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Chapter 690 – Miscalculation of Time

It didn't take too long before the fight finished. Although Zhao Hai's undead suffered when faced with the same 9th rank power, they were completely dominating those who are less ranked. After all, 8th rank and 9th rank were totally different from each other.

After all the dark beasts and undead have been cleaned up, Zhao Hai continued to fly ahead. And before long, they arrived at a valley inside the Demonic Abyss.

At the valley, the first thing that Zhao Hai noticed was the spatial rift. Coming out from the rift were clumps of black gases. Fortunately, this rift wasn't big, it was only less than a meter long and a half meter wide. Aside from small people, no bigger creatures can emerge at this time.

With the spatial rift as the center, a huge magic formation was erected, shooting out white radiance now and then. This was the void formation of the Blood Void.

Zhao Hai inspected the spatial crack, he wanted to see how different this rift was compared to the s.p.a.ce's own. After looking at it for some time, Zhao Hai couldn't see much of a difference. It was the same floating hole, like a hole in a transparent canvas.

Behind this rift was nothingness, one couldn't see anything at all. Even light seems to get swallowed by it.

Upon looking further, Zhao Hai noticed that the rift was surrounded by ten Vile Demons.[1]

Zhao Hai was no stranger to Vile Demons, he looked at the ten of them and smiled, "Vile Demons enemies, you can rest a.s.sured that I am not here to destroy your formation. However, when you Demons arrive, be sure that I shall be there waiting."

Zhao Hai's att.i.tude shocked the Vile Demons. They were puzzled at Zhao Hai, they couldn't understand what Zhao Hai meant.

Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, "There's no need to be anxious. Usually, I call people with a different race than me, friends or brothers. However, you Demons wanted to invade my Ark Continent, so I had no choice but to call you enemies. But I am indeed sincere in not attacking the Blood Void. I know that there's no way to stop the Blood Void, and I also don't want it to activate ahead of time. Therefore, I shall be leaving you here and I will just wait for you in the surface."

The Vile Demons stared blankly at Zhao Hai, then after some time, one of them said, "No matter who you are, you are worthy of our respect. We will defeat you in the battlefield, we'll make you aware of how strong the Demon Realm is."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he already knew that although these Demons were battle freaks, they were also people who respected brave warriors. To be clear, they respect brave warriors, not strong experts.

Brave Warriors and Experts have their distinction. A brave warrior isn't necessarily a strong expert. When faced with an enemy much stronger than yourself but still are willing to fight, then you are a brave warrior. These kinds of people were very well respected by the Demons. For this respect, the Demons would defeat you in an upright manner, there would be no tricks involved.

Berry was also quite surprised at Zhao Hai. She discovered that Zhao Hai actually understood the Demon Realm fully. This made her confused, she didn't understand how a Human was able to know about the Demon Realm. This was too inconceivable. The Humans haven't even entered the Demon Realm.

At this time, the head Demon turned to Berry and said, "Berry, why are you together with him? Do you want to betray the Demon Realm?"

Berry looked at the Vile Demon and said, "I didn't betray the Demon Realm. I am just following the customs of my Succubus Clan. This person managed to break free from my mental attack. Therefore, according to the rule, I shall have to marry this person."

When the Vile Demon heard Berry, he couldn't help but gawk. Of course, the Vile Demon was aware about which rule Berry was talking about. He just didn't think that Zhao Hai would survive Berry's attack.

One must know that the Succubi held the most powerful mental attacks in the Demon Realm. Additionally, Berry is a 9th rank Succubus, her mental power was very well known in the Demon Realm. The Vile Demon didn't think that she would actually lose to a Human.

The ten Demons looked at Zhao Hai with envy, then their leader said, "Congratulations, brave Human warrior. You actually managed to get yourself a Succubus as a wife. Human, we shall not attack you as well. Our fight might possibly destroy the Blood Void. You can leave now. Our Demon Army shall fairly defeat you in Demon City."

