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Chapter 787: Blue Monk

Contrary to everyone’s belief, the lightning did not kill Hui Yue. Instead, it wrapped itself around his body and suspended him within a coc.o.o.n made of the heavenly tribulation lightning.

The moment the lightning descended around Hui Yue, he felt his life was in danger, but he suddenly heard a loud bird cry, a deep dragon roar, and a loud roar from a tiger.

He felt that from deep within the Universe Box, three constellations had emerged, and they flew out of the coc.o.o.ned barrier around Hui Yue.

Lan Feng and w.a.n.g Ju Long were staring dumbly at Hui Yue who was now surrounded by lightning, and even more so when they saw the three figures taking shape in front of him.

A Vermilion Bird flew into the heavens above. His entire body was ablaze with flames, and his eyes were like a ma.s.sive inferno filled with countless, small stars.

An Azure Dragon also soared into the heavens releasing one mighty roar after another. His body was ma.s.sive, and it seemed as if he could crush the world with just his body alone it was so ma.s.sive.

A White Tiger also appeared in the sky; his bearing was majestic, and his eyes were filled with intelligence.

“We have fought the Blood Demons time and time again!” The Vermilion Bird screeched out, “This is a war we need to partic.i.p.ate in!”

“The energy of the heavenly tribulation alongside the blood of our sons have called us! It is time to display the power of our constellation!” the White Tiger added.

“Well then, let’s a.s.sist old man Yama!” The Azure Dragon followed up. He did not wait for the others to respond before he charged at the Blood Demon Overlord with his tail lashing the air causing spatial tears to erupt in the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

The four divine beasts had been strong heavenly dao cultivators back when they were alive, but now that they were constellations, their strength had risen to half-step Overlord level.

Hui Yue saw them emerge, but that was all. He had been enveloped completely by the lightning coc.o.o.n; his world had turned into flashes of light that blinded him time and time again.

While Hui Yue was wondering about the purpose of this coc.o.o.n, Lan Feng looked emotionally at his father causing his heart to swell with pride, and his eyes turned moist.

However, he quickly pulled himself together and continued his attacks. Now was really not the time for an emotional reunion.

While Hui Yue was wrapped in this coc.o.o.n, he felt at peace. As time went on, Hui Yue felt how the lives within his core were being pulled out. The nine caves were being opened one after another, and while Hui Yue could not see what was happening, the outside world saw a strange phenomenon.

The first thing they saw was an elusive figure slowly form from the Ancestral Worldpower and the daos. This elusive figure turned more and more corporeal. Soon the figure of a ma.s.sive red wolf hovered in the sky. A red wolf that looked intimidating and its killing intent billowed forth, pressuring every single member of the demon army below.

The two armies were forced to stop their fights as they all stared at the sky to observe what was happening. They saw this strange red wolf and could not help but wonder what exactly was going on, but then right after another being was formed. This was a human figure, an older monk who had a strange blue cloud surrounding him.

Seeing this figure not only the armies below but everyone even higher up in the heavens were shocked. Seeing this sight, the Blood Demon Overlord’s eyes started blazing, and he struck out against Hui Yue who was hidden beneath the heavenly tribulation.

This was the first true attack that the Blood Demon Overlord had launched the entire fight, and it was so powerful that even the walls made from heavenly tribulation lightning actually trembled, but even still they held their position.

The blue monk’s figure looked over the battlefield, and his expression turned sad. His eyes then landed on the Blood Demon Overlord, and a small, sad smile grew on his lips as a sigh escaped him.

After him, another figure was formed by dao and Ancestral Worldpower, a green witch, and after her came the Celestial Wings.

Then a mountain formed followed by a black figure. Finally, there was a star and a drop of blood. All of them appeared in the sky, one after another.

All of them surrounded the coc.o.o.n of Hui Yue, and finally, Hui Yue felt how the final cave was trembling.

Heavenly tribulation lightning shot out from the wall surrounding him and into his body. It flew all the way into the core of Hui Yue where it a.s.saulted the cave.

One bolt of lightning after another appeared, and finally, the cave gave in and out came a figure.

Seeing this figure, Hui Yue’s eyes went wide, and his jaw dropped. When he looked at this figure, he noticed that it was someone he knew. Someone he had never expected.

In front of him was the blue monk. However, after looking closer, Hui Yue noticed that there were slight changes between the blue monk of his past life and this blue monk.

This blue monk was slightly bigger, and his eyes were filled with intelligence. The aura around him was imposing and threatening.

“You must be my final reincarnation,” the figure said, and Hui Yue, who was still surprised, nodded his head.

“I am Hui Yue, also known as the blue monk,” he introduced himself.

“I imagine that you are Hui Yue too,” he smiled. “And I can feel familiar auras on your body.”

“Let me tell you a story,” he said.

