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Chapter 524 – Alliance

After knowing the bottom line of the merchants, Zhao Hai decided that he would buy all of their goods. Of course, he wouldn’t buy them at a high price. He would make the merchants lose a little. However, even with this, he expects that the merchants would still feel grateful to him.

This even also gave Zhao Hai more understanding regarding the Beastmen. When the Beastmen declares war with the Humans, they would drive all of these merchants away. In this case, the Humans would generally leave their goods behind. Then the beastman can then choose whether to take those or not.

But according to the past convention, the Beastmen wouldn't touch these commodities, they will just leave those to rot. In order to survive, Beastmen would take their weapons and attack the Human lands, however, they wouldn't touch these left over merchandise in Beast G.o.d City. This was one of the strange and respectable aspect of the Beastman Race.

Zhao Hai also knew that if the Beastmen does expel the Human merchants, then the merchants would surely suffer big.

The majority of Beastmen tribes do their trades with Magic Beasts. The Humans would bring their goods to the Prairie to have it traded with some Magic Beasts of which were then taken back to human lands to be processed. The markup from this process would be the merchant's main source of profit.

If the Beastmen drives them away, then that would mean that the war is already near. If they bring the Magic Beasts, then they would find it difficult to cross the Human border. Even if they did pa.s.s through, the money that they would sh.e.l.l out will be very big, it can even be several times more than normal. As the matter stands, it would be very disadvantageous for them. One could even say that during this war between the Beastmen and the Humans, it would be the Merchants who didn't know of the matter that would be losing a lot of money.

Because of this, Zhao Hai planned to trade with these humans using money. Presently, he has a lot of money in his hands. He even had some unnamed crystal cards, these cards have not been used so far. There really aren't a lot of places where Zhao Hai can spend money, so he decided to spend them here with the Human Merchants. After all, it was the Human Merchants that use crystal cards the most.

Zhao Hai had been in Beast G.o.d City for nearly ten days now. And during these ten days, rumors about the Radiant Church and the food shortage have finally started to spread throughout the city. Moreover, it was known that the Lion and Tiger Races had already confirmed the authenticity of this news. The Beastmen were now officially starting to prepare for their attack towards the Human territories.

But even if the information had already been pa.s.sed on, the Beastmen from Beast G.o.d City still didn't drive the Human Merchants away. This basically means that the Beastmen still hasn't decided when their attack would begin. However, everybody knew that it would be happening sooner rather than later.

Right now, the Human Merchants in Beast G.o.d City were feeling like they were ants inside a hot pot. They knew that the time the Beastmen left for them was running out.

At this time, Zhao Hai made his move. He made Ah Tai invite the Human Merchants to Magic Lily Store. Then he made Laura and the others prepare some food while Zhao Hai discussed transaction to the Humans present.

Before long, the Merchants had followed Ah Tai to Magic Lily Shop. They actually didn't care about Ah Tai, but they didn't dare to not give Zhao Hai face.

Zhao Hai was the Buda Clan's Patriarch, he was already very famous among Humans. Naturally, this fame was due to his mercilessness and ruthlessness.

These merchants knew that the people that died on Zhao Hai's hands had already reached several hundred thousand. Just thinking about the numbers made their scalp numb. Since Zhao Hai invited them, they didn't dare to not go. However, everyone was frightened. They didn't know why Zhao Hai was looking for them.

These merchants followed Ah Tai towards the shop's courtyard. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was standing there while waiting for them to arrive. When he saw the merchants, Zhao Hai immediately stepped forwards to meet everybody. He gave a bow to the Merchants and said, "Zhao Hai Buda welcomes you."

ZHao Hai checked, these merchants were medium level n.o.bles of the continent. They couldn't rely on Great n.o.bles and were naturally unaffiliated with the Radiant Church. Zhao Hai invited them in to propose an alliance.

The statuses of these merchants were very different from Zhao Hai's. They didn't dare accept Zhao Hai's bow, so everyone almost simultaneously gave a bow back.

Zhao Hai looked at their faces and faintly smiled, "I've been in Beast G.o.d City for ten days already. However, because of the matters that I needed to handle, I only had the time to invite all of you today. I've been very disrespectful. I've invited everyone today to gain better understanding of each other. After all, everyone of us are merchants of this city."

Although these merchants had heard of Zhao Hai's name and actions before, they didn't have a chance to meet him in person. In all honesty, with their status in the continent, they don't have the qualifications to meet Zhao Hai.