Zhao Hai looked at the ten Demons, he couldn’t help but develop a slight appreciation towards them. However, it was a pity that they are his enemies. Zhao Hai was surprised when the Vile Demon said that the Blood Void might get destroyed if they decided to fight. It seemed like n.o.body wanted to activate the spatial rift ahead of time.

Zhao Hai looked at the eyes of the Vile Demons, then he nodded and said, "Alright, then I shall be waiting for you in Demon City. Farewell." Then Zhao Hai commanded the Bone Dragon to fly out of the Demonic Abyss. The ten Vile Demons stayed true to their promise, they didn't attack Zhao Hai.

Compared to when he entered, Zhao Hai's speed of advancement was quite faster. Zhao Hai had calculated that after entering the Demonic Abyss and undergoing battles inside, two days had already pa.s.sed by. Zhao Hai reckoned that it would only take them half a day to come out.

With this rate, Zhao Hai had already used up four days. In three days, the spatial rift would open and the Demon Race would arrive.

Zhao Hai stood straight on top of the Bone Dragon as he muttered, "Three days, three days."

Berry looked puzzled at Zhao Hai as she said, "Three days? Are you expecting the Blood Void to activate in three days? That's not right, from what I can remember, there is only one day left before the Blood Void activates."

Zhao Hai stared, he quickly turned his head to Berry as words came flooding out of his mouth, "One day? How could it be one day? Doesn't the Blood Void activate after seven days?"

Berry nodded, "Right, it takes seven days. The countdown starts the moment the blood formation gets moistened by blood. From what I can remember, five days have already pa.s.sed since then. After a bit more than a day, the Blood Void would activate."

Zhao Hai couldn't help but from upon hearing Berry. He kept thinking about why Berry would say that only a day was left. Did he go wrong somewhere?

Suddenly, Zhao Hai thought about where he slipped. He had missed the timing of the blood formation. He miscalculated how long the formation had been running before he arrived at Accra Mountain. The formation started the moment Zhao Hai began killing the beasts in the mountain, not when he discovered the formation.

If Zhao Hai took that thought into account, then the Blood Void really only had one day left to activate. In a day's time, the Demons would be coming out of the spatial rift.

Zhao Hai regretfully tapped his own head. He didn't think that he would miscalculate this matter. This shouldn't be happening, it was his fault. He immediately had the Bone Dragon pick up its speed to return to Demon City as soon as possible. Upon reaching the city, Zhao Hai was met with the gazes of the Adventurers and Mercenaries. All of them looked at Tywin and the others in envy, they didn't think that the Gan Family would be able to establish a relationship with Zhao Hai in a short period of time.

Zhao Hai wasn't in the mood to act low-key right now as he flew directly towards the General's residence. Upon reaching the front door, Zhao Hai didn't hesitate to enter the room.

The guard in front of the General's residence naturally didn't dare to block Zhao Hai. n.o.body dared to stop him. After all, Zhao Hai had the highest status here in Demon City. The whole city depended on Zhao Hai to defend against the Demons.

Zhao Hai proceeded to head towards Besmir's room. At this moment, Besmir was looking at the map. When he heard footsteps and looked up, he didn't imagine to see Zhao Hai. So he quickly straightened himself up and sid, "Mister, how did your expedition go? The layout of Demon City had already been set up. We're just waiting for Mister's undead to settle in."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "Alright, as long as the General has adjusted, then I can feel relief. However, I had made a miscalculation this time. The Demons will be arriving much earlier than we thought. I'm afraid our current layout wouldn't be good.But since you have already settled in, you can stay put. There's no need to send word back to the mainland, I shall be taking care of it."

Besmir stared, then his expression changed as he immediately asked, "Really? Mister, what happened?"

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, "Now's not the time to explain. I shall be handing the city over to you. The outside matters would be taken care of  by me. I'll be sending word to the major Empires and Races of the continent. As long as you prepare yourselves, then you are good."

Besmir nodded, he understood that it really wasn't the time to be asking. He said, "Alright, then mister can rest a.s.sured, the city has already prepared. All the logistics and commands have already been given."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "Then that's good. I'll be leaving first, I still need to inform the mainland." Then Zhao Hai hastily left the General's residence and returned to his own.

