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Chapter 754 - Life-saving Medicine

Translator: Rozenbach, Editor: Aruthea

The village chief was beside himself with joy, “Many thanks Your Highness, you’re the benefactor of our Zhang village.” They were so effusive with their thanks they practically performed a full set of formal kowtows!

Unexpectedly, Jing Yi chose this moment to be a wet blanket, “Chief, you shouldn’t express your thanks so early.”

Hm? He’s up to something again.

The chief was confused.

Jing Yi looked at Jing Rong and spoke, as though reminding him, “The dispersion of relief funds have always followed the rules set by the capital; not every matter requires the attention of the imperial court. If that were the case, then wouldn’t all the provinces report to the capital over every minor kerfuffle. Should that happen, wouldn’t it throw our Great Lin into chaos?”

“That may be so, but we both saw the situation of Zhang Village. The never-ending rain has precipitated disaster in the form of floods. Although there were no casualties, their homes have collapsed and the losses were ma.s.sive. There is no reason why the capital should leave them to their own devices.”

“Based on your words, it looks like the Ministry of Revenue will be working overtime!” He was obviously being sarcastic.

Jing Rong gave him a sidelong glance, “Regardless, I will do what I can.”

“You’ll do your best to fight for them but the court officials may not necessarily give their approval.”

How beastly! Jing Yi’s words implied that he would be inciting the officials to obstruct him.

Given Zhang Village’s situation, it may be difficult to request disaster relief funds. After all, the extent of this flood was minor and without casualties. Jing Yi and his faction could easily cite precedents according to Great Lin’s laws to block them. Then, it would be difficult to ensure that the funds would be distributed evenly no matter how benevolent the Emperor may be.

It seems that another ‘confrontation’ will be happening soon! Jing Rong couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

The village chief couldn’t comment on the princes’ argument, and could only silently pray that the imperial court would be able to provide a.s.sistance.

Just at this moment, Wen Shisan and Ji Yunshu came back and returned to their respective seats.

Noting Ji Yunshu’s facial expression, Jing Rong asked, “Looks like you two parted on bad terms.”

She didn’t reply.

He took that as a silent agreement. They really did part on bad terms.

She sighed, “It seems that even Heaven does not wish for some individuals to be good people.”

“It’s not for the heavens to decide who would be a good or bad person.” Jing Rong spoke. “If a person wants to be good, then they would be righteous no matter what. If they chose to be evil, they would still commit crimes even if you gave them everything they want. Although I do not believe in Buddhism,, I still believe in the saying ‘Good or evil; they will always receive their just desserts’.”

A big thumbs up for that! Her heart was originally shrouded in a fog of doubt that soon dissipated after hearing his words.

Ji Yunshu nodded and let out a light sigh. “You’re right.” She smiled lightly and lifted her teacup. Just before her lips touched the cup, she was interrupted by a series of violent coughs.

She turned towards the noise and found the wheelchair-bound old man coughing non-stop. His face turned completely red before he collapsed from the wheelchair altogether and fell heavily onto the ground.

Zhang Daqi hastily helped him back up, “Are you alright, Father?”

“Cough, cough…” He coughed up blood. The surrounding villagers crowded around them in concern.

“Father!” The elderly man continued to cough for some time before finally stopping. However, his wheezing made it sound like he was at death’s door.

The village chief made his way over, striking the back of his hand into the palm of his other hand worriedly, “What do we do now? Where would we be able to find a physician in such heavy rain?”

Zhang Daqi could only rub his father’s chest in an attempt to sooth him.

Seeing the situation, Ji Yunshu got up and walked over, pushing her way through the crowd and knelt down by the elder. “Let me take a look.”

“Are you a physician?” Zhang Daqi asked.

She shook her head in denial, “I’m not.”


Without waiting for any more doubts, she placed a hand on the patriarch’s chest and pressed lightly a few times whilst frowning slightly. After that, she took out an ornate medicine bottle and took out a single pill.

Just as Ji Yunshu was about to feed it to the old man, Zhang Daqi stopped her. “Hold on.” He asked, “What kind of medicine are you giving my father?”

“This is a life-saving medicinal pill.” She then pushed the pill into the elderly man’s mouth without explaining further.

“Get me some water.” A villager immediately handed a bowl of water to her.

Not long after the old man had ingested the medicine, he leant into his son’s arms, his condition much better than before. Zhang Daqi finally relaxed. “Many thanks to this gentleman’s help.”

“No need.” She demurred.

The village chief quickly bade people to help the elderly to his feet and gave them instructions, “The few of you, take Old Man Zhang to the back of the ancestral hall to recover.”

A few villagers stepped up to help carry the old man back onto the wheelchair.

However, Ji Yunshu detected some kind of smell. It was very familiar but only lingered for a while before it disappeared, so she didn’t pay it too much attention.

The village chief expressed his grat.i.tude, “Many thanks for your help just now.”

“I only did what I could.”

How humble!

Ji Yunshu returned to her seat to face Jing Rong, who had a load of questions for her, “Since when did you learn to treat illnesses?”

“These two hands of mine can only be used for the dead, how could they be used for saving lives?”

“Then just now?”

“The medicine that I fed the old man was something Mo Ruo had given to me. He said that it was a life-saving medicine. I thought that it would help, so I gave it to him. It looked like it works well.”

“Why did he give you medicine?”

This… How should she explain this?

Should she tell Jing Rong that she was poisoned with toad poison and that it might relapse at any moment, which was why Mo Ruo gave her a bottle of pills to keep on her person?

But what ended up coming out of her mouth was instead, “He was probably worried that I’d get hurt? You must know that there had been many cow spirits and snake spirits during our journey here.”

This excuse was faultless, but Jing Yi happened to be within earshot.

He knew full well that the so-called cow demons and snake spirits were referring to him. He shrugged and laughed, before replying without even looking at her, “If you’re meant to die, not even the G.o.ds will be able to save you.” His mouth is really rotten!

Ji Yunshu and Jing Rong couldn’t be bothered with him.

Following that incident, Jing Rong asked the village chief “Did the old man’s family contract some illness?”

The village chief replied, “It’s a chronic illness, that’s also…” He was hesitant to continue speaking.

Ji Yunshu wondered, “Chief, I noticed that the elder seems to have some hidden illness. If you don’t mind sharing, maybe His Highness and I would be able to come up with a solution.”

“Actually…he’s not ill.” The village chief answered. “I had previously told you the story about our village’s Buddha statue. Ever since the statue cracked, a lot of young men had died. A few years ago, Old Man Zhang’s son also pa.s.sed away. Since then, his mental state deteriorated and he became senile. He fell and broke his leg not too long after. He’s been like that after that, with his physical condition getting worse and worse.”

No wonder! Of course he would be saddened, having lost his beloved son. However… “That man called Zhang Dasheng is also his son.”

“That’s right, Old Man Zhang actually had three sons. However, due to the strange events that happened in the village, one pa.s.sed away and one ran off, leaving behind Zhang Daqi who remained by his father’s side. Yet, he’s also a pitiful soul. Old Man Zhang was already mentally unstable and often used a knife to slash at Zhang Daqi’s face. He’s really pitiable, just look at his face, there’s seven scars there. In addition, Zhang Daqi’s has yet to take in a wife even at this age.”

One couldn’t help but feel sympathy upon hearing that!

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