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Shui Anluo had said those words in the afternoon and it was obvious that this person was holding a grudge.

Feng Feng and Chu Ningyi had been cla.s.smates during junior high. However, Feng Feng had been sent overseas to study after junior high. After a few years, he returned and almost immediately gained the t.i.tle of 'the King of the Silver Screen'.

Feng Feng had not recognized Shui Anluo because Shui Anluo was still a little girl when he left. He did not have much of an impression of her.

Shui Anluo rolled her eyes at him. This man was really petty.

It was such a waste that he was some 'King of the Silver Screen'. In reality, he was nothing but a petty guy.

"You can leave now." The way Feng Feng was looking at Shui Anluo caused Chu Ningyi to feel very irritated. He understood Feng Feng. All he wanted was for women to surrender to him. Chu Ningyi could care less about who Feng Feng wanted to play with but that does not include his ex-wife.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, you're still so temperamental after so many years. It's a rare occasion for your older brother to visit you in the afternoon out of the kindness of his heart."

Shui Anluo overheard their conversation and roughly grasped the situation. It seemed that this flashy man had come to visit Chu Ningyi in the afternoon. Indeed, birds of a feather do flock together.

"However, do you plan on purchasing Soaring..."

"You sure have a lot to say today. You can go now." Chu Ningyi suddenly interrupted him.

"Purchasing Soaring— what?" Shui Anluo turned around and stared curiously at Chu Ningyi. She grew even more curious as he had abruptly interrupted the sa.s.sy male peac.o.c.k.

Chu Ningyi furrowed his brows and did not reply.

"Are you really going to purchase Soaring Distance Technologies?" Shui Anluo murmured. No wonder he had not allowed her to expose the mother and daughter, he was in the midst of doing something to the Shui family.

Feng Feng finally noticed the problem because this little secretary was questioning Chu Ningyi. Who would ever dare to speak to Chu Ningyi in this manner?

"My grandfather single-handedly built Soaring Distance Technologies, how could you do this?" Shui Anluo retorted. Even though her father had been heartless to them, her grandfather had been the one whose heart had ached the most for her when he was alive.

Chu Ningyi's expression looked even uglier after being interrogated. "Shui Anluo, you need to be aware of what you're saying now. You've severed your ties with the Shui family long ago."

"Shui Anluo?" Feng Feng repeated the name then looked at Shui Anluo as if he was measuring her up.

"What are you looking at? Never seen a beautiful woman before?" Shui Anluo turned around and shot Feng Feng a fierce glare. She once again stood next to the bed and looked at Chu Ningyi. "It may be true that I've nothing to do with the Shui family now but Soaring Distance Technologies was my grandfather's life's work. You can't do this!"

"Shui Anluo, you've not attained the right to ask anything of me." Chu Ningyi coldly remarked.

"I..." Shui Anluo took a deep breath and bit her lip as she stared at the frosty-looking man.

"Ah, right, there's nothing else now so I'm going to take my leave." Feng Feng felt that he should not stay very long in this territory. If this little maiden was Shui Anluo, he really could not afford to provoke her. After all, he did not wish to cross swords with the abnormality called Chu Ningyi.

However, no one had the time to concern themselves with him so Mister 'King of the Silver Screen', who had many admiring fans, had no choice but to slip away quietly with his tail between his legs.

Chu Ningyi tapped his fingers on the computer and stared at the infuriated Shui Anluo. Shui Anluo was concerned about Soaring Distance Technologies because the founder of Soaring Distance Technologies had been Shui Yuanxiang, her grandfather.

Therefore, that was all the more reason why Soaring Distance Technologies could not fall into the hands of An Jiahui and her daughter.

Shui Anluo looked at Chu Ningyi. She resembled a little lioness whose fur was standing on end.

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