After arriving inside the Gan Family's residence, Zhao Hai released a group of undead and turned to Tywin and said, "These are the undead that we have acquired in the Demonic Abyss. I also took the effort of strengthening them. You can take them under your command. Right, how many undead can you currently control?"

Zhao Hai didn't know how much undead a regular 9th rank can control. Therefore, he had no choice but to ask. Tywin gave Zhao Hai a bow and said, "Answering the Young Master. Although we had become 9th ranks, we still aren't accustomed to our new strength. So at this moment, each of us can only control about ten thousand undead. When we get fully adapted, then we can control 20 thousand undead each."

It used to be 'Evil Demon' but I just made it as Demon, like the one back on Accra Mountain. But I decided to use Vile Demon just in case something crops up later. Lorewise, Vile Demons are the rulers of the Demon Realm.

Chapter 691 – Preparation

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "Even if that's not a lot, it isn't little either. Alright, then we'll head outside the city and have you control these undead. After everyone subdues enough undead, I shall be heading to do other matters."

Naturally, Tywin and the others didn't oppose to this. After all, this was very good for them. They never thought that Zhao Hai would harm them anyway. At this point, they have become true followers of Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai wanted to harm them, then he wouldn't have made them 9th ranks. Zhao Hai had their complete trust.

Zhao Hai quickly led the group outside Demon City. Then he released large quant.i.ties of undead. Among these undead were the ones they obtained from the Demonic Abyss, there were both human-shaped and beast-shaped undead, but this didn't matter for Dark Mages. Naturally, although the undead have been subdued, Zhao Hai can still override the commands of the Gan Family Dark Mages. As far as Zhao Hai knew, he was just commanding the undead to follow the Gan Family's orders.

Since Zhao Hai ordered them, the transition of control for the undead came very smoothly. Otherwise, Tywin and the others wouldn't have done it. After all, the undead were 9th ranks as well.

It didn't take long before the undead were controlled. Zhao Hai looked at Tywin and said, "You are already quite familiar with the surroundings here. So I'll leave the deployment of the undead to you. We should be done preparing before the Demons arrive tomorrow. I’ll be returning to the city in order to handle other matters."

Tywin immediately replied, "Young Master, let me go back with you. I am very familiar with Demon City. I can a.s.sist you with the minute things, saving you the trouble of doing them."

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, "You stay here. I'm just going back to your residence to take a rest, I'll come back here later. You don't need to worry about me."

Tywin didn't say anything more, he just nodded. After that, Zhao Hai returned to the city and then entered the Gan Family's residence. Berry was still right by him.

When Zhao Hai entered the Gan Family's residence, he turned to Berry and said, "Berry, if you are really determined to be with me, then I will lead to see my wives now. I shall not be impartial in treating you. I just hope that you can live together with them harmoniously. Can you do that?"

Berry looked at Zhao Hai and said, "You are the man that I chose. Naturally, I will listen to your words."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "Alright, then I shall show you my biggest secret." Then along with Berry, Zhao Hai's body flashed as he entered the s.p.a.ce.

Berry couldn't help but stare blankly at the scenery in the s.p.a.ce. Although the Demons had always thought about how beautiful the Ark Continent was, Berry still lived in the Demon Realm for all of her life. She had also seen Demon City, however, since the place was made in order to survey the Demonic Abyss, there wasn’t much to see. On the other hand, the scenery inside the s.p.a.ce was very beautiful, even in the Ark Continent's standards. For someone who lived in the Demon Realm since birth, it wasn't a wonder for Berry to be enthralled by the s.p.a.ce's scenery.

At this time, the door of the villa opened as Laura and the others walked out. The women had already learned about the Succubus clan from Cai'er. To be honest, they were somewhat jealous. However, they weren't stingy, they didn't wish misfortune on this new arrival. Because of this, they had decided to treat Berry well.