Because of this, they didn't understand Zhao Hai and what kind of person he was. To the people present, Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage that killed several hundred thousand people. In their minds, Zhao Hai's image was that of a gloomy and murderous man.

However, the Zhao Hai that they saw this time was completely opposite of their expectations. Although Zhao Hai looked very ordinary, he had a warm smile plastered on his face. At the same time, his body's aura dispersed an amiable aura, making people unconsciously feel intimate towards him.

These Merchants were now thinking that this Zhao Hai must be an impostor. How could a G.o.d of Death, capable of killing countless people, have this kind of warm smile? This was a huge contrast to what these merchants expected, making them dumbfounded.

Zhao Hai didn't care about their reactions, he just smiled faintly and said, "Everyone, please come in. I've prepared some liquor for you all. I invite all of you to have a few cups with me."

The merchants recovered, then after quickly expressing their grat.i.tude they entered the tent with Zhao Hai .There were also some food present inside. Naturally, the most important course was Sister-in-law's barbecue.

Now that everything was prepared, Zhao Hai invited the merchants to sit down. Ah Tai sat down as well. Naturally, Laura and the others weren’t present. Humans and Beastmen were different, after all. If Laura and the others were present, these merchants would probably feel uncomfortable. Not only them, the women might also feel some discomfort.

After having everybody settled down, Ah Tai went on and personally poured them a gla.s.s of liquor. This liquor was naturally red wine and not the milk wine that the Beastmen generally serve.

After having the wine, Zhao Hao held his gla.s.s up and said, "Meeting everyone here in the Beastman Prairie is a happy matter. We're all fellow humans, we should help each other in the future. Everyone, share this cup with me."

The statuses of these Merchants weren't very high. Therefore, they hadn't been able to have any contacts with people of Zhao Hai's status. In their opinion, Zhao Hai was someone that they weren't able to meet casually.

Therefore, when these merchants saw that Zhao Hai was speaking with them in a friendly manner as well as eating a meal together with them and even proposing a toast. Every one of them felt very excited, so they immediately held their gla.s.ses up.

Then they simultaneously drank the wine. Then Zhao Hai didn't urge them to drink anymore, he then got them to eat the dishes. He invited them to eat the barbecue as well as the vegetables that were prepared. Zhao Hai was now in the company of Humans, not Beastmen. If he urged them to drink three gla.s.ses, they might get angry.

Although Zhao Hai's status was higher than these people, he didn't have any enmity with them so he didn't want to create it unnecessary. At the same time, it wouldn't be good to his plan of alliance if they felt any dislike towards him..

After some time eating and feeling somewhat full, Zhao Hai said, "Today, I've invited all of you because I have a matter to discuss."

These Merchants knew that Zhao Hai wouldn't ask them to eat a meal for no reason. Sure enough, it came. They had waited for this moment to arrive, therefore, they weren't surprised when Zhao Hai brought it up. They just gave Zhao Hai a curious expression.

Zhao Hai looked at them and said, "Are you having a bad time right now? The Beastmen and the Humans are going to have a war soon. I'm afraid it wouldn't take a long time before the Beastmen drives everybody back to Human lands. When that time comes, everybody would probably suffer a loss."

When these Merchants heard Zhao Hai, they faces immediately turned gloomy. They knew that what Zhao Hai said was correct. But they also knew that they cannot do anything about it.

Zhao Hai continued, "I think that everybody already knew why they fell into such a situation. I can tell everyone here that the rumors that you've been hearing are all real. This matter was caused by the Radiant Church. They wanted to deal with the Rosen Empire using this method while at the same time dealing the the Beastmen as well. In the end, all of you have become sacrificial victims. In the eyes of the Church, all of you are unimportant people, not worth reminding. Moreover, they also used you to hinder the Beastmen."

The Merchants might appear calm while listening, but one could see deep anger in their eyes. Looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai knew that this was the time to express his intent, so he continued, "Everybody knows my ident.i.ty. You also know about my enmity with the Radiant Church. But me telling you this information wasn't to defile the church. This matter would be confirmed by the Beastmen sooner. I had everybody come today in order to present a proposal. I want everyone here to join me in an alliance."

When the Merchants heard Zhao Hai, they couldn't help but stare blankly. Everyone of them were puzzled at Zhao Hai. They seem to not understand what Zhao Hai just said. Alliance? With Zhao Hai's strength, does he really need an alliance with them?

