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Chapter 3 Got away cleverly

A cold feeling went into Leng An's body from wrist to other parts, it was like the root of the tree met a water source, it kept seeking, but eventually gave up, the root didn't find the water it was looking for, so it gave up, pulled away from Leng An's body quickly.

This feeling sucked, really sucked.

Although he couldn't control his body, Leng An could still feel that someone clasped his wrist, it was a man's hand, the man let go quickly, then he heard the man's deep voice," Cloud, this time, you're wrong."

"It's not possible!" Cloud Xuanyuan stood right beside Leng An, and when she heard the man said that she was wrong, she immediately retorted," It can't be wrong. How could an ordinary guy break into my enchantment easily? And he could see the human-face snake clearly."

"You've been cla.s.smates for 3 years, did this kind of thing happen before? Did you find anything wrong about him?" The man asked.

Obviously, this man had a higher status than Cloud Xuanyuan, probably was Cloud Xuanyuan's father, Leng An didn't understand why Cloud Xuanyuan kidnapped him to make things more complicated, Leng An felt that he did find something huge, but he absolutely wouldn't tell anybody, even he did, who would believe him?

"Even if I made a mistake, I could never heard it wrong." Cloud Xuanyuan still wasn't happy that she wasn't trusted. She insisted on her words and said to the man, "That day I fought with the human-face snake, Leng An said 'It's snowing' before he pa.s.sed out. Otherwise, I wouldn't bring him to you and let you find out his spiritual power."

"It's snowing?" The man lost in deep thought when he heard this, he said to himself, "Cloud, I'm not kidding you either. I've just explored the spiritual power in him and found that it's just human spiritual power. It's very simple with no other impurities. That is to say, he's human. But you said he saw snow... Let him speak."

Cloud Xuanyuan snapped her fingers, Leng An had been listening to their conversations all this time, he thought he should be able to talk now, he had a lot to say, like they should release him immediately, he would never tell anyone that Cloud Xuanyuan wasn't a human, he looked just like a guy who could keep his mouth shut and would never tell a secret, but when he actually spoke, there were only three words, "Let me go."

The man laughed, said, "After being treated like this by Cloud, you can still talk to me calmly, that's bald, not bad."

Not bad my a.s.s, I'm about to cry, OK? I would run away immediately if I am able to move my body, all right?

"I will let you go, only if you tell me, you saw snow that night?" The man saw Leng An wasn't in a mood of chatting, so he continued to ask.

"No, I didn't." Leng An denied.

Cloud Xuanyuan snapped, she argued, "Nonsense, you said it's snowing that night." Cloud Xuanyuan got emotional, she didn't know how, but she retracted all the restrictions she put on Leng An, at the same time, Leng An got knocked down by Cloud Xuanyuan's power, when he felt the pain, he found that he could control his body again, he could see now, he could move his hands, but he was terrified by what he saw.

"Holy s.h.i.t." Leng An said that in a low voice, but since the construction of the house was like a theater, those words echoed. Leng An saw a lot of monsters before, what surprised him was that the monster before him had human lower body and head of a dragon, his barbel was floating in the air, his feet were also in the air, Leng An was sure that the voice he heard came from this dragon-face monster, there were only three people here.

Leng An's reaction made the dragon-face monster laughed again, he turned to Cloud Xuanyuan and said, "You tell me now this isn't your mistake."

Cloud Xuanyuan stuck there, she obviously didn't expect that the restrictions would broke, she did lose control just now, but it still would be uneasy to untie himself, there's something strange here, but Cloud Xuanyuan couldn't know for sure what went wrong exactly.

"You're lying! You said it clearly that day, and now you're denying it.

"I said I was scared, not it's snowing." Leng An looked honest, for a second, Cloud Xuanyuan even doubted herself, under that circ.u.mstance, even the most calm people would be a little overwhelmed, and indeed, Leng An wasn't one of her people. As for his usual performance, Leng An was the cla.s.s monitor, so unavoidably, he had some contact with cla.s.smates, but Leng An was famous for being remote and unsociable, he had very few friends, always alone, his grade always ranked No.1 in cla.s.s, so teachers favored him, these all were just an ordinary student's performance.