Actually, Laura and the others' reaction was something that Zhao Hai used to be surprised at. Zhao Hai had read a lot of novels back on Earth. And in all of those novels, women were always jealous whenever a new female arrives. However, it seems like Laura and the others didn't seem to look jealous. This made Zhao Hai unable to understand what they were thinking.

Later on, Zhao Hai asked Laura why they weren't jealous. But he was just met with strange looks from Laura and the others. Then Zhao Hai got his answer; in the continent, even a man with little skill would have more than one wife. In fact, if they were to think about it, with Zhao Hai's status, his number of wives was actually very small.

Zhao Hai couldn't help but smile bitterly upon hearing this response. He had been stuck with his Earth mentality and was still unable to adapt to the Ark Continent. On Earth, everyone was unanimously leaning towards monogamy. On the other hand, in Ark Continent, it was simply normal for a man to have several wives.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn't surprised when he saw his wives' current response. He nodded to Laura and the others and then turned to Berry, "Berry, these are my wives, Laura, Megan, Meg, Lizzy, and Ni'er. You must go along with them later on. You'll be living with them from now on too. They will also introduce to you everything that is here."

Berry nodded, although she still had her cold expression, Zhao Hai can see that she had a look of dependence in her eyes.

Zhao Hai understood that this was a natural reaction from Berry. She has been living alone in the Demon Realm all her life. In this new environment, she couldn't help but do her best to adapt. And now that she had Zhao Hai as her husband, it wasn't strange for her to depend on him.

Zhao Hai smiled and Berry and said, "There's no need to be worried here. This is my s.p.a.ce, as long as I don't give my permission, n.o.body would be able to come here. Rest a.s.sured, there will be no problems here."

Berry nodded, then Laura went towards her and said, "Berry, don't worry, Brother Hai is a good person. Later on, we'll be sisters living together. Come with me, I shall tell you everything there is in this mysterious s.p.a.ce." Then she pulled Berry over towards the Villa.

Berry didn't react too much as she followed Laura towards the villa. However, when they reached the entrance, Berry couldn't help but stop. She looked at the villa and couldn't help but change her expression, she turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Brother Hai, what's this all about?"[1]

Zhao Hai stared, then he said, "What? Is there something wrong?"

Berry pointed towards the seven-colored flower that covered the entirety of the villa, her finger trembling while doing so. When Zhao Hai saw her pointing towards the seven-colored flower, he understood what she meant. Zhao Hai couldn't help but chuckle as he said, "Oh, you mean Cai'er? You should be familiar with this plant, right?"

Berry nodded and said, "I'm quite familiar with it, however, why is the Holy Flower growing here? This flower only grows in the Demon Realm, how can it appear in this place?"

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, "Cai'er, come out and see Berry. Introduce yourself" Then Zhao Hai felt wings lightly flapping right by his face as Cai'er appeared. "Young Master, you always make me do a lot of things. I'm quite busy, you know? Unlike you who are living a relaxed life every day."

Zhao Hai smiled and then turned to Berry and said, "Berry, this is Cai'er, the flower sprite of the seven-colored flower. She is also the main body of the seven-colored flower that you have been seeing in the Demon Realm."

Berry stared at Cai'er as Cai'er looked back. Then Cai'er smiled and said, "What? Shocked, little Succubus? In your Demon Realm, you should have spotted my flowers everywhere. Hehe. Small Succubus, your kind had always underestimated my existence. I'll let you know that I am the longest living being in the Demon Realm, and also the most influential. All of the seven-colored flower that you had seen are all my branches."[2]

Berry was blankly staring as she listened to Cai'er's words. After some time, she recovered and turned to Zhao Haim, "Brother Hai, is this true?"

Zhao Hai nodded and then smiled, "It's true. The reason I know about the Demon Realm was because of Cai'er. Alright, you'll find out about more things as you explore the s.p.a.ce later on. Let's enter the living room for now, we still have some things to discuss." Then the group entered the villa.