Zhao Hai looked at them and said, "You've seen the strength of the Radiant Church. They gave an order and then so many merchants suddenly stopped their trade with the Beastmen. It is obvious that their influence is very huge. After the war, the Radiant Church may use those merchants to rule the commerce of the Prairie. If we don't make an alliance, how can we possibly resist them? They won't sell food to the Prairie today, but what would happen if they suddenly drop the prices one day? What can we do? Because of this, I wanted to set up an alliance!"

Chapter 525 – Va.s.sal

The merchants present knew what Zhao Hai meant. They knew that what he said was true. After the war between the Beastmen and the Radiant Church, those merchants controlled by the Radiant Church would definitely return to do business in the Prairie. The merchants present also knew that the commercial might of those people would be very strong, this was because they have the Radiant Church's support.

As Zhao Hai said, these Radiant Church people cannot be allowed to sell their food in the Prairie. If they decide to cut their prices, everyone not on their group would certainly suffer some losses.

But if their alliance get set up, they would become a power that couldn't be underestimated. Most importantly, these merchants can use this alliance as a way to have a connection with the Buda Clan. Even if they cannot do business in the Prairie anymore, they can just shift their operations on the Buda Clan's Golden Island. The island now embodied its name, as long as merchants do business there, they would certainly gain ma.s.sive wealth. Moreover, that place was much safer than the Beastman Prairie.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and didn't say anything. He wanted to give these merchants a choice. He believes that since these people were able to to do business with the Beastmen, especially in Beast G.o.d City, these people certainly understood the situation.

Sure enough, the merchants looked at each other for a moment and then nodded. Then one of them turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Mister Zhao Hai, we agree to the alliance. Sir shall be the leader of our group. What rules does sir have?"

Zhao Hai faintly smiled, he didn't think that these people would be this surprisingly calm. He quickly answered them and said, "Actually, our corporation is completely a business alliance. I only hope that everyone would share information with one another. Also if one has goods with no buyer while someone has a buyer but with no goods, I hope that you would cooperate with each other. This way, the two parties would benefits from the profits. Naturally, the split of the money would depend on your prior agreements. Also, if someone wanted to deal with one of us, I hope that everyone would help in resisting. This way, we can become stronger and stronger. Does everyone agree?"

When the Merchants heard what Zhao Hai said, they all bowed. They now believed that Zhao Hai really did want to form an alliance with them. The question of the man earlier was just in fact, a test. They wanted to see whether Zhao Hai just wanted to have benefits in the alliance. Now it seems like Zhao Hai was not just trying to gain benefits, he really did want everyone to help one another.

The merchant earlier held his wine gla.s.s up and said, "Alright, we'll do what mister asks. Mister, my name is Milton Curry, from the Curry Family. What name would our alliance have?"

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "A name isn't important, let's just call it Merchant Alliance. Everyone shall introduce each other later. I also hope that our alliance won't just be here in the Prairie. When we return to the Human Lands, let's still be allies. If one has difficulties, everyone should do everything in their abilities to help. Can everyone accept this?:"

The merchants looked each other and then nodded. Milton then turned to Zhao Hai and said, "We accept. The establishment of this alliance only gives us benefits with no harm. But we're afraid that mister would have to suffer some losses. After all, our families aren't very great."

Zhao Hai laughed and said, "That doesn't matter. The alliance's benefits to my Buda Clan aren't small either. Everybody should know that our Buda Clan is still an emerging family. Our connections simply cannot compare to the other Great Clans. Forming an alliance with you is also a form of having new connections. For our Buda Clan, this benefit is very big."

When Milton heard Zhao Hai, his beating hard finally relaxed. In the end, Milton lifted his gla.s.s and said, "Sir can rest a.s.sured. Later on, our Curry Family will be considered to be a va.s.sal family of the Buda Clan. If mister wants something done, you can just approach us."

Zhao Hai stared blankly, he didn't think that Million would actually declare this. While Zhao Hai was still dumbfounded, the other people also raised their gla.s.ses and one by one said the same thing as Milton. These people are all Patriarchs of medium-ranked Families, so they also had the authority to declare so.

Zhao Hai didn't quite understand why they did this. If one becomes a va.s.sal, a lot of control would be lost. At the very least, they wouldn't be making decisions just like this one anymore.

