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A minute later...

"Miss Jiang, when are you going to stop tackling me?"

He glared at the girl for a long time since this was already the fifth time that she tried to throw herself against him. The problem with her was that she never stopped crying and never lifted her head up. She kept mistaking his chest for a pillar and repeatedly stood up from the floor to try her suicide method.

Black lines appeared on Jiang Li's forehead.

How the h.e.l.l did she manage to not realize that she had never b.u.mped into her intended target? Actually, in the first place, why was a freakin' pillar her target? Who the f*ck gave her the idea? The ancients were really so different. He felt like he would need some time to make it past the culture shock!

The place had already become quiet because most of the people around were rendered speechless by the girl's actions. There were also those who couldn't get over the fact that Chen w.a.n.g, one of Zhao Dynasty's first rank princes suddenly showed off his extraordinary lightness skill just to save her.

But look at what the Jiang Clan's first legitimate miss was doing.

"Stop! Sister, please stop! Listen to me, y-you're---"

"Heavens!" The madam who stood next to the girl earlier covered her eyes with her fan and trembled from fright.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"BAM!" A loud thudding sound once again echoed. The young lady who appeared to be sisters with the other girl gulped after seeing the prince's expression turning dark.

'My Dear Sister, if you want to commit suicide, go ahead! But why don't you first raise your head, apologize to the prince, and look for another column to smash your head against?!' she thought, fearing that their whole family would be implicated and punished too.

"Jiang Ying Yue! Stop!" shouted a tall, lean middle-aged man dressed like a minister.

When the girl heard that voice, she finally came to her senses and then froze. The most recent collision made her very dizzy but she recognized the voice. It was her father, the grand marshal of Great Zhao's army, one of the people she most feared in the world. Burning in shame and hating why she was still alive, her knees softened and lost strength.

"Careful." Distress almost showed on Jiang Li's face when he caught the falling woman.

'She's so cold and looks so fragile.'

'But the most important thing is why does she look like Na Yu?'

The transfer had just happened. Five minutes ago he was still burning his wife's beautiful face into his memories, afraid of forgetting a single detail. Yet now a much younger version of her appeared before him in the new world.

'd.a.m.n, what the h.e.l.l's going on? Even the first encounter, the suicide part, is pretty much the same...!'

No coincidence happens thrice. Na Yu looking like Zhu Li could still be said a coincidence if it stopped there. But it was now obvious that something was wrong when he saw this new girl whose features were a hundred percent similar to the younger Na Yu. Jiang Li made a mental note to inquire about this from the system once he gets to a safer place. 

"Your Highness!" That slightly shaky voice pulled his attention away from the girl's face.

The marshal dressed in his court clothes sweated heavily as he walked towards them and put his hands forwards together under his sleeves. He bowed after his greetings. "Everything's my fault. I haven't educated my daughter enough. But I'm begging Your Highness to show pity and forgive her!"

Jiang Li saw the stern and rigid Grand Marshal threw a cold look at the girl.

Even though annoyed by her soulless appearance and the father's treatment of her, he managed to reply, "It's fine. But it seems this lady suffered a shock so I suggest you now bring her away."

He received many words of thanks from the family of the girl and praises from the emperor and the bystanders. Of course, not all of them did the same. Some of the gazes he received were meaningful and gauging. Probably many were wondering why the usually stoic and aloof Chen w.a.n.g moved to stop the Jiang Family's first miss from smashing her head.

The noisy clamoring slash gossiping continued until the whole family of the military head disappeared from the grand chamber. Before the girl completely vanished from his sight, he noticed her giving Rui w.a.n.g a half-pleading, half-grieving look. 

Jiang Li felt very thankful that the emperor immediately ended the banquet. He didn't really feel like staying especially after witnessing that last one. He also barely saw a part of the plot and had almost zero knowledge of the situation here. Why would he want to stay?

Followed by his own entourage and ler by a eunuch, he got into an elegant and elaborately designed carriage parked at the left side of the front garden. Afterward, he had the carriage driver sent him back to his own residence.

Taking advantage of the fact that the ride would take more or less an hour, he immediately unmuted the system, blocking it when it hurriedly offered to continue giving him the plot and his current Original's memories.

"I want to know why I saw someone looking like her in all the worlds you sent me to."


The system acted weirdly when he said that. It first maintained its silence then said, 'Er, hehe... Host, we just completed a mission. Why don't we first check how many points you earn?'

Jiang Li clicked his tongue and asked the same question again, but to his extreme annoyance, the d.a.m.n thing in his head kept its silence for good. Its action was just so suspicious. Or maybe deep within him, he just wanted to believe it was suspicious. If it was not a coincidence, then he would have a reason to believe Jiang Ying Yue could be that girl...

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