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Chapter 6 The truth (Part I)

Leng An poured himself a gla.s.s of water, he had so many questions and needed to sort them out.

"When we first met, you said you were a soul maker, what is a soul maker?" Leng An asked, had a sip of water, worried that this might last until midnight.

Mu Yixiu glanced at Leng An, then he seemed to stick there, his eyes flashed a little bit, and suddenly he thought of something, and continued, "In our world, there are not only human beings, but also protoss, goblins, demons, and ghosts, compared with them, human seem to be weak, but human body also contains fathomless spiritual power, human can become very powerful if they are good at using it, thus there are powerful existences like sorcerers and soul makers, they are strong enough to contend with the others, but since human got defeated in the war of six worlds during the ancient times, the sorcerers and soul makers were condemned by the emperor of G.o.ds, and then they went to the peach orchard to live in seclusion, very few people knew their existence. It was not until the goblins and demons united to rebel, the sorcerers and soul makers came out again, and they fought together with the protoss, then their number started to increase again. Of course, ordinary people wouldn't know these stuff, not everyone is suitable to become a soul maker, not to mention sorcerer, one mistake can cause inestimable consequences.

Leng An didn't expect this, Mu Yixiu seemed like a quiet person, however when he talked, Leng An didn't even have a chance to cut in. But when he heard Mu Yixiu talk about these things, Leng An knew that now Mu Yixiu was okay, and he learned the fact that the sorcerers and soul makers were powerful.

"Then what's the matter with soul refiner and soul fixer?" Leng An felt he didn't need water, Mu Yixiu need it more.

"According to people's different spiritual attributes, they are suitable to become different kinds of soul makers, generally there are soul refiners, soul fixers, instrument refiners, and ordinary soul makers whose spirit power is weak."

"So you are very powerful for being both soul refiner and soul maker, then why were you injured so badly?" Leng An was affected by Mu Yixiu and became talkative, "What I saw before was what you pulled me to see, it should be real, since you got away already, why are you so weak right now?"

Mu Yixiu sighed, he said, "Chong Yan isn't someone you should mess up with, she believed that I got Bai Ze killed, so she won't let me go. After I escaped from the abyss of holy heaven, she kept chasing me and beating me up, it took me several days to get rid of her and find your place with Bai Ze's bracelet.

It sounded terrible.

So here came the question.

"Why do you want to find me? And Chong Yan, why does she want to find me too?" Leng An's heart sank, even if he could see these "truths", he was still unapt to cause problems with the daughter of G.o.d of water and fire.

But when it came to this, Mu Yixiu really didn't know how to say it, he kept quiet for a long time, Leng An got confused, although he had already been confused.

"Answer me." Speak, dear, I would be panic if you don't, please don't pretend to be mysterious, OK?

Leng An kind of felt that things were not going right, and he knew he shouldn't continue to ask, but curiosity drove him to search for answers, if he couldn't get them, he would freak out, even though no one could see that from his outside look.

"You're an orphan, you lived in an orphanage since childhood, you were taken in by the dean of the orphanage, after primary school, you moved out of the orphanage on your own, right?" Mu Yixiu asked, apparently, he had done some investigations about Leng An's past.

When it came to the orphanage, even just thought about it, Leng An would become quiet, really quiet, even in his heart. There were people he loved, people he considered as his family, and also people he hated. It was a place which left him with scars and a place he wanted to remember but suppressed himself not to.


A little anger with strong hate, in the end, he suppressed his feelings.

"And then?" Leng An came to himself, and asked.

Mu Yixiu could acutely detect the changes of the energy field around Leng An, he had already prepared to say something to console Leng An, before he could say anything, he noticed that Leng An himself had already suppressed his anger, so he said, "According to your file, you were sent to the orphanage because your mother died in a car accident, your father wasn't mentioned."

"And then?" Leng An's voice went down, he felt like Mu Yixiu was challenging the limit of his patience.

"Don't you want to know who your father is? For so many years, I don't believe you're not curious at all." Mu Yixiu continued to ask.

Leng An has already imagined himself turning over the table, why is he asking this? Don't I want to know who my father is? But if he wanted to keep me back then, I wouldn't be in an orphanage.

Isn't the irresponsible father responsible for the hardships he suffered over the years?

Leng An still seemed calm from the outside, he just drank up his cup of water, then went downstairs, asked for a bottle of wine from the landlord, came back and kept drinking, he said to Mu Yixiu, "Go on."

"Chong Yan is your biological sister."

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