Actually, this shows how Zhao Hai still didn't understand the circ.u.mstances in the continent. On the continent, all Great n.o.bles have their own va.s.sal families. Although those va.s.sal families needed to listen to the Great n.o.bles, they would also benefit a lot from being a va.s.sal. They can have the Great n.o.ble take care of problems that they weren't able to take care of. For medium-rank families, this was a huge thing.

Although the Buda Clan was still an emerging family, the strength that they have was tyrannical. Additionally, Zhao Hai was the son-in-law of the Calci Family as well as the Rosen Emperor, also the Buda Clan is in an Eternal Alliance with the Crook Family, while also being normal allies with the Sh.e.l.ley Family. These connections were something that middle-ranked n.o.ble clans like Milton's didn't have. Now that they have the opportunity, they naturally wouldn't let it go.

Zhao Hai looked at Milton and the others and said, "Alright, I'll take all of you in. From now on, all of you are va.s.sals of my Buda Clan."

Milton and the others showed happiness in their face. The benefits that they just received were too great. The merchants immediately put down their gla.s.ses as they stood up and gave Zhao Hai a salute. From this point on, they were now Zhao Hai's men.

Zhao Hai also received their salute. He was now a half-lord for Milton and the others, so he naturally would receive their ceremonies. After this ceremony, Milton and the others were officially his subordinates.

After Milton and the others gave their salute, Zhao Hai had them sit down, then after this he said, "I won't always be in the Prairie. If you have anything to inquire, you can just find Ah Tai. Then he shall relay your words to me. Right, I have another matter to discuss with all of you."

Milton immediately said, "Mister, please tell us."

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, "I don't need anything from you, I want to help you instead. All of you brought a lot of goods this time since you didn't know about what would happen. When the Beastmen drives all of you away, those goods would all go to waste. I want to buy all of your goods. Of course, I won't buy them at a high price. You may take a few losses, but it wouldn't be a lot. Also, I will use crystal cards in the transaction, not Magic Beasts. What do all of you think?"

Milton stared, then with evident happiness, he replied, "Sir, that's fantastic. We absolutely agree. However, wouldn't mister lose too much?"

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "Didn't you see the three flags outside the tent? With those flags, the Beastmen wouldn't be driving me away."

Milton and the others stared, they didn't know the significance of those three flags. The only thing they knew was that they were Beastman flags. They also have Beastman flags, but they would still be driven away.

Zhao Hai looked at their confused expressions and couldn't help but gawk. Then he suddenly remembered that there weren't a lot of people who knew about the different Beastman flags. Thus, it was also possible that Milton and the others had no idea about them.

Zhao Hai then looked at Milton and the others and said, "Those flags aren't the same as your flags. I'm very sure that the Beastmen wouldn't drive me away, so you can all just sell those goods to me. Rest a.s.sured, I won't let you suffer too much loss."

Milton and the others nodded, they felt that a huge stone in their hearts has finally dropped. They were now very grateful to Zhao Hai. It was because if Zhao Hai didn't do this, then their losses would definitely be huge.

When he saw that Milton and the others nodded, Zhao Hai smiled and invited them to sit down again. Then he took out some milk wine that he made and placed it on the table.

This was the first time that these people had tasted this kind of liquor. Their status was insufficient, and adding on to the fact that this liquor was quite rare, they simply didn't have the chance to taste it.

The meal lasted for a couple of hours before the group dispersed. After the meal, Zhao Hai instructed Ah Tai to go to those merchants and check the purchase before giving them the money. This would allow the merchants to leave Beast G.o.d City as soon as possible.

The merchants already knew about this matter, so they didn't oppose to it. In all honesty, if it weren't for them wanting to sell as much as possible to recoup their losses, they would have already left the Prairie. The war between the Beastmen and the Humans was inevitable. They would only get in danger if they stay here for too long.

They had no choice but to stay, the majority of them rely on the profits of these goods to run their families. If they couldn't at least recover their capital, then they would have a bad time in the future.

Zhao Hai and the others had already decided on the price beforehand. Although the price was much cheaper than selling to the Beastmen, it wasn't pitifully low. Even if they suffer some losses, the merchants were still satisfied. Amidst the situation between the Beastmen and Humans, this result was already fortunate for them.

Zhao Hai returned to his own tent and then drank several cups of Spatial water. Then he told the matter of va.s.salage to Laura and the others.