Upon entering the villa, Zhao Hai immediately cycled through his messenger fishes as he gave the various Patriarchs and Monarchs of the continent a message, informing them that the war would come earlier than they expected. At the same time, Zhao Hai also gave the Buddha Emperor instructions to prepare his citizens to migrate. Also, Zhao Hai ordered Evan and Ruyen to reinforce the border between the Buddha and Lyon Empire while allowing pa.s.sage for the Buddha Empire refugees as well as to take care of them properly.

Of course, this wasn't an easy thing for an Empire to do. But fortunately, Zhao Hai already made ample preparations. At this time, the Buddha Empire's migration towards the Lyon Empire was already well organized.

One shouldn't underestimate this ma.s.s migration. There were a lot of matters involved in such a movement. Especially in terms of food and lodging for the refugees.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai has the s.p.a.ce, supplying all of the much needed grain. As for lodging, the Lyon Empire doesn't lack it. This made the job twice as efficient with half of the effort.

Although the Buddha Emperor wasn't willing to evacuate his entire Empire, he also understood that the Demons couldn't be easily dealt with. If he insisted for his people to stay, then the Demons would only kill them. Therefore, he had no choice by to agree to Zhao Hai's plan.

At the same time, the Dwarves and the Elves had prepared themselves. Zhao Hai shifted all of the valuable Dwarf materials over to the Black Wasteland. However, the Dwarves weren't planning to fully evacuate out of their mountain. They wanted to use the mountain to ambush the Demons. Naturally, those who stayed in the mountain were the Dwarven Warriors. The women and children were already sent to the Black Wasteland. There was no other way, after all, the Dwarves were inside the Buddha Empire, which was quite close to the Demonic Abyss.

The Elves did the same, those who had no fighting power were all sent to the Black Wasteland while the Elven Warriors stayed. They were prepared to use the forest in order to combat the Demon Race.

Zhao Hai was quite a.s.sured when it came to these two races. Their fighting powers weren't weak, and additionally, they had terrain advantage, giving them huge benefits during the war. Zhao Hai wasn't worried about them.

On the other hand, there were currently a lot of people in the Black Wasteland. It would take a long time for these people to be settled down. Fortunately, Zhao Hai has the s.p.a.ce. He can just easily transport Beastmen tents for them to live in, allowing the construction of houses to slowly proceed.

Its supposed to be "Elder Brother Hai". However, I have this inclination that Berry is much much older than Zhao Hai. xD" First time I knew this :/ As for the 'influential' part, I think it's about how seven-colored flowers are the staple food in the Demon realm.

Chapter 692 – Demon Dragon King

Zhao Hai was currently standing outside Demon City. Behind him was the city's walls and in front of him was an army of undead. The undead looked like statues as they stood, unmoving.

Zhao Hai was currently on the back of the Bone Dragon along with Tywin. The undead on the field were all controlled by the Gan Family. Zhao Hai's undead were yet to be released.

It has been a day since Zhao Hai communicated with the various Patriarchs and Monarchs of the continent. In the past day, Zhao Hai has been inside the s.p.a.ce, continuously talking to his messenger fishes, coordinating with the everyone and deploying various materials.

It was fortunate that Zhao Hai was able to make the Monarchs and Patriarchs listen to his instructions. These people also understood that if they didn't follow through, then they would get eliminated by the Demons sooner or later. Therefore, they decided to fully cooperate in this huge operation.

Also, this alliance needed a leader. And since Zhao Hai held special status in all of these groups, he became the de facto leader. Because of his s.p.a.ce, Zhao Hai was able to move ma.s.sive resources around, giving him the power to dictate when and where people needed to be. This made everyone consult Zhao Hai whenever an important decision needs to be made. At the same time, this also fulfilled the Dwarves' prophecy, King of Kings.

Zhao Hai didn't care much about these. To be honest, with regards to resources,  he really didn't have too much of a problem about it. At this point, he had a lot of things in his hand. Adding that to the reserves of the Empires, then Zhao Hai found himself unable to fathom the exact number. On the other hand, Laura and Cai'er were already crunching the numbers as well as allocating everything in behalf of Zhao Hai. At the same time, Megan and Lizzy were conserving their strengths for the upcoming fight with the Demon Race.