“Once upon a time, many eons ago, this galaxy was created. Within the galaxy beasts and worlds were also formed out of the Archaic Energy by Pangu.”

“He created Nuwa, the G.o.ddess who in turn created humans, and I am one of the first human’s she created.”

“I was but a mere mortal, but back then. Many eons ago, the essence of the heavens and the earth was thick and cultivating was easy. I climbed higher and higher as I sought the apex of cultivation.”

“I became a G.o.d. And I became an Immortal of Creation, and eventually, I became a half-step Overlord.”

“It seemed that I could continue to progress, but finally I reached a wall. It was simply impossible for me to continue advancing, and it seemed that being a half-step Overlord would be my highest achievement.”

“I wished for this not to be true; I spent thousands of years doing everything possible to become stronger and surpa.s.s the final barrier to become a true Overlord. I did everything in my power to advance, but nothing happened. My strength would not grow in the slightest.”

“That was when I decided that if I could not do it, then maybe my future lives would be able to!” he sighed.

“Reincarnation is not a hidden secret. Everyone knows that mortals go to Diyu where their souls are cleansed of their memories, while the immortals go to the Yellow River where the same happens.”

“I wanted my next life to have access to my memories and use them to become peerless throughout the galaxy! I wanted to become an Overlord!”

After spending countless years watching the heavens, I created an attack called the Heavenly Tribulation. A technique inspired by the heavenly tribulation that strikes when something unacceptable by the heavens appears in this world.”

“The Heavenly Tribulation attack I created can be used to call down a heavenly tribulation against someone else, but it can also be used to call down the tribulation upon oneself, and as a result, it will help unlock previous memories.”

“When it was my time, I pa.s.sed into my next life without regrets. I hid a spark of heavenly tribulation within my soul, and while all my memories were slowly wiped away, this spark stayed behind. This spark is the key to the technique that I spent countless ages perfecting.”

“When I was born anew, it activated, and my memories poured back into my mind.”

“Back then I was a small baby, and with all the knowledge that I gained, it made me lose the naivety of childhood and opened up my mind to the secrets of the galaxy. I knew what I had to do to now reach the apex, to become an Overlord, but it was at that time that I also realized other things as well…”

“That was when I understood that although my life’s goal of reaching the apex, the ultimate level of cultivation was great, it was not the most important thing in one’s life. What was most important was to use my skills to enrich the lives of others; to wander the world and help those who I could. To help those where were poor, suffering, and weak, to help those who were bullied and to seek justice for all the injustice there was around me. To help those who were in trouble and to a.s.sist those who needed help.”

“After this, I never again used the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning, but who would have thought that fate would play a trick on me and that a phoenix would use his sacrifice for me.”

“You have merged with all your previous lives, now merge with me and complete the cycle. When you do, you will become whole and will gain a strength that cannot be described.”

Hui Yue was silent for some time, not sure of what to say. But finally, after digesting the words that the blue monk had said, he nodded his head.

He could feel that the heavenly lightning barrier around him was constantly diminishing in strength. He knew that he was being bombarded with attacks ever since the phenomenon had appeared, and now it could not hold them off much longer.

Hui Yue reached out and touched the memory, and he experienced every single thing that he had just been told. The life of the stronger blue monk was truly magnificent. He was a hero of humanity and had fought against the Blood Demons once before.

The moment he touched it, the dao and Ancestral Worldpower figures that had been surrounding the coc.o.o.n also vanished. They flew into Hui Yue’s body, and he felt how his body was changing.

He had always used a body refined by materials and Ancestral Worldpower, but now he felt another new energy, an energy that reminded him of the one he had gained when he merged the red wolf and the blue monk’s energies together.

It was a grey energy, but it was so potent that Hui Yue held his breath when he felt how his body was being baptized by this energy.

His entire body was being remade, reformed anew. It was many times stronger than a refined body, and he could tell from all of that grey energy that was streaming into him that it was also many times stronger than any other half-step Overlord.

“Could it be?” Hui Yue was confused as he felt his soul being enhanced as it absorbed the grey energy. He felt his body being rebuilt, and he suddenly felt the descent of the great dao.

The great dao was everything in the universe. It was not limited to the galaxy alone but spread far beyond this realm.

It was everything together, everything in one dao. It contained so many secrets, so many promises that Hui Yue felt his head grow dizzy from trying to understand them too fast.

“This… This is true strength!” he sighed, amazed by what he felt. “I understand why the half-step Overlords are willing to give up everything to become a true Overlord.”

Outside of the coc.o.o.n, the same thing was happening to Lan Feng. He felt his body change; he felt his soul tremble and expand. He felt the grey energy infiltrate every inch and cell in his body, every single fraction of his soul. He felt himself becoming a truly peerless cultivator.


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