After the group listened, Laura smiled and told Zhao Hai, "Although we'll suffer a few losses after having them as our va.s.sals, this development is good for the overall situation of the Buda Clan. Having va.s.sal families is good."

Megan nodded and said, "Those guys had it cheap. Raising this matter at that moment made it impossible for Brother Hai to decline. Those guys are surely some sly fellows."

Lizzy smiled and said, "I think they also saw that Elder Brother Hai was acting too well, so they wanted to ask that question to test him. They actually didn't expect Brother Hai to agree immediately, those guys are really lucky."

Zhao Hai looked at the three awkwardly, he really couldn't understand. It was clear that it was the Buda Clan who got va.s.sals. But from Laura and the others' mouths, it seems like the merchants had gotten something good.

Laura knew that Zhao Hai didn't know much about n.o.ble matters, so she took the liberty to explain it to him. A medium-ranked n.o.ble being a va.s.sal to a Great n.o.ble wasn't a shameful thing. On the contrary, it was a good thing. After becoming a va.s.sal, these clans would be able to do some things easier than when they were still independent.

Moreover, if someone offends them later, they can also ask the Great Clan to act on their behalf. Being a va.s.sal was like being under a Great n.o.ble's umbrella of protection. Benefits such as these are very hard to find.

Don't think that these medium-ranked n.o.bles had such beautiful lives. In reality, they always find themselves stepping on the tip of their toes, especially those who weren't va.s.sals of Great n.o.ble Clans. These medium-ranked n.o.bles always move carefully because they fear offending the Great n.o.bles. If they ever offend one, then they might face the fate of being extinguished. Because of those reasons, these medium-ranked n.o.bles were always careful and cautious in everything they do.

But most of them didn't have any good qualities that would attract Great n.o.bles. Even if they voluntarily side themselves to a Great n.o.ble Clan, it wasn't always certain that they would be accepted. Now that Zhao Hai had them in his fold, this was equal to having a strong power at their back. Although they will now need to offer yearly tributes to the Buda Clan to appease Zhao Hai, the benefits that they will get completely overshadowed it.

After listening to Laura's explanation, Zhao Hai finally understood the matter. However, he didn't regret his decision of accepting Milton and the others. He knew that the present connections of the Buda Clan were pitifully low. All of their information came from the Calci Family, which made Zhao Hai very pa.s.sive. Now that he had Milton and the others, the Buda Clan can now have its own intelligence network. Handling matters in the future would be much more convenient.

Zhao Hai wasn't a person who wants to be under the control of others. Therefore, he doesn't want to always depend on the Calci Family for information. This would make the Buda Clan always bow their heads down to the Calci Family and Zhao Hai doesn't want that. So Zhao Hai planned to establish his own influence.

And Milton and the others were going to help him achieve his goals. Although Milton and the others weren't strong families, these people came from different parts of the Continent. As long as they have the support of the Buda Clan, they can only get stronger and stronger. Then, they can slowly form their own net of influence of which the Buda Clan was in the very center. With this, the Buda Clan would also start to get bigger and bigger, and will slowly get stronger and stronger.

Chapter 526 – Eviction

The Buda Clan has already established its might in the continent because of Zhao Hai's effort as well as the s.p.a.ce. However, when it came to personal connections, they couldn't even compare to low-ranked n.o.bles families. The Buda Clan's background was just too thin.

Currently, the connections that the Buda Clan had include: the Calci Family, Crook Family, Rosen Imperial Clan, Sh.e.l.ley Family, Purcell Family, and the Iksa Family.

But one has to know that these families were already very powerful. Even the Iksa Family, they have the t.i.tle of a Duke. Although they aren't a Grand Duke's family and had their own princ.i.p.ality, they were still Old n.o.bles of the Aksu Empire. The help that Zhao Hai can get from them was not very much.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to establish his own circle of influence. And Milton and the others gave him this opportunity.

All of the Great Clans in the continent had their own personal web of influence. This web was something that their clans have woven for many years. Since the Buda Clan didn't have such a web, Zhao Hai had began to weave it right now.

Therefore, Zhao Hai placed great importance towards Milton and the others. No matter what, it was these people who voluntarily sided themselves to the Buda Clan. So Zhao Hai decided to help them out as much as possible.