On the contrary, Berry was not busy at all. She is currently working with Lizzy on how to command in battle while also familiarizing herself with the situation inside the s.p.a.ce.

The more Berry understood about Zhao Hai's s.p.a.ce, the more she found it to be mysterious. She already has a few ideas in her mind, however, she didn't tell it to Zhao Hai at this time.

Zhao Hai was currently waiting in Demon City for the Blood Void's activation. From what he heard while talking to Berry, the void formation would should be starting quite soon. At this moment, Zhao Hai wanted to see what it looks like when the formation starts.

Tywin and the others were also by Zhao Hai's side. Their expression of anxiety couldn't be hidden as they gazed towards the Demonic Abyss. They knew that the fight would start soon, they couldn't help but feel anxious.

Zhao Hai turned his head towards the city walls and looked at the soldiers, they were anxious as well. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh, although the war with the Demons happened tens of thousands of years ago, legends about the Demons were still prevalent in Human societies. It was told that Demons were overbearing, l.u.s.ted for blood, and powerful. All of these descriptions had slowly crept up on these soldier's minds, making them very nervous.

However, Zhao Hai couldn't do anything much but wait. Zhao Hai sighed before sitting on the Bone Dragon's head. Then he took out a small table, a bottle of wine, and a wine gla.s.s as he continued on with his thoughts.

When the soldiers on the walls saw Zhao Hai's action, they couldn't help but stare. Then their expression loosened. In their minds, Zhao Hai had already become the main pillar of support. Zhao Hai's calmness had affected them as well, making the pressure in their minds slowly ease up.

At this moment, a very fierce vibration suddenly came from the Demonic Abyss. This vibration shook the terrain, making Demon City's structures sway.

Zhao Hai seems to have not noticed this as he drank the wine in his gla.s.s and muttered, "You've finally come. I had been waiting for half of the day."

Just as Zhao Hai said this, a more violent shaking happened, it was as strong as an earthquake. Then black fog started to come out of the abyss as it slowly covered the skies above it.

Zhao Hai looked at the black clouds as he smiled faintly and said, "Magnificent, good, very good." Then a fierce rumbling came out as a shockwave came out of the abyss, eradicating everything around it, may it be stone, soil, or plants, turning all of them into powder instantly.

With an intention, Zhao Hai released countless amounts of undead. When the undead appeared, they immediately formed a large green shield in their bodies, protecting themselves as well as those behind them from the shockwave. Demon City as well as the base of operations outside became unaffected by the destructive wave.

And just as Zhao Hai drank from his wine gla.s.s, mushroom clouds suddenly came out of the Demonic Abyss!

Zhao Hai can only imagine one thing upon seeing these mushroom clouds, it was an image of a nuclear explosion. He didn't think that the Blood Void would cause explosions strong enough to cause mushroom clouds to appear.

Zhao Hai couldn't help but mutter, "Is this an illusion? It must be, aren't the Demons afraid of blowing themselves up?"

Although Tywin and the others were right by Zhao Hai's side, they still didn't hear what Zhao Hai just said. They were too enthralled by the mushroom clouds in front of them.

At this time, the Demonic Abyss suddenly changed. A small whirlpool started to appear in the middle of the mushroom clouds. Then this whirlpool continued to grow bigger and bigger as it started to revolve, absorbing all of the dark clouds before all of it vanished.

When the dark fog completely disappeared, Zhao Hai couldn’t' help but breathe in some cold air. A ma.s.sive change just happened in the Demonic Abyss. The abyss had become wider and more s.p.a.cious. At the bottom of the abyss was a huge crack that was suspended half a meter above the ground. At the same time, groups upon groups of Demons slowly appeared from it, rows upon rows of Demonic beings from the Demon Realm.

After the changes in the Demonic Abyss, it has now become a wide flatland. The surrounding cliffs had completely vanished. With how large the flatland was, it was more proper to call it a plain.

It was an incomparably huge plain, and in the middle of it was a huge spatial rift. At the scale of this plain, an army of tens of millions would fit to be stationed here.

