly glanced at her in the grand chamber, he already knew something was wrong with her due to the hint of resentment in her eyes. So was this girl also in love with that prince, jealous of Jiang Ying Yue's status or beauty, or just plain evil?

"Remember, your son's fate is currently in my hands, so you better make sure no one will know about this!" 

The threatened old lady bowed her head and replied in a shaky voice, "This lowly one will do as she is told."

The marshal's second legitimate miss who was only a year younger than Jiang Ying Yue quizzed her again of what she should say to the people outside, nodding in satisfaction after hearing the words she wanted to hear. Only then did she let the servant go, watching her disappear into the dark pathway leading to the eastern side gate. 

Jiang Li's face was expressionless as he took in the slight smirk on the girl's lips. A few seconds later, he silently went after the older female. 

'... Poor villainess. Despite being thrown out, she blamed herself for being weak and not charming in Rui w.a.n.g's eyes. Why didn't she suspect that one of her family members were behind the rumors?'

When Jiang Ying Yue learned witchcraft, she only used it to retaliate against the Imperial Family. She did countless horrible things and even involved hundreds of thousands of innocent people for her vengeance, but she never laid a hand on the family that abandoned her. Weird. Was she just being filial? Or stupid? Or maybe things between her and the Jiangs were just really not as simple as it seemed?

At times when he lacked the necessary information like this, Jiang Li missed the modern world. 


No rumors about Jiang Ying Yue's promiscuity spread the next day due to Jiang Li's interference. The man brought the old lady away and had some of his people rescue his youngest son. In case the malicious girl did not only send one person out, he ordered the rest of his men to patrol the whole city, silence those they should... and tell some romantic stories at taverns and other populated areas. 

It was already almost noon when Jiang Ying Yue heard of those stories linking her name to the ill.u.s.trious Chen w.a.n.g.

And when she did, she only had one reaction to it. 

"Hah... So this is what happens when one lacks sleep..."

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