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Idle Talk  That person now

"Sanaaaaaaa! I will be back soon so wait for me."


"Here, let's go already… You don't get tired of this day after day. You really don't have any learning ability. I specially came to pick you up, so please don't make any unnecessary trouble. Now, please go at once."

Alek-sama's unforgiving blow splendidly fell on Ricardo-sama's head.

"Ouch!~~! Alek, you are merciless every day… Ah, yep, I understand. That's why, don't put your hand on your sword… Going, I'm going."

Every day, the same event happens in front of me.
Ricardo-sama after receiving several blows from Alek-sama goes to work strongly waving his hand at me.

"Sansan, thank you for your hard work today as well."

I received words of encouragement from the butler Sebastian-san who saw Ricardo-sama off besides me.

"No, Sebastian-san, thank you for your hard work."

We smiled wryly at each other and entered the mansion.
Sebastian-san calls me 'Sansan' now, but when it was decided I'd be Ricardo-sama's fiancée, he changed it to 'Sansama'.
Because I've known Sebastian-san for a long time, I resisted and had him promise to call me 'Sansan' until I get married.
I'm sorry for involving him in my selfishness, but for a while I'd like to leave it as is.
It's quite a pressure to for me who was just a maid to be Ricardo-sama's fiancée.
That's why, at least for now… I'd like to be called like this.

"That child, I wonder if he's becoming more foolish with each day?"

Lizsama said so while drinking tea in front of me.
How should I reply?

"Um… All I can say is I want to apologize to Alek-sama."

Yes, that's all.
I'm really sorry for all the inconveniences for Alek-sama.
Because if Alek-sama doesn't come, Ricardo-sama would never leave.
I wish I could give him something as thanks.

"Certainly, that's right. Let's thank him the next time. Now, while there are no hindrances. There's no time."

"Yes, madam."

"That's wrong. It's 'mother-in-law'. Yes, once again."

"Ah, I'm sorry… Yes, mother-in-law."

When I said so, Lizsama smiled and hugged me closely.

"Ah, so cute! Really, Ricardo did well. Now, let's go."

It's quite painful to be hugged with so much power every day, but I got used to it.
I think this is also a training.
I'm being taught various things by Lizsama who specially came from the territory for me.
Especially because I'm a normal maid marrying a n.o.ble man, to be frank if I don't put my heart into learning I can't marry… So I thought.
But Lizsama

'Sana, if it's you if you just learn a little about territory management you'll be fine. Because you already possess what's most important to the house, strength, and you've been Lillina's maid for a long time. That's already better than young n.o.ble ladies, even your manners are at a level where not just anyone could teach them. In a sense, all you need is the resolution to be Ricardo's wife.'

said that.
I'm relieved I don't have to marry somebody I don't know, still I have worries that come with marrying a n.o.ble man.
Because Lizsama generously came here, I'll absorb everything.
Just, for some reason she places importance on teaching how to quickly floor Ricardo-sama, is it okay?
Anyway, the time is limited, I'd like to finish studying before Lillinsama returns.
Is Lillinsama well?
I think she's alright because Ange-san and master are with her, but I've always been at her side… I'm uneasy as we've never been apart like now.
If I had to say, I feel uneasy being apart from Lillinsama.
I'd like to see Lillinsama.

ーー At that time, Ricardo is…

"Enough all of you!! Sana is my wife!!"

"""She's not your wife yet! Please obediently get hurt!"""

These idiots challenge me despite learning the hard way I and Sana are engaged.
Just how much is Sana liked.
However, my love for her is without a doubt the strongest.
That's why getting hurt…

"You guuuys!"

I blew all the guys who charged together.
But, tasting the ground powers up my chivalric order.
It won't stop with just that attack.
This repeats every day.
Alek said something like it's also a form of training, and sends more and more members to me.

Occasionally 'I want to meet Ange-sama!' can be heard when they attack me, Alek suddenly appears then and viciously beats that person.
I t w o u l d b e g o o d if that guy learned to restrain himself.

Haa~, for now I want to go back and see Sana quickly.

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