In the following days, all of the Human merchants who partic.i.p.ated in Zhao Hai's banquet had shipped their goods to Magic Lily Shop. At the same time, Zhao Hai also took out those unmarked crystal cards and handed them over to the merchants.

These merchants understood that if they return to the human lands while carrying either Magic beasts or coins, they would surely fork some of them out on the road. But if they have these crystal cards, they can just place them on their pockets. And when they come across a checkpoint, they can just choose to not declare its existence.

Because of this, the merchants were very grateful to Zhao Hai. If it wasn't for Zhao Hai, they would suffer huge losses. At this point, the situation in Beast G.o.d City was not getting intense, it was time for them to leave. After handing their good over to Zhao Hai, they immediately left Beast G.o.d City.

When these merchants left, Beast G.o.d City became somewhat desolate. This made the other merchants who were still there scared. Therefore, they also decided to leave.

The merchants that Zhao Hai invited to his banquet were thoroughly investigated by him. These merchants were from medium-ranked families that didn't have a lot of background. They didn't have any connections to a Great Clan, nor did they have a relationship with a n.o.ble affiliated with the Radiant Church. Those who didn't fit into this criteria weren't invited by Zhao Hai.

When the Radiant Church implemented their plan, they didn't inform the Great Clans beforehand. Therefore, since these Great n.o.bles had no idea, they also sent their merchants over to the Prairie.

At the same time, there were also merchants affiliated with the Radiant Church present. But they were in the minority. They only came because they were sent by the Radiant Church to monitor the situation with the Beastmen.

When Zhao Hai went to investigate the prospective n.o.bles that he wanted to invite, he checked them very carefully. He asked Cai'er to carefully look into their backgrounds as well as the situation of their families. He wanted to make sure that they wouldn't have any connections to either Great n.o.bles or the Radiant Church. If there's a hint of the two criteria on them, then Zhao Hai didn't go and send an invitation.

But even so, the group that allied with Zhao Hai weren't the minority. At the same time, these merchants also have a lot of shops outside the city. So when they left, they caused unrest towards the other merchants who were left behind. Moreover, as days pa.s.sed, more and more Beastmen came to Beast G.o.d City, and their gazes were going less and less friendly. A lot of merchants have already retreated, especially those with Great n.o.ble backing, they can still afford the loss. Those who still stayed were also preparing their things to leave.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn't let this opportunity go. He immediately had Ah Tai go and contact these people and made them sell their goods over to him. And of course, the price that he bought wasn't as good as what he gave Milton's group.

These merchants knew that Zhao Hai was using the fire in order to get their goods. However, they had no choice but to agree. At the very least, they can still recover some of their losses. If they don't agree with Zhao Hai, then they'd be left with no money.

And Zhao Hai would pay them using crystal cards. These cards aren't very rare in human lands, but in the Prairie, they were uncommon. For those merchants, these crystal cards were very attractive.

Every merchant who came to the Prairie to do business wasn't a fool. They knew very well how cost-effective crystal cards were compared to bringing along large amounts of Argali. After Milton and the others left, Zhao Hai's business became better. Everyday, more and more merchants came to Zhao Hai to sell their goods.

The prices that these goods were sold at were much lower than their selling price in the Human lands. Since Zhao Hai had a lot of spare cash in hand, then he would naturally jump on this opportunity to get cheap goods.

A month after Zhao Hai arrived in Beast G.o.d City, the Beastmen finally issued their expulsion order. Ordering all Human merchants to leave Beast G.o.d City within three days, otherwise, the Beastmen would become impolite.

With the issuance of this order, the Human Merchants knew that it was the end. In the past, they chose to not sell their goods over to Zhao Hai, but now they were very anxious. All of them immediately sold every goods they have over to Zhao Hai at a very low price. Then after receiving the money, they immediately left.

The Beastmen in Beast G.o.d City had seen Zhao Hai's conduct, but they didn't say anything. In all honesty, the Beastmen didn't hate these merchants who bring their goods over to the Prairie. Because of this, they chose to not attack them, and instead just drove them away.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai's three flags made the Beastmen very shocked. This was the first time that they have seen a Human bearing a Beastman tribe's King's Flag as well as a Friendship Flag.

Three days later, no other Human was present in Beast G.o.d City aside from Zhao Hai's group. This made the Beastmen look at Zhao Hai and the others strangely. It was very much like when Humans notice a very strange creature among them.

