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Published at 30th of September 2019 11:25:39 PM Chapter 34

Two shameless people's eyes couldn't take their gaze away from each other.

They both had this unexpected feeling that they belonged to each other's arms. Just why? Why were they having this sudden attraction to each other when they had just met?

Such a puzzling work of fate...

Meanwhile, Jiang Li almost laughed so hard at the cheesy and insides-churning sight.

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He looked away because his eyes seemed to be burnt. It was so irritating.

'Good for them. One moment later, I'm sure they'll be tumbling in bed, doing something even the G.o.ds won't want to know.'

He laughed coldly as he saw the culprit who drugged Bai Qing in the past timeline. This rich second generation's expression seemingly didn't like how the target he selected was in somebody else's arms. Any given second, this man would surely begin his quest to enjoy a night with a gem found in this birthday celebration.

Advertis.e.m.e.ntNow Jiang Li only had to wait for the play to start.

'It would surely be entertaining,' he thought in amus.e.m.e.nt.

A second later, his expression turned more sardonic when Jiang Xinyi, his older female cousin who was dressed in a red and black figure-hugging dress, entered his eyes and noticed the concealed pain and unwillingness that crossed her eyes.

She was looking at Cheng Yijun.

Two years seemed to not have helped her much, huh? What a helpless woman.

Jiang Xinyi averted her eyes in the end and surprisingly went to Jiang Li's direction. Two champagne flutes were in her porcelain white hands.

"Good eve, cousin," she simply greeted before offering him one of the drinks.

Inwardly, he wondered, 'Poisoned?'

Jiang Li's face remained expressionless as he accepted it. Anyway, he didn't have to down it as soon he gets it, right? He didn't really plan to ingest anything in this party, even if it was from his own parents, much less a relative whom he only met thrice or twice in the past.

His family was not on good terms right now with the second household.

While Jiang Wen had managed to bulls.h.i.t his way into making the rest of the shareholders think that he only did what he did last time for the sake of their business, Jiang Li knew so much better just what kind of person he was.

Jiang Xinyi seemed innocent about the whole matter. But how could he be so sure? This woman was obviously quite dangerous if she could change faces in a matter of seconds.

He was referring to how just a couple of moments ago, she was sporting a nostalgic and hurt expression, but now she looked emotionless.

With a slight grin, he returned the greeting, "Cousin, good eve as well. This goodnight is as lovely as you."

By the beautiful woman's request, they looked for a corner where they would be fewer eyes to worry about.

Without erasing his polite smile, he waited for the woman to say her piece of mind.

He didn't have to wait long.

Jiang Xinyi looked down to the red liquid in hand and lightly shook it. The beautiful ripple on its surface brought a smile to her face.

"I heard that you're now a man who wants people to always be direct, so I won't dilly-dally any longer."

He retained his current expression while the woman swept him up a soft side glance with her cat-like eyes. She said, "My father wants me to poison you through that champagne flute."


Mild surprise got into his face when she suddenly cutely giggled and teasingly looked at him. Afterward, she poured the contents of her wine gla.s.s all over the ornamental plant next to her.

His eyes narrowed as he watched this scene.

Just what did this gesture mean?

His eyes went to his hand.

The redness of the liquid inside his champagne flute looked so beautiful yet treacherous, deadlier than a rose that has a few thorns on it.

However, her action seemingly told him. Hers was the real poisoned drink.

So does it mean she exchanged the two gla.s.ses before going to him?



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