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Chapter 5 Bai Ze's blood

"Run, Chong Yan has discovered you." Bai Ze didn't explain much, suddenly she shouted, looked really panic.

Mu Yixiu turned around, Chong Yan suddenly showed up at the door with her men, her expression changed immediately when she saw Mu Yixiu and said," I wonder who dares to break into the forbidden area of my abyss of holy heaven, it turned out to be a soul maker, how dare you." Then suddenly a bow of fire appeared in her hand, there weren't strings, but Leng An saw that Chong Yan had drawn back the target arrow at the anchor point, as soon as she let go, a fire arrow came swiftly toward Mu Yixiu.

And Mu Yixiu no longer hesitated, he took the transparent stone bracelet from Bai Ze's hand, and put it on his, he turned around and avoided Chong Yan's arrow, it flew directly over Baize's head.
Seeing that Mu Yixiu took away the bracelet, Chong Yan's face distorted, she shouted," How dare you!" Leng An didn't know what the bracelet was, but it must be something important, otherwise Chong Yan wouldn't erupt instantly, the flame from Chong Yan swept over fiercely, Leng An knew that he wouldn't be affected, but subconsciously he still wanted to escape.

At this critical moment, Bai Ze did something, a phantom appeared in front of Mu Yixiu, Leng An didn't expect this, the phantom was the shadow he saw on Bai Ze, that is to say, the primordial spirit of Bai Ze.

Even the body couldn't withstand the fire, what would happen if it was primordial spirit?

Obviously Chong Yan had seen Bai Ze's foolish act, her expression suddenly changed and wanted to take back the red lotus fire, but she couldn't, it was too late.

Mu Yixiu took advantage of the occasion of Chong Yan losing her mind and Bai Ze's resistance to escape, and Bai Ze used her primordial spirit to block the fire, she was imprisoned for a long time, the primordial spirit had already been weak, now it was completely unable to save, the primordial spirit died, and the soul was scattered with it.

The snowflakes fell down one after another, they couldn't even see the sky.

Leng An held the dead face with one hand and reached out his right hand. It turned out the snow he had seen all these days were these snowflakes. He had always wondered that he had never seen such a scene before. He had never seen such an "illusion". Now he knew the answer. The summer snow was caused by the death of Bai Ze.

"Bai Ze was once the G.o.d of the Kunlun Mountains, and later helped the Yellow Emperor. Everything she predicted became true, so she became the G.o.d of prophecy." The deadly face said weakly, looking at Bai Ze who was already dead, Bai Ze's body gradually turned into pieces of silver light, like bright stars, floating, and finally lost its light, completely disappeared.

Then he heard the deadly face said," If a G.o.d dies, there wouldn't be body left."

Leng An did not know what was the deadly face thinking, but the strength of Chong Yan was indeed terrifying, at that moment, the only thing Mu Yixiu could do was to escape. Leng An always liked to criticize and make fun of everything in his head but at the moment, he didn't even know what to say, the feelings he had were very complicated.

"What is your relationship with Bai Ze?" Leng An wanted to know why Bai Ze was willing to sacrifice her life to save the deadly face, so he asked, but not knowing the deadly face could keep this condition for how long, Leng An said," Don't say, just explain everything in detail when you get better."

As soon as he finished talking, Leng An felt the strength which was put on him disappeared, he felt relieved immediately.

Leng An suddenly opened his eyes, and found himself sleeping on the floor, his position was weird, he moved and noticed his shirt was wet, sure enough, the fire was terrifying, even it couldn't do harm to him, he was still scared to sweat himself.

The bedroom door was open, Leng An stood up and walked in, he looked at Mu Yixiu who was lying on the bed and he got confused, from the outside, Mu Yixiu didn't look like injured, now he knew for sure what he saw wasn't hallucination, about this totally new world, Leng An had so many questions, Mu Yixiu came to Yunshan city because of him, Leng An thought he could ask Mu Yixiu to know more about it.

And Chong Yan, Mu Yixiu said, she was the daughter of Zhu Rong, who was the G.o.d of fire, thinking of this, Leng An came back to the living room, took his laptop and opened the website, input "Zhu Rong" in the search bar, a bunch of searching results turned up.

"Zhu Rong, whose original name was Chong Li, the emperor of palaeoid, the great sorcerer of ancient wizards, used fire to teach, was called the Red Emperor, later the G.o.d of fire, the South Sea G.o.d, lived in the Heng Mountain, knew composing, wrote a song called Cloud Nine." Leng An knew Zhu Rong was the G.o.d of fire, but the information online was just too much, tons of legends came out," fought with the G.o.d of north water, won, from then on became the G.o.d of water and fire, and there's more, one of the twelve ancestral sorcerers, had beast's head and human's body, wore two fire snakes as earrings..." Leng An couldn't read any more, he couldn't imagine a G.o.d looked like that, his daughter's appearance was fine. But looking at Bai Ze, he felt that appearance could be very deceptive. Looking at the description on the internet, Leng An felt that he had seen it somewhere. Later, he recalled, he saw it when he was a child and was in the orphanage president's house.
Yes, Leng An was an orphan.

