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“….Brother-in-law, you’re coughing so badly. Don’t talk anymore. It’s already late, go to sleep.” Han ZiYe whispered, while looking down. He dares not to look at the pair of bright eyes that were looking at him, full of pleading.

Although he already knew that he had already fallen in love with this demon, he still cannot respond to his feelings, let alone want to know his own feelings, because of his sister.

Even if the demon had already broken up with his sister, he can’t change the fact the he used to be his sister’s boyfriend. It is already a crime for him to fall in love with his sister’s ex-boyfriend. And if he still dared to confess his feelings with his sister’s ex-boyfriend, He will definitely condemn his self.

Although Han ZiYe tried to hide his sullen mood with all his effort, it was still seen by Qi XinLei. He took note of Han ZiYe not firmly rejecting him like before. His eyes shone brighter and he smiled filled with joy, he vaguely understood what was inside Han ZiYe’s mind.

My plan was successful!

My little sweetheart finally fell in love with me.

Qi XinLei finally got his darling’s heart.

Qi XinLei was sure that his little sweetheart was feeling reluctant because of his relationship with Han ZiChen. Currently, he still cannot reply with his own feelings, still cannot tell what was inside his heart. Qi XinLei was afraid that if he forces Han ZiYe to admit now, it will lead to opposite results. He needs to be more patient.

Qi XinLei believes that with Han ZiYe under his crazy offense, his little sweetheart would sooner or later set aside Han ZiChen, and voluntarily confess to him.

His eyes became brighter, full of confidence. Qi XinLei nodded towards Han ZiYe and once again acted like a spoiled brat: “Okay, but little sweetheart, won’t you give me a good night kiss? … cough cough…”

Han ZiYe was ready to refuse. He did not expect that Qi XinLei would suddenly attack his lips and kiss him deeply. He was kissed until he himself and his legs felt soft and numb, eyes in a daze.

He didn’t wait for Qi XinLei to kiss him enough to leave when Han ZiYe gasped and said: “Brother-in-law, it’s so cold!”

Qi XinLei finally remembered that his body was still to cold and could freeze Han ZiYe so he immediately let go of him, extremely worried, he asked: “Cough cough.. Little darling, I’m sorry… cough cough… You should go out, you still have a fever. If you stay here… cough cough… I’ll just make you cold, and you’ll just end up getting more sick… cough cough… sorry I didn’t think through my actions earlier…. ”

“Brother-in-law, actually I… I lied to you. I’m not feeling cold at all, you don’t have to worry about me. My body feels very uncomfortable but I feel very comfy with you.” Han ZiYe hurriedly shook his head and shyly and honestly said. He cared about Qi XinLei so much and his heart was feeling very warm.

Fortunately he has a fever so his body temperature is much higher that usual, otherwise, holding a freezing body, though it won’t kill him, he’d surely tremble in cold. Except, he was in such close proximity with Qi XinLei’s naked body, only wearing a pair of underwear. His body wasn’t feeling hot and uncomfortable, instead he was feeling a bit stirred up, especially after he was just kissed by him.

Han ZiYe knows that if he still is sensible enough, he would leave Qi XinLei and listen to his words. But his body is so cold. If he doesn’t use his feverish body to warm him up, Qi XinLei will sleep feeling cold, and he can’t let him catch a cold.

Han ZiYe was acting this way himself, Qi XinLei wanted him to leave. He can only be patient and endure his urges….

“Cough cough… little sweetheart, really? Don’t try to lie to me… cough cough… if you get more sick because you’re feeling cold because of me, I’ll feel really bad. I won’t forgive myself… cough cough” Qi XinLei was moved, but he was still determined.

Although he can’t bear to make his little sweetheart leave and wanted him to be close to himself, his little darling’s health is more important.

“Brother-in-law, really it’s okay. Just close your eyes and sleep. Don’t talk anymore.” Han ZiYe answered with a little bit of shyness.

“Cough cough cough… little sweetheart, I will always love you forever, even until the end of the world…. cough cough cough…” Qi XinLei said towards Han ZiYe, his words filled with deep love and affection. He adjusted his hold on Han ZiYe and closed his eyes.

The soft and burning body of his little sweetheart gradually made him feel warm, but at the same time, his cold made him dizzy, making him fall asleep.

It’s a pity that he couldn’t do anything with the sweetheart in his arms because of his cold, he can only sleep… sigh…

Qi XinLei's words made Han ZiYe's heart tremble. He was looking forward to Qi XinLei to fall asleep quickly. He started breathing lightly, Qi XinLei was already in a deep sleep. When Han ZiYe heard this, his face contorted in pain.

This demon knows that no matter how much he likes himself or loves himself, he can’t accept his feelings. Even if he had already fallen in love with him, them being together is bound to be impossible.

Han ZiYe sighed in his heart, and stayed up all night…

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