Zhao Hai didn't care about any of these. The reason why he stayed this time was to wait for Wales and the Black Bear Tribe to arrive in Beast G.o.d City.

Wales and the others didn't let Zhao Hai wait for too long. Ten days after all of the Humans left Beast G.o.d city, the Black Bear Tribe arrived.

When Zhao Hai heard that the Black Bear tribe had come, he immediately went to greet them at the gate of Beast G.o.d City. While waiting on the gate, Zhao Hai saw a cavalry unit in the distance. When Zhao Hai focused his eyes, he could see that all of the cavalry were mounted Black Bear Beastmen. Their numbers reached 30 thousand, and their movements were filled with great cadence. This cavalry unit completely blotted out the ground, making it black. This scene could make one feel overwhelmed.

However, this cavalry unit didn't enter Beast G.o.d City but stopped just around five li away. Only a few hundred Beastmen separated and continued on to the city. Before long, the group arrived in front of the city gates.

From this group, Zhao Hai can recognize the Black Bear Patriarch as well as Lieben. At this time Lieben was holding a flag in one hand, this was the war flag of the Black Bear Tribe.

Zhao Hai quietly stood on his place as he observed the group gradually slowing down. As soon as the Black Bear Patriarch arrived at the city's gates, Zhao Hai immediately stepped forward and offered his greetings, "Zhao Hai has met the Black Bear Patriarch."

The Black Bear Patriarch went down from his mount and stretched out his arms before grasping Zhao Hai's shoulders and saying, "I knew you wouldn't leave. Hahaha. When I go finish what I need to do, I'll go find you, let's go have a drink." Then he gently shook Zhao Hai before letting go.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "Alright, then I'll go prepare the food and drinks to welcome the arrival of the Patriarch."

The Black Bear Patriarch nodded and said, "Alright. Little Hai, I still have matters to attend to. I'll be leaving first, I'll find you at your place later." Then he turned around and rode his mount before heading towards the city. Zhao Hai also led Ah Tai to walk back to Magic Lily Shop.

At this time, Ah Tai was looking utterly shocked at Zhao Hai. His contact with the Beastmen wasn't short, but he haven't seen a Beastman being so warm towards a Human before. The Beastmen being good guests wasn't false, but there were Beastmen who had been able to learn how to deal with Humans from a long period of being in contact with them. For example, if you want to do business with the Beastmen, you need to go visit them in their tribes and sell them the product there. You shouldn't expect the Beastmen to take the initiative and come to you.

The Black Bear tribe was a big warring tribe. And they had been in contact with Humans for a long time. However, with how they were deceived by a human in the past, they were one of the more hostile Beastmen when interacting with Humans. It was virtually impossible for these Black Bears to be able to warm up to a Human.

Ah Tai can also be considered to be one of those humans who had been able to make transactions with the Black Bears. When the Black Bear Beastmen make transactions, they would always be on guard, as though they were talking to a thief. Very much unlike today, where the Black Bear Patriarch hugged Zhao Hai while at the same time taking the initiative to invite him for a drink.

It was at this point that Ah Tai understood that Zhao Hai's flags should be special. No wonder the Beastmen didn't expel them while all of the other Humans were driven out. None of them even went close to Magic Lily Store during the expulsion. At the same time, many Beastmen also came to greet him, and their att.i.tudes were very enthusiastic.

When Zhao Hai and Ah Tai returned to the store, Zhao Hai immediately instructed Laura and the others to prepare something to eat. At the same time, Zhao Hai had also put out some seafood for them to prepare. He wanted the Black Bear Patriarch to be surprised by his display so that he could get entertained.

Ah Tai's family were not very used to Zhao Hai's mystical methods. They also helped Zhao Hai prepare everything while they waited for the Black Bear Patriarch's arrival.

While they were preparing, a clamour was heard outside. Zhao Hai went out to take a look only to see the Black Bear Beastmen. The Black Bear Patriarch led ten other Black Bears as well as Lieben to Zhao Hai's Magic Lily Shop.

Zhao Hai immediately invited the Black bear Patriarch and Lieben's group to the store's back courtyard. After they entered the tent, Ah Tai immediately served each of them some milk tea.

After the Black Bear patriarch took a sip of the tea, he smiled to Zhao Hai and said, "Little Hai, you've been having a great time recently. I've heard about how you bought all of the goods from the other Merchants. What are you planning to do? Sell them at a high price for profit?"

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