Zhao Hai didn't expect that the effects of the Blood Void would be this significant. One must know that Zhao Hai took two days to fly towards the rift, all of that distance has been affected by the Blood Void. This showed how powerful the formation was.

However, the thing that surprised Zhao Hai the most was the fact that the Demons didn't immediately attack upon coming out of the spatial rift. Instead, they started to build their base of operations on the flatland right beside the rift.

From the looks of it, it seems like they aren't just building a camp. They were constructing a city. After seeing this development, Zhao Hai's expression couldn’t help but turn gloomy.

If the Demons just attacked them after coming out, then Zhao Hai didn't have anything to worry about. But now that they are constructing a city, this meant that they wanted to establish a base, intending to fight with the Humans for a long time. This wasn't what Zhao Hai wanted to see.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he collected his drinking set, then he turned to Tywin and said, "You wait here." When Tywin heard this, they immediately jumped down from the Bone Dragon and stayed in mid-air. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as an innumerable amount of undead appeared. Zhao Hai gave a command, then the undead started to form into a cube before rushing towards the Demon invaders.

When the people on the walls saw what Zhao Hai did, they couldn’t help but gasp. At the same time, the Demons also saw Zhao Hai's action. They immediately split into teams as some of them flew up to meet Zhao Hai's approaching undead army.

As the two forces came closer and closer, Zhao Hai discovered that the other party was composed of flying beasts as well as winged Demons. All of them had grotesque looks, but one could see that they had extraordinary strength.

The two forces stopped when they were about a hundred meters away from each other. Zhao Hai directed the Bone Dragon as he slowly got out of the cube formation. At the same time, a small group also went forward from the other party.

This group was composed of Vile Demons. All of them were protecting a carriage that was in the middle of their formation. What pulled this carriage wasn't actually a horse, but Dragons instead.

These Dragons were similar to those back in Accra Mountain. However, their bodies were pitch black as their scales flashed with the same metallic l.u.s.ter. They also have eyes that were red, leaving those who looked at it with a very bad feeling.

The two teams stopped when they were ten meters away from each other. Zhao Hai inspected the carriage, the carriage was actually just the lower half of the structure. There was a throne with beast engravings right on top of the carriage. Sitting right on the throne was a Vile Demon.

Although there wasn't much difference to how this Vile Demon looked, one could still feel that he was more majestic than the others, just like how a alpha male lion looks like when it was just lying on the ground.

The Vile Demon was similarly inspecting Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was wearing his Dark Mage Robe as he stood on the head of the Bone Dragon. In his hand was a blood red magic staff. Although his appearance was quite ordinary, his aura was telling a completely different thing. Zhao Hai's imposing aura wasn't any less than the VIle Demon himself.

The Vile Demon looked at Zhao Hai, then with his deep voice he said, "Are you Mister Zhao Hai?"

Zhao Hai couldn't help but stare, he didn't think that the other party would actually know about him. He smiled faintly and said, "Right, I am Zhao Hai. I didn't think that His Majesty, the Demon Realm's Northwestern Monarch, the Dragon Demon King actually knew of my name. This Zhao Hai has been disrespectful."

It was the turn of the Dragon Demon King to be surprised, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, "My Demon Race has been collecting information regarding the continent for tens of thousands of years. Mister Zhao Hai's quick rise to prominence naturally couldn't be ignored. Me knowing Mister's name isn't surprising. This one is just curious, Mister, how come you are completely well-informed of the things in my Demon Realm? I wonder if Mister can sate my curiosity?"

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Deposed Empress General Chapter 50 Author(s) : 一度君华 View : 21,606
Ace Of The Dragon Division

Ace Of The Dragon Division

Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 45 Author(s) : Dust Wind, 尘风 View : 13,153
Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm Chapter 1298 Author(s) : Ni Cang Tian,逆蒼天 View : 3,484,935
Spirit Vessel

Spirit Vessel

Spirit Vessel Chapter 499 Author(s) : Jiu Dang Jia,九当家 View : 844,380

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 690-692 summary

You're reading Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): Ming Yu,明宇. Already has 1863 views.

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