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Tournament 6

As soon as I left the match venue, I headed for where Ange-san is.
I hope she woke up…
When I almost arrived, somebody blocked my way.

"You are the child my little sister told me about… Hmph, did she really lose to such a child? Your friend from earlier didn't amount to much, Yumell must have surely been negligent. That's right, we are the most esteemed n.o.ble women of this country. It would be awful if a false rumor spread that the chosen us were defeated by such a thin child. That's why… You will be badly defeated during the tournament."

She said something incomprehensible in front of me, but she cowardly defeated Ange-san.
I don't care if it's the tournament anymore, should we do it here?
This person noticed I haven't said anything and kept going in a good mood.

"Fufu, I wonder if you are terrified now? That's right~, we are the chosen beings. But… it's too late. You better lose in the tournament without hitting me, okay?"

When she said what she wanted, Yulo left loudly laughing.
… Hmph, chosen beings, huh~~
Then, I'll thoroughly crush those chosen beings.
In the first place, is this country okay with having people with such twisted personalities?
I don't have time for that… Now, let's hurry up to Ange-san.

When I returned to everyone, Ange-san got up.
I'm glad, I trust medicine of our territory but after all I was worried.


Ange-san said so with tears in her eyes, then came here staggering.
As soon as she came in front of me, she vigorously bowed.

"What's wrong Ange-san? You condition has yet to improve. Come on, raise your head?"

"… I'm sorry. I, I told I would protect you, Lillinoneesama… Yet I lost so easily… Moreover, I was defeated with a strange medicine… Really… I'm really sorry!"

Ange-san won't raise her head like this.
Looking at the spot on the ground below her… Ange-san's tears are soaking into it.
I gently hugged such Ange-san closely.

"Li, Lillinoneesama?"

"Ange-san. You did nothing wrong. The one who's wrong is the person who cowardly defeated you. So, don't blame yourself so much. I don't want to see such an appearance of yours, I want to see the lively Ange-san, okay? It's alright… I will certainly avenge you. So… don't cry."

When I said so, I wiped Ange-san's tears.
The usually bright Ange-san is like this… What should I do.

"Uh, uuh, you're too cool, Lillinoneesama~~"

Saying so, Ange-san hugged me as usual.
Yup, have you returned to your usual manner?
However, the power behind it is weaker than usual.
It's clearly the effect of the medicine.
Once again I vowed in my heart to beat Yulo up.

"What's going to happen now?"

Allen-kun asked Lute-sama.

"Let's see, the opponents in the tournament will be announced, and that will be it for today."

The tournament… If possible, I want to fight Yulo and Yumell.
Especially the older sister Yulo, I absolutely want to fight her myself.

"Lillinoneesama… You're making a slightly scary face, did something happen?"

Ange-san asked me anxiously.
Sorry Ange-san, I didn't plan on making you uneasy.

"No, I've was just lost in thoughts a little… It's okay, don't make that uneasy face."

I answered Ange-san with the best smile I could muster to calm her down.

"The combinations will be announced soon."

When grandfather said so, the announcer's voice resounded.

'Sorry to keep you waiting! From now on, I'll announce the tournament match-ups of those who broke through the qualifiers!'


I heard shouts from all around the venue.
They really love fighting, huh.

'Then, I want to announce them at once! The first, commemorable match is … Allen-senshu versus Zach-senshu!'

Oh, Allen-kun was called immediately.

"It's the first match. Apparently, I seem to be rather looked down on in this country, I want the people of this country to see my strength in the first match. Besides… I won't lose until I hit the person who used underhanded methods on Ange."

Allen-kun too wants to win for Ange-san.
Isn't that right, it's unforgivable that his older sister was defeated with medicine rather than ability.

'Sixth match, Lillinsenshu versus Yumell-senshu!'

It's here!
Fufu, fufufu, isn't it wonderful to have an immediate confrontation.
Weapons are permitted in the tournament.
Of course my weapon is a sword… but I won't fight with it.
I particularly don't want to use my favorite sword on people who use underhanded means.
I'm looking forward to the match.

"Is, is Lillinoneesama letting out a terrible blood l.u.s.t with a smile?"

"Lillinsama… Woah~, can her opponent survive?"

Next to me Ange-san and Allen-kun are secretly saying something.
It's alright, I'll go easy… Well, I should be able to, more or less?

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