The dragon-face man turned and said, "In that case, Cloud, just erase his memory of that night, if it causes any trouble, it's hard to explain to the patriarch."

"Yes, uncle." Cloud Xuanyuan said, lifted her right hand, and the flame rose above it, she walked toward Leng An. Leng An got tense and said, "Wait a minute."

Cloud Xuanyuan raised her eyebrows, looked at Leng An and said, "why, Are you going to tell the truth, monitor?"

Leng An had to say, it's stupid for him to once think that Cloud Xuanyuan was some kind of next-door girl. Political teacher said, they should see the essence through the phenomenon.

"I did see your look and that monster." Leng An said," I will keep my mouth shut." He didn't want these people to do anything about his brain, because Leng An knew that Cloud Xuanyuan had the power to erase his memory, but then Leng An would start to suspect what he saw was hallucinations again, he didn't want to go back to those days when he saw strange things every day, and had bunch of medicines which he dared not to take, because they were useless, again and again he told himself, those were just hallucinations, they did not exist.

Leng An only followed Cloud Xuanyuan because he worried about her, he didn't expect that he would find out what he saw was real, which was a relief for Leng An.

"How can we trust you?" Cloud Xuanyuan looked at Leng An with suspicious eyes.

Leng An looked directly at Cloud Xuanyuan, and said," Which time did I fail to do what I promised my cla.s.smates?" The sincere tone and look in his eyes made it really hard to disbelieve. Cloud Xuanyuan wavered a little, then the dragon-face man cut in and said," Let him go, Cloud. But, young man, remember what you said, don't repent, if you go to the police station after this, believe me, I can make you stay in the police station for a lifetime.

"I know, I came by myself to see my cla.s.smate." Leng An said, actually, he did come by himself, there were witnesses. He got on and off the car all by himself, even if he says he was controlled and saw a dragon-face monster, who would believe that, Leng An felt that he was not that stupid.

Got Leng An's promise, Cloud Xuanyuan finally sent him back "politely", but she said to him on the way, sooner or later she would find out who he was, at the same time, she kept playing with the fire flaming in her hand.

Threatening enough.

Cloud Xuanyuan, put your fire away, OK? I also want to know why I can see those messy things, all right?

Leng An turned to Cloud Xuanyuan, smiled and said," I'll wait." After he got off the car, Cloud Xuanyuan gnashed her teeth, then shouted to the driver, "Go back!"

Leng An thought that Cloud Xuanyuan must misinterpreted his meaning, he was just trying to express his intention of wanting to know the truth. Why did Cloud Xuanyuan become more and more angry? Oh, maybe it's because he lied before. Leng An did lied. He saw the heavy snow.

The street was full of traffic.

Leng An stood by the roadside, suddenly stretched out his hand, the snow, under the summer sun, a piece of it fell into Leng An's palm, didn't melt, in Leng An's sight, the houses, streets, parked cars, and pedestrians' shoulders, were all covered in snow, but no one noticed, because it was a hot summer day .

It had been snowing for several days, it hadn't stopped.

But Leng An knew now. Besides him, there were other people had seen this summer snow.

"Leng An, you come back, have you eaten yet?" The landlord didn't ask Leng An where he had gone before, that's a relief, because Leng An didn't want to explain, the landlord probably thought Leng An just went out. Leng An shook his head, he was too excited to eat now.

I am not crazy. I don't have illusions. I don't need treatment.

Leng An got upstairs with these happy thoughts, suddenly a man who has a deadly face appeared and almost caused him fell down the stairs, luckily when Leng An got frightened, his body just would become too stiff to move. He asked, "Who are you?"

"Mu Yixiu, used to be a soul refiner and soul fixer."

The man told Leng An his ident.i.ty pretty straight forward. But, brother, you're missing the point, OK? The point is why you are in my house, and what is soul refiner, and what is soul fixer? Leng An was really confused, before he could react, the deadly face became even more pale, he leaned forward, and fell on Leng An.

What's happening?

Leng An froze there, didn't know what to do.

Cloud Xuanyuan got back home, she didn't want to quarrel with her uncle anymore, but she heard her uncle giving orders to his henchman.

"You got the kid's profile?"

"They're all here."

It took a long time until she heard the man's voice again, he said, "There are lots of interesting things in his profile."

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