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After seeing one of his closest friends fail one of the tests and drop out of the trials. Novis was now more determined than ever to succeed.

Now twenty students in total stood on the field. Each lined up into four different lines which had been organised by the staff members. In front of them was Biden standing tall and strong.

"Everyone here has managed to prove themselves, that not only are they good or skilful in the game. But they have the standard foundations of that to become a pro." Biden said.

"Now we will move on to the final test where you shall play VSW to the best of your abilities. As you can see, there are five of you in each team the perfect number of players for a team. The rows you are in now will be your teammates for the next a.s.sessment."

Just then each member started to turn their heads to look at who was on their team. Lucky for Novis and Lucas, the two of them were on the same side, but they had no clue who the other three people were.

"Make sure you work hard together for whichever team wins will automatically become a member of t.i.tan university."

As Novis looked at the three other people behind him, he realised that these people could be the deciding factor of whether or not he would get into t.i.tan university.

But unknown to him, they were looking at Novis and Lucas the same way.

"How are we meant to play with people we don't even know about?" Someone complained.

"Yeah, we don't even know each other positions. What if we have a team full of ranged warriors."

"Yeah, or if another team is more balanced then ours."

The people were shouting and complaining about the situation they were put in. They felt that other teams might have more of an advantage, depending on how well balanced they were. And although Novis and Lucas didn't voice their concerns, they felt the same way.

"Shut up all of you!" Biden shouted, and immediately everyone stood still and straight. His voice sounded like that of a drill sergeant and based on his threats. If you didn't do as he said your chances of ever going to t.i.tan would be over.

"Do you really think any of you are that special. Do you think you couldn't switch roles and play support if you had to? Or go top instead of your favourite position down mid. The truth is none of you are that special otherwise you would have been scouted by another university or us already."

Those words had hit some of them hard. Many of them had played on good teams but just weren't good enough to be scouted. This was the last chance they had to get into one of the top universities for Esports.

What Biden was saying was that they weren't good enough to specialise in a role. But they did have an excellent foundation to build on. At the moment, no person was truly better than another.

That was of course, apart from Lucas. He had been scouted many times before. But the others didn't know who Lucas was right now and there was also Novis. An unknown who had only played VSW officially for a year in a small county tournament.

"We will be watching for any errors your team makes, and it will be noted down, good luck everyone."

The group were then led inside the Westgate building. It was large and grand one of the biggest and best Private schools in England. The paintings and decor on the wall. Novis couldn't imagine his family ever being able to afford to send him to a school like this one.

As they went through the school, they had eventually reached the gym hall. But as Novis looked at it, the thing looked more like a stadium. Surrounded by seats in all corners and in the centre was a VR field.

Exactly the same as in the pro stadiums they played at. At the end of the hall on each end, there were five dedicated VR capsules.

The teams were busy getting themselves ready as they waited for further instruction form Biden.

"Those of you whose watches have lit up just now will be the team leader for your team."

As each member looked at their watch, they lifted it in the air to confirm. Lucas was the one who raised his hand up on Novis's team, making him the team leader.

"Well, I shouldn't worry too much," Novis thought, "With Lucas and me on one team I doubt we're going to lose this."

"Alright, team A and D will go against each other, and team B and C will fight next understood." Bide said.

Team A, was Novis and Lucas's team, so they were to fight first. But as Novis was looking around at his opponents, he seemed to notice someone standing by their side.

"Josh!" Novis said.

"Hey Novis, it's been a while." He said, waving back." Can't talk now though, you're game will start soon, good luck."

Josh was quite well known between all the people there. Afterall Tick media covered all the secondary school matches. Which was where each school had just come from. However, what they were surprised about was how Josh knew Novis.

As each of them took a long hard look at Novis, they still didn't have a clue who he was.

Before the game started and they got into their pods. There was a five minute period where each team was to discuss what roles each person would play.

Lucas was the first to start the conversation as the team leader.

"Well first let's go through everyone's positions here and what they usefully play," Lucas said. "First, I usually play mid, or I can also go solo top as a damage dealer."

The person to his left wore a baseball cap and was quite small for their size. "I usually play the role of an a.s.sa.s.sin, I can go mid as well, but I prefer to roam around the map."

The next person to introduce themselves was a fairly slim female. "My name is Ann, and I usefully play the role of a tank. I can go bottom or top as support."

And lastly was the relatively large man, with a square face. "I also play the role of a tank, but I'm happy to go in any three of the lanes. I'm pretty sure I can handle myself."

"Wait, so is no one hear a ranged user?" the baseball cap boy asked.

They then all turned to Novis who had yet to say anything.

"Don't look at me, I usually play mid, or roam around the map. I've never played a range player in my life."

"Well then, how should we decide each player's positions?" the girl asked.

"Well, why don't we see who is suited for what, tell us what your achievements are." The baseball cap boy said.

Then one by one, each person had talked about the experience playing the game. Every single one of them had an impressive background and had all won their county tournaments in their area. Some of them didn't get very far in the national tournament, but still, it was impressive.

When Lucas explained his background, he didn't go into too much detail, but the others seemed to give him a pa.s.s due to the fact that he was acting as captain for the team. Plus the way Lucas spoke when talking to the others seemed like he was quite knowledgeable about the game.

But then it came to Novis's turn. When he told them about where he had placed when he played the game, they all started to laugh.

"I'm surprised you managed to get this far?" The baseball boy said.

"Well looks like its decided whose going to be our ranged person then." The girl said.

"What me!" Novis pointed at himself. "But I told you already I've never played as a ranged user in my life."

"Don't worry about it too much." The baseball boy said. "We can carry you. It makes sense to put the weakest person at the back. At least then you'll be useful and can fire some arrows out. If we put you on the field, you would just die in seconds, and we would be a player down."

Novis gritted his teeth and was about to snap, but then Lucas pulled him back at the last second.

"Novis calm down." Lucas said, "It's important that we play together as a team if we want to get through this. I suspect that there are more conditions then just winning this. Remember how Biden said he would be watching our games. If we don't show we can play as a team, then that's it for us."

As each of the players got into their Pod, they selected their warriors, and the match had started, only for the first time ever. Novis had a bow held in his hand.

"What the h.e.l.l am I meant to do with this!" He shouted.

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