This has always been something that Leng An couldn't get over.

Two days later, Mu Yixiu was still unconscious in bed. Leng An locked the bedroom door. The landlord and the others hadn't find anything wrong. Mu Yixiu was more worried that whether a person would starve to death in such a coma.

What Leng An didn't expect was that Cloud Xuanyuan came to him again, except this time she didn't came in that blackish-red Bugatti, she came here by taxi. Combined these two facts, Leng An found it very strange. Leng An already knew clearly that Cloud Xuanyuan was a rich girl and was not some ordinary people. He searched Cloud Xuanyuan pa.s.singly. Anyway, she was not someone you should mess up with. That's dragon. He was so ignorant for taking Cloud Xuanyuan as an ordinary cla.s.smate.

When Leng An's mind was still a pile of muddle, Cloud Xuanyuan had already been inside the restaurant, greeted the landlord and then sat down next to Leng An, whispered:" My second uncle sent someone to check you."

Leng An was eating, he paused when he heard this, then went back to eat, after swallowing down the food, he said," Normal." No, it's not normal at all. Leng An knew he's in trouble. He didn't expect that the Xuanyuan problem would show up when he didn't even figure out the Chong Yan problem, he knew that the dragon-face man wouldn't let him go so easily.

"I came here secretly this time, you have to be careful, my uncle is not a man you can deal with easily, he's been investigating your disappearing three years of junior high." Leng An wasn't very nice, but Cloud Xuanyuan didn't bother, after all, it was her who forced Leng An to meet her uncle.

Leng An was confused, looked at Cloud Xuanyuan and said," Question one, I have been in school during the three years of junior high, why would he investigate that? Question two, why do you come here to inform me?

"Answer one, there is a blank of your junior high on your file, answer two, last time I took you to the Dragon's Hall to find out your ident.i.ty, I was afraid that you might resist so I didn't inform you before." Cloud Xuanyuan imitated Leng An's tone to answer his questions, then slowed down and said," My uncle checked your ident.i.ty. I overheard it and checked it too. I came here to say I'm sorry." When she finished talking, she stood up quickly and ran away.

Leng An saw the series of Cloud Xuanyuan's actions of leaving, stopping the cab, getting on the cab and finally leaving, he couldn't help but laughed.

"Brother Leng An is smiling, strange thing, strange thing..." Leng An didn't notice the landlord's son came to his side and made jokes about him.

Leng An's mouth twitched, the smile froze on his face, he asked," Did I?"

The child nodded seriously and said, "You did, you are always serious, even when you play games, do you forget that you scared me to cry when you came to our house a few years ago, you said I was not manly enough, huh."

"Uh..." to be precise, it was three years ago, he just took senior high school entrance examination, since Yunshan No.1 High School was not a boarding school, he needed to find a place to live, he happened to saw the landlord's rent advertis.e.m.e.nt, so he came, the rent was surprisingly low, and he could have a part-time job of tutoring the landlord's son, on their first met, Leng An remembered he nicely greeted the boy, he didn't expect the boy would cried out loud the minute he saw him.

At that time, he was so afraid that the landlord would not rent the house to him.

"Xiao Dong, did you show Brother Leng An your homework today?" The landlord asked in the kitchen with a spatula in his hand.

"Brother Leng An is eating. I'll go upstairs and get it."

Xiao Dong didn't go up very far and soon ran down, yelled," Dad, mom, there's a thief in the house!"

Leng An realized that the thief Xiao Dong was talking about was probably Mu Yixiu, he quickly put down his bowl and said," It's all right. It's not a thief. That's my cla.s.smate. He came here this morning and went to sleep in my room after he got drunk." After the landlord and his wife went back to their room, Leng An got upstairs quickly.

Mu Yixiu did wake up.

He not only woke up, but also wandered in the living room.

Xiao Dong hided hehind Leng An, extended his head to peak on Mu Yixiu, and said," Brother Leng An, he looks like a ghost."

Leng An's eyebrows twitched, he said to Xiao Dong:" Xiao Dong you go down first, I'll talk to you later." Although the child was curious, Leng An's words still had power. After Xiao Dong left, Leng An went to help Mu Yixiu sit down and poured him a gla.s.s of water.

"You've been in a coma for three days. Aren't you hungry?"

Mu Yixiu looked at Leng An, apparently he didn't think that Leng An would care about that first, then he put away his thought and had a sip of water, said," Just ask anything that you want to know."
Leng An did have a bunch of questions these days, just waiting for Mu Yixiu to wake up.

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